The drug trend and psychological problems in the society

In our society, the increasing trend of psychological curse and psychiatric problems is not a serious threat, drug is a cursed that begins with cheating fraud and ends on the wastage of life, the government has over time with other private institutions. The treatment is to be done at the emergency level for treating and preventing it, it is dangerous that the curse of the drug is emerging as a fashion in educational institutions and Upper Kalas, whose visits are seen very dangerous.

According to an estimate, 10 million victims today are using drug addicts, the addict patient and the central recovery governments, with regard to them, do not see any budget name, which is a trick, so the main recovery Governments pay attention to it like a dengue.

According to the latest, the number of drug addicts has been from 25 to 31 years, while the second largest constituency is 15 years old for 24 years, the drug consumption is most commonly used in the past. 80 percent of men use men and 20 percent of them are fishermen.

More than 350 tons of Afghan drugs are used in Pakistan. According to a report from the government of Pakistan, 66.22% of the drug addicts were 20 to 29 years old, who committed various crimes. 18.92% of the drug addicts were aged 15 to 19 years of crime. Sadly, despite all these facts, the governments of Pakistan can not formulate any impressive practical policy, if governments and institutions themselves themselves are not fully up against it and If there is no need for any universal or deadly nuclear weapons to destroy human beings inside and around, the most important role is to protect the young generation of parents and teachers, then the scholars of the world And then media should be strictly used against media, drug addict elements and incomplete drug disorders. Services to be offered by highlighting.

It is imperative that the government and institutions, along with the country’s intellectuals, teachers, penis, feel sympathetic to all the conditions of sympathy with mankind, and further to their own scope and drug addiction Make sure you do the best of your life, your heart, to destroy the oppression. Last year, Shura sympathy meeting was held in Lahore on the subject of “growing trend of drug psychological issues and the impact of society.”

Speakers include Justice Zulfiqar Hussain, General (R) Rahmat Latif, Brigadier (R) Mohammad Saleem, Consultant Anti Drug Naruto Tixi Camp, Syed Zulfiqar Hussein, Consultant, Justice (R) Nasir Iqbal, Abid Abdul Ali, Dr. Smt. Rachel Qazi, Medical Superintendent Fountain House Lahore. Dr. Azmat ur Rehman, Major (R) Siddiq Rihan, Major (R) Khalidnas, Prof. Khalid Mahmud Atashshib Mirza, Professor Naseer A Chaudhary, Tariq Chathyai, ​​Tafeel Akhtar, Aisha Imran, Nadeem Shahzad Ali Wadeer attended.

“So far 635 academic institutes have started awareness and awareness campaigns in many of the students and many of the renowned colleges have made Drug Free Dickliers,” said Upper Zag Naruto Taks, compound Syed Zulfikar Hussain. The cocaine and glass are using unhealthy, while non-responsible teachers tell them the efficacy of drug addiction that they do not sleep forty forty hours and prepare the paper well, he said that we have campaign against the glass. Started and made a law against it and presented a bill against him in the Punjab Assembly. Finally, Po The glass in the country’s proven a dangerous drug.

Medical Superintendent Fountain House Lahore, Dr. Syed Imran Murtaza said that cursing of drugs is Pakistan’s biggest problem. According to the previous figures, 8 million people from 22 million people are in need of drug addicts, which are used for drug addiction, due to the previous figures affect the whole house. He said that the first head of the house is responsible for preventing cursing of curses, Dr. Sahib also said that the mobile and non-use of mobile phones are also a drug.

He said that the love and friendship of the little ones The environment should be created while the elders are respected and spend time with them, the main reason for the problems mentioned is to be affected by the family system, adding that when we eliminate the envy, irritation, scandal, and hatred within us. And if you take the habit of respect, respect, love, and forgiving for each of the big ones, then many psychological illnesses end up automatically.

Mother’s role in society is going to be minimized, due to which it is causing distortion, due to the fact that the woman has been declared as a man, and has destroyed the environment of the house. Of divorce reasons One reason is that, he added that the real capital of any nation is young, which is a physical period of mutual interest. Justice (R) Nasir Iqbal said that 25 million children are still on the roads while people are ready to sell daughters because of poverty, every country is almost a million rupees, society does not have basic facilities. So how our society will not suffer from psychological and drug addictions.

Deputy Speaker Shura Hamadad, Lahore Ms. Abasar Abdul Ali said that health should be appreciated by the great blessing of God, our society is suffering from problems related to the problems of youth and the new generation is a major issue. It is a disease which has forced millions of people to die and not only, but thousands of young people have slaughtered eternal sleep, religion Islam has forbidden all things which affect human body and moral life.

Media, teachers, parents and scholars are appealing to their role in eliminating drugs and their role, law enforcement will also have to take important steps to prevent and control so that the drug-free society The future of Pakistan can be made safe by getting rid of the curses like drunk and drunk.


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