The massacre of justice in Bangladesh

Human rights violations in Bangladesh are the face of “EU” and other rights organizations. Pakistan will have to stop hitting 10 thousand prisoners from being hanged immediately in front of “Sacrifices”, because their crime is “love” from Pakistan. Bangladeshi government “human rights tensions” blow Doing your opponents are picking and killing.

At present, all the fights¬†of Khiladada Zia should be kept in the field to put an end to all aggressions and to keep them in front of the increasing aggression of Hosnya Wajid on the one hand. Khalifa Zia should now go ahead because the Government of Bangladesh “Ethics” and human rights flights have blown up.

Regarding giving the appointments to politicians, Sheikh Hasina Wajid’s father, Bangla Khoshshich Mujibur Rehman, has also been “shamed”. Hasina Wajid has kept his father’s promises and “definitely betrayed” his soul. I found a co-operative agreement between the Foreign Ministers of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India from April 5 to April 9, 1974, in which the “Minister of Finance Kamal Hussain” of the Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman’s government had announced that none of the 1971 events The case will not be prosecuted against.

Earlier, the Bangladesh government arrested the “1951” Pakistaniis in the jails and accused of human rights violations. As a consequence of this fierce agreement, the Bangladesh government released these Pakistanis The country was sent back with the prisoners. In this paragraph “Paragraph No. 14”, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman has also been announced the announcement in which he appealed to his people that the “pastoral powers” in 1971 and good to the destruction Starting a new journey.

But, Hasina has put all the words of her father into “drunk” of power, as “Pandora Rao”, in the “Paragraph No. 15” of this agreement, he also mentioned the appeal of the Pakistani Prime Minister in which he appealed to Bangladesh that In response to this, the Minister of External Affairs, in response to this, the Bangladesh Minister of State informed Pakistan and India that no “trial” against anybody will be run against any of the events in 1971, but in 2010 a “local law “Tribunal” war crimes “were established, which was called the term of World War Criminal Tribunal.

Contrary to the “martyrdoms” and “global blind” requirements of this tribunal, blind people are listening to death sentence but it is not being heard by the international community like a Pakistani government. Pakistan strongly condemned hanging two opposition leaders in Bangladesh, calling for Bangladesh to adopt a deal of “agreement” on April 9, 1974, but the Bangladesh government now The execution is executing.

Salehuddin Qadir and Ali Ahsan Mujahidper were accused of “massacres and raps” which both of them had denied. The Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that “Pakistan’s” ongoing trial “process issued in Bangladesh under the context of the 1971 crisis It is also looking at the reaction of the global community. “But silence on the global community, including America, is giving birth to many questions because all the dead are words and Sunnat Rasool is sworn on their Noorani faces, Pakistan Even today, the 1971 crisis has stopped working on forgetting the progress of the co-operative agreement with “good news”. Will get a boost.

Saladuddin Qader Chaudhry, who was executed for execution, was also known as an effective politician and he was “a six” member of Parliament. While Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid was the main leader of Bangladesh’s Jamaat-e-Islami. The government of Hasina Wajid in Bangladesh is attracting global powers to Pakistan’s enemy operations.

Between the two countries, sports and trade has reached $ 34 million. During the period of Zia ul Haq, several squadrons of “F6 planes” were also offered as gifts to Bangladesh and in both the countries The head relationship was promoted.But Sheikh Mujib’s daughter has begun to relocate all the relations back and forth, Bengali is a “fierce” nation, which starts to cut itself on the tide.

Bangladesh’s President Zia-ur-Rehman, Hussain Mohammad Arshad and Khalifa Zia’s friendly atmosphere were greatly encouraged in the era of Pakistan and Bangladesh. But suddenly, Hasina Wajid came to Bangladesh. In his “mind”, Pakistan was full of poisonous poison, in which India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has increased a lot and Hasina Wajid reopen the “Pattari” of 46 years ago. The people who started supporting were hanging on the hangings.

Why is Pakistan’s support in 71? The fact is that more than 15 “August 1975” of the attacks of the Hasina Wajid 1971, is taking revenge against his father Shaikh Mujeeb-ur-Rahman and the “massacre” by the army of all other family members. His mind is filled with the fact that the Jamaat-i-Islami army had emerged on the insurgency of Pakistan. Perhaps it is the judgment of justice¬†no! Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was more powerful than Hasina Wajid, but what happened to him is in front of everyone.


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