West and America’s nuclear deal

Preparation and spread of nuclear weapons is seen in the context of the destruction of the world. Despite world-renowned contractors, US and European nuclear weapons, the world wants to clean the world according to its priorities, and it is in the effort that the world’s countries are involved in the race to get a large number of weapons. Compare the signature of PT.

For many years, efforts have been made in the manufacture of nuclear weapons and their expansion, but the main question is why why did not it succeed? This is the US and Europe Kadadah standard. Surprisingly and America give special exception to their special unions, but it is mocked by the dictatorship and restrictions of restrictions to sign the NPT by eliminating their nuclear program.

The fact is that the ability to clean world-wide weapons can not be embarrassed unless the US and its western allies are questioned by other countries. Nuclear technology contracts justify that you are involved in a self-agreements? The biggest example of this could be in the case of a civil nuclear agreement between US India, which is the biggest breach of Joanne PT.

The reason for this is that the rapidly emerging supporter of the United States is afraid of China’s rising influence and wants to stand against India’s coach. After this agreement, the United States revised its Atomic Energy Act 1954 and gave special facilities to India, as well as steps taken to bring India to the Nuclear Supply Group (N, SG).

This agreement has severely damaged the objectives of the campaign against nuclear weapons. Through this agreement, India will be able to get civil nuclear technology and raw material from other countries, and it will be able to trade at a global level. Similarly, the United States saw France and the United Kingdom have also signed such contracts with India.

India and the United Kingdom have invested a $ 13.7 billion business deal in the last days of this deal. On this occasion in London, Indian Prime Minister was able to see the memories of Modi, which was not being blamed by British Prime Minister Cozberdeston.

Australia denies having 40 percent of the total uranium reservoir at the ground level, has also made a contract to consolidate India Cuorenum.

This world powers are not a negotiator with Pakistan, but it is increasingly increasing its pressure on Pakistan to seize its nuclear program. The United States wants Pakistan to withdraw its commitment to the security of the NPT agreement. Pakistan is not a helper in any case because it is not a fact that he will threaten the peace of the world while taking nuclear weapons.

On the contrary, Pakistan wants to continue its nuclear program to make its realistic potential. On the other hand, India is suffering from its nuclear capability and nuclear weapons production, and it is supporting all the US and its allies. This is a major threat to Pakistan’s security. That is why Pakistan will not compromise on its security anyway.

After the power of Narendra Modi came to India, there has been a lot of increase in drilling operations against Pakistan. The incidents of provocative firing on the extremists have become routine and dozens of Pakistani citizens and security officials have been killed. On this situation, Americans are taking discreet behavior with Pakistan on the issue of nuclear weapons that can not be acceptable at any time.

The Pakistan Cosmetic Missile Program is capable of limited nuclear warriors. It is a practical effort to stop a limited scale war between the two countries. Regarding the US Weapon Pakistan nuclear program, it is propaganda that Pakistan’s weapons can take hands of terrorists, although the worst arrangements have been made by Pakistan to protect them.

It is enough to make Western nations perfect because of their anti-Islamic thinking that they have been caught by the nuclear weapons of Pakistan. Iran’s nuclear program has also been rolled out that it is a Muslim country. Before visiting the Prime Minister of America, it was speculated that Obama would say that if he finished his nuclear program, a civil nuclear agreement could be done with Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said before leaving the United States that Pakistan will not compromise on its nuclear program anyway. Unless the United States Foreign Minister does not abandon his discretionary behavior without the intentions of Pakistan, then the objectives of the NTP can be made and neither Pakistan can compromise this agreement. The best solution to this is that these global powers make a sincere effort to resolve the conflict between the two countries.

The biggest dispute between the two countries is Kashmir issue which is a decisive agenda of 1947 and if it is not resolved according to the demands of the Kashmiri people, this problem will only threaten peace only in Asia but also globally. If the dentist has inflicted heavy impact on the nuclear war between the two countries, this problem should be resolved according to UN resolution and Kashmir’s opinion.

After resolving the dispute, go to the NPT from Bharat, then find out The Queen will not have any objection to signing this agreement. Therefore, put pressure on Pakistan as it is an autonomous state and it will not accept anybody else’s dictation on the important issue of security and security as the nuclear program is the biggest guarantee of Pakistan’s interest.


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