The battle of power in Faisalabad

For the sake of self-determination, the inner house is under the influence of provincial legislation and municipalities Rana Sanaullahullah and former Mayor Chaudhry Sharair, for Faisalabad Mayor, Deputy Mayors, Chairman District Council and other special seats, and after 5 December, PML- N) leaders will be a map of these differences after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif for issuing tickets to their party members before it is not possible to say anything but it is necessary that party candidate For the first phase of the local elections, the way openly opened The difference between each other and sectarian market was kept active, such a situation will not happen, but both groups are claiming to be a clear majority.

Chaudhry Shairali group is being told that he has more elected chairman than the required number of Mayor and the power of the opponents will fly, while on the other side, Rana Sanaullah is the standpoint of Khawaja that he has more The majority is and the winning ones belong to the Muslim League. He has also started taking independent elections to the party in various events.

Despite the slogans of all its claims and code of conduct, the combination of broken and pulled tone is on the rise. The situation is extremely unclear. On the directive of Prime Minister Nawaz, the Parliamentary Board for the Mayor, Deputy Mayors and Chairman District Council, which has been set up under Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, has included both Rana Sanaullah and Abid Sher Ali, but seek requests from this board. On the contrary, the ideological and long-term workers of PML (N) are ignoring in the way that the party has set a lakh rupees rupee fee, which reflects the impression that all parties do not really have any importance to the workers. The monster and the workers are justified their assurance of their rights.

Provincial Minister of Law and Rana Rana Sanaullah had called on many occasions that the Mayor, Deputy Mayors and Chairman District Council would be the PML-N who won the election by winning the election on the Muslim League (N) He will appear as the candidate of the Muslim League (N) candidate, but the results of all claims and challenges are being revealed in the last day, in the presence of 13 nominee chairman Rana Sanaullah, he joined the PML-N. Now, the provincial minister of law himself has said that he can apply the party for the Mayor Deputy Deputy Ministers under party policy.

At this time, perhaps this is being done to collect the maximum party fund revenue. Despite the failure of Faisalabad as the PML-N and proved to be in general elections, the party could not face any such face for the mayor and deputy mayers, who have a clear identity regarding the party, its Muslim League ( N) There is a service for politics and city, it is felt that the wealth will be measured and some will be made as mayors and deputy mayors.

The Muslim League (N) is currently in power as the biggest political party in Aziz, so that the elections were also Muslim League (N) versus the Muslim League (N) but what is the reason for factioned slaves and differences No political face or personality could be brought in front of anybody, with regard to which citizens and political constituencies can at least be able to feel confident that a politically administered administrator will appear in the form of a rich city that improves all matters. It could be done in style, as well as the responsibility of the mayor and Deputy Mayors, including the city’s design, to assess all matters.

Under party policy it is not correct to give all the seats to the same house. If this difference was correct and it could not really be valid in terms of inherited politics, then Rana Sanaullah Group Why are they not going to bother charges on the head of their counterparts? According to all the sources of the PML-N, Rana Sanaullah, Malik Nawaz Sharif’s brother, Raqiq Malik, is considered as his favorite candidate for the Mayor of Faisalabad.

The PML-N’s PMA Mian Abdulmanan took away his son-in-law and Mian Mohammad Farooq’s MAA’s son-in-law’s house council from the house council to try a chance in the field, but his nephew beaten It’s done Mian Mohammad Farooq, the ANP, took away his son and district chief Mian Qasim Farooq in the field so that chairman could choose the District Council but Mian Qasim Farooq was defeated and defeated him by his uncle. Who was the candidate of the movement of justice.

Similarly, MPA Faqir Hussain Dogar of PML-N pulled his son from the City Council of his home for fate in the local elections, but his son could not succeed. PML-N MPA Chaudhry Afzal Sahee, former Speaker of the Punjab Assembly, Javed Afzal Saii, has succeeded in the elections in the elections, also wants to see the candidate of the ruling party of the District District Council.

PML-N MNA Chaudhry Asim Nazir is busy joining his brother and former chairman District Council Zahid Nichchodadri to become the Chairman of the District Council. MNA Rana Mohammad Afzal and his wife Najma Afzal MPA techakrit for his son Reward Afzal They are also dreaming for the seat.

After the defeat of Mian Qasim Farooq, son of Mian Muhammad Farooq, the son of Mian Muhammad Farooq, the other person, Submohan Farooq, has submitted a petition to Parliamentary Board regarding the special seat of the farmer, to see Muqman Farooq chairman of the District Council. Want. Mu’minin Farooq has already been chairman of the District Council Faisalabad. Eli Ansari, brother of Alia Ansari, is also dreaming of this, similar case continues in every other political house, most of whom belong to Rana Sanaullah Group.

Like Chaudhry Shairli, all are not on the right, all this is apparently not clear for democratic traditions. Due to such strong traditions of monopoly politics, the strengthening of our political culture, the greater increase in domestic problems, which has all the poisonous problems facing the masses is due to the public to satisfy the government.

If only with respect to party, only in the PML-N, any of the members of the assembly who have given applications to the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Chairman District Council regarding their sons, brothers and nephews etc. None of them is dynamic at the party. Their identity is not available as a party worker, the members of the house of all the members are present in the field while looking at the power of being ruled by riches in the state of Amirshir.

The Prime Minister had announced before the first phase of the local elections that any member of the members of the Assembly would not be issued a ticket for any Union Council and City Council, but the respective members of the Board On the contrary, after which all the members of the assembly issued tickets while ignoring party workers to their close relatives on which the maximum number of differences in the Muslim League increased.

The Muslim League (N) has started to be affected. Imran Khan, chairman of the Tehrik-e-Insaf, who lives in search of some front against the PML-N at all times, said unclear that the PML- Punjab’s MQM If there is any danger to the Muslim League at this time, it is internal differences, according to the sources of PML (N), Prime Minister has done many times and is also worried about who Powerful hands, in which Faisalabad, the internal differences of Muslim League (N) are given the color of the fight between the federal and provincial governments.

The internal differences of the Muslim League were given its name on the country level. Many political circles appear to be on their way. There is a general impression in Faisalabad that Chief Minister Punjab is specially compassionate with the law minister, therefore there is no inquiry into the Chaudhry Shariat group. The result of these differences was that Chaudhry Nisar Ahmad Jat, member of the Chaudhry Sherai group, presented a motion on the ‘Gujrat Gujjar murder case’ in the National Assembly, and said that Punjab Chief Minister Punjab, despite the promise of Faisalabad assembly, Action Committee has not been established.

The main reason for the differences between the two factions of PML-N in Faisalabad is the cause of Chaudhry-based, provincial government’s issues make it more difficult to say more clearly, a group of members of the Assembly, especially the members of the provincial assembly All its tilt is towards the provincial legislation, the difference in expertise in the provincial legislation’s grouping is greater than the differences.

At present, the fighting is continuing with regard to Mayor and Deputy Mayors.My Chairman is on a traumatic and joint venture for the District Council. After the end date, it may be possible that both group power shows also split and the differences will be re-opened. Come on. In this regard, the party leadership needs to adopt the pre-planned strategy because the members of the National Assembly are not present in the Rana Sanaullah Group, all of them are inclined to Chaudhry Sherai group. Mian Abdulmanan MNA Rana Sanaullah Group However, Mayor, Deputy Mayors Chairman District Council, has been holding a series of requests for the party council to continue with heavy fees so far.

Including Rana Mystery Ahmad Khan, Shaikh Mohammad Yousuf, former Deputy Town Coordinator Sheikh Mohammad Zulfiqar, Sharafat Ali Khattak, Parvez Kimoka, Anwar Ansari, Hassan Javed, Sara Amjad Yasin, Mohsen Saleem, Abdul Hafeez Bawa, Rauha Zaheer Iqbal, Sajid Sohail, Shaukat Ali, while Ejaz ul Haq Bagha, Rana Israr Ahmed Khan, Haq Nawaz Ghafari, Hassan Javed, Arshad Tahir, Ashiq Rahmani, Asin Amin, Ejaz Ahmed, Sheikh Aslam, Pervez Iqbal, Rana Iftikhar, Majirwalsh Puma, for Deputy Mayors, Mohsen Saleem, Abdul Ghafoor, Riaz Ahmad, Usman Sheikh, Amtant Sahi, Rashid Ahmed, Afzal Dogar, Sarah Amjad Yassin, Arif Hussain, Rana Omarzad, Rana Ayub Fay, Shafif Khattak, Rao Zaheerqbal, Atif Kuran, Attiqur Rehman Ansari, Director Ansari, Farad Khattak, Sajjad Sohail, Raja Salim Abid, Amir Rafique Kabbo, Arif Bukhari, Rana Yasir etc.

Despite the removal of the youth seat by the ruling party, the request of 15 thousand rupees has been issued, that perhaps the amendment of LEGI leadership should increase the seat of deputy council and district council seat with youth seats. In this case some announcements came from party leaders. What will be the map next? Party workers and any party identification party face front for mayor and deputy mayers However, the provincial legislative and law enforcement agencies, Rana Sanaullahullah, said that there will be 5 Voice Chairman in the district council, there are 10 million people in the city and more than 10 million people on the population. Recommendation to bring 3 deputy mieres to more than the population, the recommendation of 6 to 8 Deputy Mayors is also underway.

He said that there was no final decision about this, or would any new face come and surprise everyone? The board formed in this regard included Abid Sher Ali and Rana Sanaullah from both the groups, so the differences would be made in case of ignoring anyone, protesters’ protest can also come in case of ignoring anyone. Therefore, Chief Minister Punjab will make important decisions while neutral, finally the final decision is to be done by Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, but the Chief Minister will consult the Punjab Chief Minister will not ignore Punjab’s recommendations.

Mian Mohammad Farooq has brought his second son as a special candidate for farmer. Chaudhry Afzal Saii is engaged in breaking up for her son. Chaudhry Asim Nazir is looking forward to efforts in this regard with his brother and former chairman District Council Zahid Nazir Chaudhry, and many people are keen to sit on chair of Chairman’s chair.

There are differences between the district and there are no names to be reduced. Even in the district, the members of the Member Assembly are looking for a long-term and ideological work on which the members of the Assembly are facing resistance, they are increasingly engaged in establishing contacts with party leaders that somehow they are chairman of the ruling council of District Council Get tickets The leaders of the PML-N should have to keep party policy and workers mandatory because the workers were ignored in the district rather than Faisalabad.

The recruitment of workers from Chuck Jharkhand, Samarri, Jalandwala and Tendulwanawala is coming forward. Provincial Minister of Law Rana Sanaullah is also present in the field in the field of non-mahsu regarding the district council’s seat in district. There is already more grouping in the district. The Saints family is facing past differences in politics, as a result, the credibility of the Muslim League (N) is getting worse.

Business and personal differences are being played within the community, which is directly affecting the workers, even publicly, the Muslim League (N) reputation is becoming increasing. Mayor, deputy mayors and chairman District Council and if the chairman of the Vice-chairman District Council are brought forward, the ruling party interferes directly to the issue before further changes in the matter.

By doing any heavy burden of any group, any leader of the leaders can lead to incredible losses to the party that if the workers do not form a Chirri Sher Ali Workers Mayor Group, then they can turn towards Tehreek-e-Insaf and other political parties. Were there In addition to the city, such a bad situation continues. The leaders of PML-N should continue to be on the authority of the municipalities to intervene once again to change the battle of Chhusan, to save it from the new spots on the party. The plateau is hot, the pattern is on the rise, if non-neutral policy is not adopted for the strategy, then again again, the lava will spread and it will come across it.

The allegations in the past were imposed on Chaudhry Shairli today. Rana Sanaullah is also a group of groups today, and both groups accuse each other to tackle the tickets, corruption and workers ‘workers to kill the workers’ rights. Are there Will Prime Minister Nawaz will endure the volatility of such more differences?


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