US and Europe under the political crisis crisis

The economic crisis started in recent years in America and Europe could not remain without affecting the world, that is why the impact of economic crisis is spreading rapidly that where America’s Soviet Union is shattering like it is in Europe Separate movements are also taking place. The bad economic situation around the world has shattered the old concept of nationalities.

Europe is also experiencing difficult economic conditions after the American financial crisis. Donald
To achieve the trumpet goals and interests of the Trump, extravagant and geographical policies are being poisonous killers for the US economy, the impact of this economic crisis is not only on the American states but also on developing countries. The success and success of others have been successful in running their economy through profit, but by becoming born, this country is now entering the risk of depression.

The US has been pushing for separation of separatism tests, experts who are called super-power near the US, are now becoming difficult to maintain their existence, this question is now a common language that dreams of power over the global horizons. Will America also be like a Soviet Union? Since the term of Trumpet, so far American people are getting separatist emotions.

More than 25 States of America have applied separation from the United States and the day body is increasing, the states seeking peaceful separation in Louisiana, Texas, Montana, North Dakota, Indiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, North Carolina , Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Colorado, Origon, South Carolina, Tan Nancy Michigan Missouri, New York and Arkansas.

The US State Ventant Jestal is located in the Middle East of New England, where people have raised the flag of freedom in the name of the Second Secondary Republic, and the people of Scotland are also unaware of separation from the United States. Experts are now specifying that the fall of the US has actually begun and it has nothing to do with anyone now.

. Disadvantages of capitalism are very deep, the retaliation is always delayed by the bad days, but the ticker will be more expensive when it comes from time to time. The economic crisis of the United States is now going on ending and it will take a long time to economically revive because debt is not in billions of dollars but it is in trenches, and is a very dangerous and a major reason for American fall. Can become

People of many countries in Europe are protesting against the abusive situation and the implementation of the elaboration of employment opportunities. In 2010, 5 states in the european zone had financed the EU, out of which 4 countries were Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Cyprus were instantly received a request for financial institution, Spain acquired limited scale support, the states, based on the specific conditions set by the European Union, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund The borrowers raised by the authorities and provided them supervised The time of Greece and Cyprus’s economy are based on the base of the international community.

The five states of the European Union and Euros-One were awarded the financial package, because their economy was really undermined by internal and external debt due to unnecessary government spending. The situation in Europe is under the crisis of global crisis, the global point of view is causing more disturbance in the matter, so it will try to save huge companies by placing heavy taxes to deal with the economic crisis, Greece and Italy. I have increased student fees, but the situation is constantly pointing out.

Europe is more divided than today’s 10 years ago, and 93% of the European countries, including Belgian, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Serbia and Britain are also indicated The society is very intimate than before and its major reason is to shelter and the distribution of local people is being divided.

The difference between wealthy rich in Serbia in Serbia is not in any other country as it is because one quarter of the population is compelled to live below poverty and 20 percent of the richest 20% are getting more than 10 times the poorest. This bay found in Serbia during the last 5 years has risen to a large extent politically, the country is still inconvenience, Kosovo also wants to return.

The unemployment rate in the EU has exceeded 11 percent in the United States where unemployment rate is almost 10%. France’s government’s financially fiscal Crisis is facing and other employees like investment and manufacturing are struggling and demonstrating continuous work in the work and continuous withdrawal of jobs and low salaries.

The European crisis in the European countries has forced these countries to pay serious economic measures, such as reducing the general spending and increasing tax, Germany is keen on maintaining its trade surplus and applying the model to the whole of Europe. Wants to do southern Europe, Greece is the center of the European Union, it is definitely on the brink of destruction.

Is. According to an estimate, the rate of inflation in Germany, 6 in Spain, 5 in Austria, 11 percent in Italy and the situation in other countries, has also been seen that Europe’s debt crisis is economically based states Had a major impact on the unity and resulted in a political crisis in the european countries, due to which there were many changes in the region.

Argentine, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Peru in Latin America are also wrapped in political and economic crisis, the feeling of tension shows most of Argentina’s most arguably, where more than 70 percent of Argentine’s people are politically disconnected.

Excluding Malaysia, political differences are the biggest problem in Argentina, but 68 percent and European Union only 59 percent believe that the distribution in their society has deepened in the past 10 years, 74% of the Canadian citizens said that The society is particularly concerned about those who belong to different perspectives, while 64 percent of Chinese and 64 percent of the population believed that there are warm debate or demonstrations on political, religious or gender divisions in other countries but There is no place to oppose such kind in China, because of media control of government Due to some kind of political or political debate, due to which political divisions are often pressured, the former president was determined to form a compatible society where people favor the law and each other However, I am doing this, but such posts are removed from social media, which they are objectionable, but still the central leadership is the feeling of economic dividend found in China, President Jiangsu said Chinese dream “It is determined to refresh, but its reputation does not reach everywhere, however, global crisis and financial crisis Due to the impact, the US and Europe have witnessed a huge increase in the inflation and unemployment rate, and it can also be estimated that the public house, vehicle, and even the purchase of ordinary items of life necessarily lend.


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