The retirement problems of the retired government employee

On the occasion of retirement of official employee, this phrase is generally said that honorable retirement is a great honor. There is no doubt that the retirement of an honest employee is not only a great honor but also the nation and the nation are proud of it .But the question is that many people in Pakistan who have been in Pakistan for the sake of Pakistan Work honestly.

It is generally seen that the people who have got the privilege of working honestly in Pakistan, their rights were not completed after retirement. Those people are received, under their supervision, their officers and leaders are not expecting them to do any wrongdoing. His retirement is expressed that he is loyal to Pakistan, but if he does not meet the wrong expectations, he has to face difficulties at the step.

Even on their retirement, these words have to be heard that you did someone’s work that should be completed soon with your retirement papers. He has served the services of Pakistan during which every honest man feels proud. They were given all the powers of government resources but they did not abuse it, even if they used to use them, they did not recruit their loved ones in their department at the time of retirement.

His children did not use their options for their jobs, education, education in government schools. According to his sheet, he did not think that he would face difficulties after retirement. In the world, the property has not sent its children to Europe despite the deprived resources even though other people in Quota’s quota came to Europe by studying a scholarships in Europe and getting big jobs.

They were given huge grants to spend them according to the principle, and the money that was left was deposited in the official treasury. He was usually awarded the speeches of the stereois and nobody’s work. The house members of his house were also upset with them. They have to listen to their families many times in life that the person is better than you. How sincere she is for her hair children.

Teaching your children to expensive and big educational institutes, but jobs during an honest man are the only way to develop Pakistan, not to use its wealth in wrong practices. He worked during this rule, but did not have any sense of difficulties after retirement, while Asi Kanali says about the life of principles.

On the other hand, the person whose options are less than the honest person, he produces resources in Pakistan, according to which his children get higher education not only in Pakistan but also getting high degrees from abroad I feel like being insulting, I make property there and called the Pakistani nadad, there is a very valuable property in Pakistan too.

This person is awarded a great way on retirement. All people remember their shelter services, because during this he did not only fulfill the legitimate demands of the class, but he did not even forbid his subordinates. His retirement papers were completed in a respectful manner. Home is delivered.
It’s not too late to worry about it. Now keep this honest figure map in mind that spend your whole life in order to develop Pakistan. They suffer from diseases such as fluid, lip, sugar, heart. The government has not done anything for its loyal employees till today. Medical equity has not increased for three years.

These honest men are immersed in a lot of leisureism. The Pakistani government should arrange for those honest government employees that they can not only compromise with these diseases, but their students of Pakistan can get their services. If this happens then, every government employee of Pakistan will be considered to be a duty to work for Pakistan’s development, but also in the world, the name of Pakistan will be bright to appreciate its honest employees. We hope the government will increase the welfare of the medical staff in the upcoming budget and their claims will be protected from Pakistan’s enemies.


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