The purpose of education is to avoid awareness

Education is a jewelery. This is a famous article. And everybody is getting rid of this jewelry. The form of education that exists in our society today could not be imagined. Today’s education has come to an end as well as that has also set up destructive destinations. Earlier, a passion was found in the people to gain education, which has ended completely due to the rapid growth of today.

Today, people have made education a business and a lot of money is being funded with it. In modern times, in the name of a modern educational system, many books are tired of students who are very difficult to deal with these delicate shoulders. And along with the children’s beds, which at one time have a dog’s doggy pot, while compared to that, when the children are sent to school today, at that time there are so many books available that The weight of their weight is equal to heading a dead body.

Today a few days ago, one day I passed through a school at the time of departure. There was a child being dragged down from the books on the footpath. In the summer of the summer, she was wasted with a baby sweat, and the face was flowing with her face. Sometimes he pulls the settle down with the right hand and with his left hand, he cries very much for a moment and thought that this little life would be helpful, but then by virtue of this good act, only such a number of people are here.

On whose shoulders are loaded. We have also spent the student time. From school to college, from college to college, but our homes were not so heavy at any time, but perhaps we would have been less than half of their beds. I do not know why today the burden of innocence is being put on the shoulders of education.

One is so excited about this town, and if his belt is broken then he becomes a winner for this innocent life. One is so difficult to handle so much so much as it is, and along with its belt is not less than any test. Likewise suddenly one day passed the Burns Road Urdu market. There was a 60 or 65-year-old elder who had been riding four heavy beds on the shoulder and four children were walking with them, out of which two children kept fingers.

When I talked to him, he said that the children of these children give them 5000 rupees for the same work that they have to leave their children from home and leave them from school and leave them home at the time of departure. . If we talk to the schools going to school, they also have the same situation. In this, children are present inside the vane and their bedside vessels and are so heavy that sometimes their belts break down between the belts and cause accidents.

One of the main issues in all these problems is to read the children’s books. Today, every educational institution is involved in the race ahead of another educational institution. Schools have been made English, whether they are government or private. While our national language is Urdu. And the Punjabi language is Punjabi. Children are taught Urdu in the homes and English is used in religious institutions, due to which children have a lot of difficulties in it.

And they could not focus on reading. Because of frequent change in language, it has to be a lot of difficulty to consume. Today, almost every school is Oxford’s curriculum or is not easy, and difficult for children to read. Government schools tend to heart on the condition that there was a time that there were long queues for admission, but in today’s schools government schools do not get any entry due to lack of standard education.

Everyone pretends to go to private schools. But people of higher education in private schools give up their children, but poor people can not pay the fees for their schools and their children are deprived of education. In any case, the education system in our country can not be said in a proper educational system. Because in this only those children can get good education whose parents have good resources.

Or it’s high in their purple head. Poor is left behind in the race to get this good education. Two-way system education in our country is for a higher class and for the second class. Due to which a society is creating a vacuum that is becoming very difficult to do. My own opinion is that only if we make successful reforms in the field of education, which is beneficial to all people of Pakistan and equally and easy educational system for all and all books are in the national language of Pakistan, our country is a separate Will be emerging as a country.

Because the destiny of any country is nine young people who go ahead and contribute to the development of this country as a spinal cord. If they are given a special system today, in future, they can succeed in extraving a high position in the whole world. Wish education should be enhanced and taught for the development and development of society. We have to seriously consider this matter. So that the future of the nation can be made safe and beneficial. Because we do not have to bear our future but to lighten up.


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