Turkey and Saudi Arabia What are the goals?

Because the CCTV report to enter the consulate was the same in the case, but no such image or exit
The clip could not be found, which he thought he was out of the consulate. Saudi consulator’s stand was that Jamal Khashashji came out of here and CCTV cameras enclosed inside the consulate live lucky but do not record.

After the accusation of Turkey’s murder on Saudi Arabia, a storm broke out in the region. In which America and Britain have to jump under the “Default” project. American media began to describe the story with a pepper spice. The US President Trump, who had been threatening Saudi Arabia in a lightweight, had shouted in a matter of trouble.

Before this, Trum scattered the public relations with the international community, saying before the global media, “Saudi Arabia has a number of trillion dollars.” The US is a protector of the Saudi system, so the Saudi government should give some part of this wealth to the United States. It was an openly economical way open. Then Trump said that the government of Shah Salman can not go for two weeks if there is no American army.

During such unusual statements that are extremely unrealistic in international relations, the incident of the mysterious disappearance of Jamal Khashajiji, which took place between Saudi Arabia and Turkey two major countries of the region. It should be kept in view that the American pastor of the pastor and Rev Bronson Pastor Andrew Brunson, who is in Turkey,
He sent the prison for three years due to the unwanted activities, suddenly it is released and released to the United States.

Grandpa Muhammad Khushashiski was a Turkish navigator, visiting Saudi Arabia, serving as a personal physician of the founder Shah Abd al-‘Aziz ibn Abdurrahman al-Saud, founder of Saudi Arabia, who had married Saudi Arabia here and took citizenship here. Jamal Khaqjii, the famous international famous international community.

In the era of former president Ronald Riagan, the name of the Supreme Court has also come to the Nitra scandal. In 1980, the wealth of Adnan’s reinforcement estimate was $ 4 billion, which makes many billion dollars a day. Jamal is also the famous Waf al-Fadr, Kufast Kausen in relationship with Diana Lady Diana, this is the only two-dimensional that was killed in a car crash with Lady Diana in Paris.

From 1980 to 1990, Jamal Khashashjee had a friendly relationship with Osama bin Laden. These relations were also established when Osama was in Sudan, after he moved to Afghanistan, Jamal Khashashjee also interviewed many of his interviews in Afghanistan.

Had done It is also said that the Saudi Intelligence Agency tried to take a peaceful policy with the Saudi ruler, through Jamal Khashashji, but after the incident of the Nazi al-Qaeda incident, Jamal lauded himself as Osama bin Laden. Was separated from

Sometime ago, Saudi Arabia was dissatisfied with Saudi Arabia, where he was before the American newspaper Washington Post.

Connected to Jamal Nashikshi’s journalism period is especially astonished and he has always worked on a high school in journalism institutions.

Jamal Khashashji, a lord of liberal thought, was very famous for his criticism, he was also the editor of the famous Saudi newspaper Al-Witr.

Serving Saudi News Channel Al Arabiya as General Manager and Chief Editor. Earlier, he has been working in Saudi Arabia, Al-Baqar al-Islam, al-Ma’mina, London, who also appeared in Al-Jazeera. His conversation continued with the BBC and CNN.

He also used journalism platforms for the promotion of liberalism in the Saudi society, while it was also said that he is the D-Focot Head of the Muslim Brotherhood in the region, but it is clear that He was also convinced of democracy and did not even take it to Salafi faith, but how could he belong to Islamic movement.

As well. This Saudi journalist, who was close to the Saudi royal family, slowly started criticizing many Saudi government cases, due to which one day he felt that if he was in Saudi Arabia, he would be arrested. As per the fear, he went to America.

Jamal Khashashjee suddenly arrived in Saudi Arabia on September 2017, his position was that the Saudi government banned its Twitter account, so it was worried that soon he would be arrested. After this, Jamal Khashikshi started writing articles in the Washington Post, which was associated with the American newspaper, but now he criticized Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdul Aziz and Wali-ul-mu’minin Salman’s policies.

Keeping all this background in mind, now the game is estimated that America and the United Kingdom want to play in the crash, whereas Israel is looking at this quietly in the matter. According to the information, Jamal Khashikshi wanted to marry a Turkish woman Khadija Chengis after divorcing her Saudi wife.

He had to go to the Saudi consulate to confirm divorce papers. Now the question arises that Jamal Khashashji was in America, so he needed that he would go to Washington’s Embassy in Washington, then who would it be Istanbul?

Forced to go to Saudi consulate The other thing is that Jamal Khashashji was living in America, where did she get this Turkish woman? They are also in the United States of America
He could marry another Muslim woman.

Since ideas were very liberal, they could also make a non-Muslim American woman a companion. Now the US President Trump has invited the alleged fiancee of Jamal Khashajiji to come to the White House to work more oil purple. Remember, this woman’s journalistic background is also a suspicious. The most amazing thing in all of these things is that the American newspaper used to write a letter to Jamal Khashkiqee in Washington Post, in a report that the American CIA had previously reported that the Saudi government Khashashji is planning to teach a lesson.

Here the question is that if American intelligence had such kind of news, why did he not even warn Jamal Khashjiji because he would not go to Istanbul’s Saudi consulate.

Interestingly neither Washington’s Washington Post warns him nor the American intelligence. The Washington Post probably wanted to make the journalist a “news” working on his own.

A wonderful news about this also came to know that when Jamal Khashikshi was in the Saudi consulate, he tied Apple’s smart watch, which was allegedly linked to the alleged fiancee Khadija Chengze’s cellphone standing outside the Internet. And when Jamal Khashashji was allegedly tortured for conspiracy in the consulate, then listen to him in this cell phone.

Now the US is also saying that he has a record of Jamal Khashashjee’s screaming and Turkey’s same statement says that al-‘Ali … The American media is making a special environment for all matters, while members of the US Congress have called for an investigation by declaring it a violation of the human rights world charter. Yes, the only American Congress who allowed the invasion of the Islamic world after the fear of Nineveh, allowed millions of Muslims to be killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and occupied Palestine under US terror policy, but at this time the US Congress No Chart Viewed.

The real fact is that there have been major changes in the region before Jamal Khashikshi. Jamal Khashashjee is a small segment of all this big sporting game, this game Donald.

The Trump’s Jewish grandfather is being played in the lead of the Cold Commissioner, which has been transferred by the Trump Administration in the Middle East. Apparently he does not have any official design but in terms of options he is considered to be the most powerful in the US.

Earlier, we have made it clear that the co-operation was playing the role of Foreign Minister Zehri-e-Sadr of the Nixon era in the Middle East, who took over the world’s economy by linking the oil value to the dollar. . The US knows that Turkey and Saudi Arabia are against each other. Turkey is stabilizing its military base in the surrounding area of ​​the island, while Saudi Arabia recognizes it as a threat to its stability.

Was put in the bridge and there were their troops left there, due to the tension between the two countries in the region. The United States and the United Kingdom are watching this step of Turkey’s silence and in the coming time, the world is trying to use this world to dominate the Gulf of the Gulf oil, It is important that Russia and China should be forced to knee in the coming time.

Pakistani institutions must also keep in view that the corporate and corporate media of the United States and the West work on the signs of their Christian establishment and the stories are evident, but many independent media is such that it is not given in front of it, but it is good to be the social media There is a lot of such mythology as well as many such Western media accessible. Reality reaches the world by a young man.

According to a Med or Enlightenment Light 24, Goddess Krrrr is currently planning to rebuild the Masjid Aqsa mosque and build a Jewish temple in Palestinians’ solution to the Middle East, with regard to the support of the world’s zealous powers. . The media has said that the co-operationer is indeed “Antichrist” and “is working on a big project, another similar media released 10 list of ten authorized persons in the top of the trumpet’s son-in-law, Grand Creeder. While the US President Trump was the seventh.

The Trump has been kept to be the ultimate straightforward movements, while the real work is quietly quietly cursed by its masculine envoy, with the 666 mark on clearance of business building in Manhattan New York, which means that those circles are well Know whose view is on the efforts of the establishment of a global Christian dignitary government.

Therefore, when all such matters are seen, it will be clear that people like Jamal Khashikshi are just a seal that they throw using the world’s sixty-sixty-six centuries. America in the coming time.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey will not help each other because of their personal conflicts, so that the Muslim countries should be united and smooth the way for Israel’s global outbreak. Will be Apart from this, it should be kept in mind that the United States and Israel have such technology through which any person can walk anywhere, Holo Gram and Blue Beam Technology have made it possible but There is a lot of part of the world. Therefore, wherever a great tribulation stands, minds should be prepared for it.


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