Will Pakistan get out of the economic crisis?

Prime Minister Imran Khan listened to the people’s failure to get out of the economic crisis but ground realities are different. Pakistan has arrived in the closed street. The economy of all Islamic countries is diminishing. Turkey’s currency is also pressure after sanctions on Iran. Pakistan is taking a loan of $ 2 billion every month, which is a very tricky situation.

The fact is that Pakistan is now a bankruptcy country. Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi has assured the nation that there is nothing to worry, we will overcome the economic crisis, but the situation is worse than bad. With a $ 9 billion loan, no country can run. The government has no mortgage assets. The entire income of the country is spending on the elite ‘rulers’ bureaucracy ‘politicians’ protocols and parliament.

At present, the economic managers of Pakistan have become Sandwich between the US and China. The United States has divided that it will not allow its tax dollar to go to China, so it is preventing IMF from lendering debt raising all the stresses. The currency of all Islamic countries is in pressure in which Iran ‘s Iraq and Turkish currency are headquartered. The United States was fighting directly from the Islamic countries, now it has started an economic war.

Analyst Imran Khan is comparing French King Louis 16 to the context of Pakistan’s economic crisis. Louis 16 had also taken a loan to take a loan from debt but the loan was increased rather than being reduced. It is frustrating that Pakistan is getting billions of rupees for health and education in the field of ‘education’ family and nutrition, but like loans, these funds are going to be in bureaucracy pockets.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had questioned the appointment that the country spent so far $ 95 billion loans. But the fact is that the billions billions of dollars in various fields with loans are also going to be in the pocket pocket. At present, debt development projects and government are not being taken for running while loans are being paid for payment, all the government institutions including the government are engaged in foreign debt. The provincial governments are also paying billions of dollars annually.

All institutions are putting the combustion to the global financial institutions. The mechanism in Malak is almost over. Banking is the simplest task because it is not a profit-loss deal. No chance of loss. All the fingers of the bank are in control, due to the government’s policy, their plans are going on. The banks are trading forty and fifty five billion rupees.

Two billion years ago, the banks who had a few million profits are now making a profit of 30 billion to 40 billion. The value of the bank which is reducing the profits in Pakistan is not seen in the world. Bank does not invest anymore, their system is going to give the government credit. They are growing well on this loan profit. The bank’s business is now only paying the government to the government.

State Bank is a silent spectacle. No one ready for a stop shop. The batteries of law enforcement are increasing. Now the name of banking has been giving the government credit. Banks are receiving billions of dollars from public pockets. The interest which is paying on government debt is paying out of public pockets, it is the money of the people’s taxes. Governments are running on banks’ loans.

The companies in the country are going to lose Pakistan Steel, which was in profit since 2008 but then the PPP’s government regrouped the institution. At the time, the Steel Mill is hurting Rs. 50 lakh per hour and the total loss of Pakistan Steel has exceeded 460 billion rupees. Steel mill also has a dispute with the Southern Gas Company and the supply of gas is closed from 2015.

The supremacy of Steel Mill is that there is no head of 4 months for it. The government is pushing the government’s debt, the production is closed, the Steel Mill has recently taken 75 million rupees from the government. There is no possibility of steel mill in future. Investigators’ perceptions are on the ground of several trillion dollars on Steel Measures. Sindh Government also wants to grab the Steel Mill Government Sindh had offered to run the Steel Mill, aimed at not to steel the Steel Mill but to store the land of billions of rupees.

The Sindh government wants the Steel Mill to end the project so that the government should get Sindh government. Sindh Chief Minister Sindh has repeatedly said that the land of Sindh Steel Mill is owned by Sindh. There is a dispute between the Railways and Government Sindh. The Sindh government claims that the entire land of the railway is owned by it


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