The landowners claim the land on the Palestinian Palestine

The Jews of Israel say that Palestine is the land of their homeland, so they are right to occupy the soil again. Although international forces are standing with them on this claim of the Jews, the facts are opposite to it. The apostles were occupied by special planning and preaching on the land of Palestinians and eventually succeeded in establishing Israel.

In this conspiracy, international powers, such as the UK and the United States, supported the Jews, and on 29 November 1947, the United Nations General Assembly approved 33 constituencies in comparison to 13. The 10 member of the General Assembly Protesting against unfair distribution, absent from the meeting.

The United Nations made a committee that recommended that 56 percent of Palestine’s state should be made only 6 percent and 43 percent of the 43 percent of the area by making the Jerusalem Jerusalem an international and 94 percent of Palestine The boss should be allowed to stay with the Muslims. Israel has become a source of divine division due to this unfair and impartial divide, and the opponents of Palestinians continue to be racist for fulfillment of the extradition of the Hanoi Jewish expansion.

Keeping in mind the recent Israeli terror, it is appropriate to discover the historical facts and to find out whether the right of the Jews and the past is true, whether or not the historical facts are accurate. That Isaac used to worship in the mosque of Al-Aqsa, but he used to go to the Ka’bah in Mecca, for Hajj.
When his grandfather Joseph became king of Egypt, he took 31 people of his family, including his father Hazrat Ya’qub, and all the brothers. The Jewish Jew was already wealthy and wealthy The Palestinians left Palestinians and had accepted the slavery of the Egyptians. The pilgrimage went to the Masjid Aqsa Palestinians who were righteous people, but they were not in Israel.

After 300 years of Yusuf’s death, Moses was born in Egypt. The Jews claim to be their legacy on earth, with their own desire, according to their own custom, Moses said 400 years after saying goodbye in Egypt. For 40 years after the death of Moses, the Israelites remained wandering in the wilderness even until their next generation came to pass if the claim of the Jews was corrected, the government completely eliminated When the Babylonians occupied it and destroyed some of the worship places from 2591 years ago.

And Israel took out Israel from there and became his slave. Be careful that Babylon is located in the northern part of Iraq. To review all the leaders of Israel, the fact that the Palestine The land does not belong to the Arabian Sea too. The Hôtel Budapest (Hungary) was built by Ben Gorgees (Poland) of Globe’s Embassy (Ukraine).

Dashkum Began Bastist Lutwask (Russia). The Rulinov number (Poland). Tim Winsman, who became the first president of Israel, was the motul (Poland). The fact is that neither the leaders of Israel nor the Palestinian leaders had any connection with the Palestine or There is no part of Palestine or any part of the Jewish nation. The Israelites are in constant opposition to Israel. If this is the principle that since the beginning of David’s rule in 1005 BC, there are Babylon’s people The occupation of the 400 years of Jewish occupation in Palestine (i.e. 2610 to 3010 years ago) is therefore the state of the Jews on this basis. And then Spain, Eastern Europe, Western China, Russia and India more than 800 years of Western Q is a Muslim government.

So all these countries should be handed over to Muslims. Similarly, many nations will stand up with conflict. It is not surprising that tomorrow the Hindus of India say that at the very area of ​​present Pakistan, our Mariya family ruled 129 years ago and to attack India, India and to support it, along with India on the Indian dictatorial principle of America.

Similarly, Muslims also have the right to attack the South and Eastern Europe together that there was a Muslim government in some time. The current American Americans are the only white Americans who are British, German and Spanish etc. Somewhere White Australians should be ordered to leave Australia for the real inhabitants. If it is not possible, then how is it permissible to make Israel.

The Jews have been living in Palestinians’ lives of centuries settled. These Jews had entered Palestine for the first time Thirty-five years ago. It was settled in Arab Palestine earlier. It is historically proven that the local population of the Palestinian population Kohuzi and foremost were settled out of their homes for themselves.

It is as if the blonders of Europe entered the British United States, leaving the ancient population of radandies away from their homeland. They are Jewish and Christian equivalent in oppression with humanity. When Buchar Nasr in Palestinians bleeded the whole population and quit the Jewish temple and fired the Jews from Palestine. But the discovery of the foundation of the Temple of Solomon Salmani in the era of Omar’s age was reported to the Jews of the Jews.

Instead, instead of repealing the favor of the age of Hazrat Omar, the Muhsin Shuken Jews are killing the old, men and women of Palestinians and brutally murdered. Muslims on the temple had spent eight hundred years in the Christian world. If the comfort was not found, Andalus’s rulers of the Andes gave them living comfortably, which have been mentioned by the scholars of the Jews in their books.

Then, from Andhra Pradesh, when the Christians defeated the Muslims, the Ottoman Empire sheltered the Jews in their own country. The pioneer of the Christians is equal to the United States, which is running its world order in this world, with cruelty in Palestine. Bruce is also involved in cruelty with the Palestinians because of religious prejudice. According to the Palestinians, Al-Aashir al-Mulkashani, according to the Palestinians, said in a statement given to the center of Palestine, “It is a religious propaganda and unacceptable move by intimidating prayer-makers and guardians in the Masjid-e-Aqsa mosque by the Zionist army.


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