The martyrdom of martyrdom The throne of Delhi also shattered

India is the only country in the world that gives rise to the surface of the frontier, extends terror, terrorizes and exports to neighboring countries. On the other hand, the Indian and the embarrassment of the Indian rulers is extremist that they occupy the occupied Jammu and Kashmir Although terrorism continues to be a struggle in Jammu and Kashmir, it is not a war but a movement of freedom.

Even Jihad Lal Nehru, the right to freedom of the people of Kashmir, was also acknowledged and the UNO has also acknowledged. However, the Kashmiris tried to make the right to self-determination, but the result remained only three minutes. The Swahili Kashmiri started a armed struggle in 1988, following the formula of “narrow arrival racing arrival.

Indian agitation can be evaluated by Amnesty International, which states that “the example of Indian indulgence in the occupied Jammu Kashmir is not found in human history.” By rubbing the bats in front of sisters sisters, Margata, the water opened on their bodies It is poured into the skin that causes them to swallow them, and then their wounds are sprinkled, which cause them to become tired and slow in pain.

In 2007, Amnesty released his report and said that” arrested people arrested in Jammu Kashmir, apart from brutal violence, their food and water are locked, they are not given gold, the shock of electricity and the hole in the ground. ” It is a matter of fact that the Indian Army’s brutality movement is increasingly filling up the freedom, providing fresh fuel and fresh blood, and the movement of Azad Kashmir is rather strong.

When a young man is martyred by the Indian army, many youngsters come to the field to take revenge and revenge. Supported by the Human Rights Watch official, Peter Shia, had given the Voice of America an introition. A BBC report is also supported by the BBC. According to the BBC, an Indian soldier wrote an episode in his diary, “Indian media and Indian rulers say Indian army is fighting terrorists in occupied Kashmir. It is not that we are innocent people who are killed in Jammu and Kashmir. We are soldiers, we are compelled to comply with the orders. And that which is taught in the training we called it.

“In May 2006, Indian author Arun Dati Roy said” 7 lakh Indian army has kept up the situation in occupied Kashmir. Indian society is like Nazis and peace is not possible for the Indian Army to withdraw from Jammu Kashmir. ” The unforeseen motions of the Indian army and such an indefinite demonstration of the Indian Army has forced Kashmiris to take arms, drive the armed movement, die and kill, while Mujahideen’s actions are restricted to the Indian forces. Kashmir Chief Minister Tikak Raj Kakar said in a statement “Mujahideen is a tourist or a bakna prince. Do not hit their target or they are only a few troops and pro-India politicians.

These are the ground realities of Jammu Kashmir, as far as Indian rulers are concerned about their behavior, they sometimes pay attention to the freedom of the people of Kashmir, and they sometimes say that the armed movement in the valley is broken, sometimes it is said. We have closed all the pathways for the purpose, sometimes we do the drama of the army, and sometimes it is said that there is a disaster.

“In this case, if the statements of various Indian officials responsible for being gathered together, there is a very unfortunate situation. Nevertheless, whatever the statement of the Indian Army is, the verdict is that the movement of Kashmir movement is augmentation. There is a bone which can swallow and swallow India. The recent example of Abul Qasim and the martyrdom of Barhan Muzaffarni, and its subsequent birthplace.

In a high-educated middle house, the village guard village of Palal in Palpaam district of Jammu and Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir, opened the eye. His father Muzaffar Vani, the secondary school of Government School, Lori Gram Taral, attended the seminar of Mamunha Zafar’s Graduate and the daily newspaper. They both had four children.

The eldest son Khalid Muzaffar Wani was in M. Kam. The younger son was in the mathematical mathematics. 18-year-old sister Azm Muzaffarani Interki-student, and Nuwadabhani, 16-year-old Naveed-ul-Islam, is a mathematical scholar. People from the village people tell that from now on, two years ago, two or two brothers, Khalid Muzaffar, Muzaffar and his friends were going on a motorcycle that police officials of the Special Operation Group demanded them to stop calling for the three, all three searched for a secret and sincerity, but police began to stumble their silence done.

In the Nazim, Plakhal became unconscious while Burhan and his friends escaped from there. The martyrdom of the Burhan Shaheed says, “The stories of the perception of the Indian soldiers were heard by Krakim Umerbehan. He has seen many incidents of protest of India’s forces. See also, Chuckathallah remained hateful in his heart against the oppressed soldiers.

After the testimony of the elder brother Khalid’s Indian army, he started to be very unhappy. On the day of winter, he suddenly disappeared from home. It was sixteen octurers and ten days later, his tennis exam was held. In the ninth grade my son had got the first position in Kashmir. He was a quiet, sensitive, devotee and a wise person.

Shortly afterwards we were informed that he has joined Habib al-Mujahidin. “After a short time, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen saw a regular commander-in-law by seeing his abilities. The last five years, the security forces were fighting Kutni Kannach. During that time, the popular Jihadi commander of the occupied valley Chautatha. Its position was a legendary role. The young Kashmiri generation called it an aparwal model and was the name of the child’s language in the whole of Kashmir.

During five years, the martyrdom martyred carried out several dangerous, successful operations against the occupied Indian soldiers and fought for the battlefields, including twenty soldiers, and many positions in high positions. In 2014, Brahman conducted a group of social mediapost with 14 Mujahideen who I was dressed in all the colleges of Kalishnikov in the young hands. This group has become a photographed on social media and also attained global attention.

After this, the Indian government appointed ten million rupees for the martyrdom of martyrdom. On July 8, a local friend, Farooq Ahmed, along with his other two jihadist associates in Kakarnag, was present on the spot that the Indian forces occupied the house of Farooq Ahmed. In this competition, Brahman gave birth to Jamshah martyrdom. The worst response to the Indian government on 21st anniversary of the martyrdom of the martyrdom is not found in the last date of Jammu Kashmir.


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