Singh Ballarov’s Balloon Returns program

Muslims have been tightened by surrounded by the sectarian government in the presence of the sectarian government in India. They have been trying to revive the new nurturing efforts. They are being tried in Muslim educational institutions in different Indian states. And for this purpose, the Education Tour’s name is being encouraged by the students of IRSS training practice, as well as highlighting the teachings of Hinduism.

In this conspiracy the government members including RSS and the BJP have come back to join the RSS, which has given the “Back home”. According to the reports, according to the reports, ARSS is able to identify hundreds of Muslim children under a systematic program. With Singh being held in Yerbati centers of Prasavar, he is taught exclusively of the Buddhist idols.

Muslim children in the camps are believed to have a problem called a Muslim priest, and they should use the identification cards in which Muslim students have been given Kohnamunam, but this conspiracy against Muslim students was then imposed when the Sudhart Nagar of Uttar Pradesh Gulzada Ahmed’s father Gulzur Ahmed’s father, a student of the eighth party, requested the local police station that the headmaster of his son Gulzara Muhammad Kano sent Hindu identity to the RSS training camp, named on the Education Tour. Till days, children have been exercised Burning was burnt to go to Vermillion.

By the end of the camp, the questions raised in the innocence of Gulzar Ahmed’s mind and he questioned his father about the Hindu religion and the ArsS training, which led to Mehboob Ahm Kutshavish and against the anti-Army program of the Orissa Reporting in local police station. Mahaboob Ahmed says that the police do not have the option to investigate the conduct of an official college, under the influence of any such action against ArsS in this case.

In a report on the Hindi daily Ram Bhaskar, it is said that when the child returned from the training camp, Singh was accompanied by a pearl uniforms, a handheld, a black hat, a dandda hand, and a special identification card, which, when Kargalzar’s father was astonished. According to the father, he was asked by the Junior High School headmaster, saying that his son is being sent to an educational training camp, so you pay four hundred and four rupees for his arrival and staying.

Gulzar’s father did not know that his son was going to quit. This song was written for all the RSS volunteer names as “Vijay Kumar” and the photo was made of Gulzar, in which he wore a special hat of the singer. And handicapped organization in hand handwritten Danda.

Muslim student Gulzar said that the headmaster said that you are being sent to the camp with Hindonam so that religious knowledge should be treated with you, Gulzar added that the students present in the camp love Kohmohanb and feel free to do this. It was decided to be dedicated and stacked.

The seven-day camp was given to the children’s family utility in the seven-day camp and at the end of the camp, they were promoted to glorify Hindu names in relation to their Islamic names and insist on calling it in the name, although the police station against the ISS conspiracy The request has been made but the police are not in critical condition. This situation is not more concerned in the Indian states that are considered to be a stronghold of sectarian organizations and there is a meeting between Singh Prasad and Bajaur Dal, ABP, Kargur Singh, Swwindhi Prashad The branches of more organizations are set up.

According to an estimation, the Indian Convention of Convention on the Third Thieves of India has been created, not just this but separately shifted to Muslim students, and these concerted Buren washing programs are continuing from the continuation. ARS sub-organization “Divorce Islam” program was organized in a camp at the same time as well as books such as cow and Islam, Koran and Gomata, in which Muslims were misguided and prohibited cow meat animals regarding Quranic wording According to the cow, In the Bhopal University Campus, openly Muslim Muslims were asked to take a call for transformation of Cooperative Law.

Rajasthan is also conducting programs for washing the students of Muslim students in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The students of Islamic students are encouraged to hate Islam. The curriculum is also encouraging in educational institutions as well.

Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Karnataka, academic curriculum is also going to be widely converted to Hindus. According to ISS spokesperson Manmohan Veda, the books of Indian religions, religious reforms and Vedic teachings, are based on the original religion of India. 510 books have been published in 510 in Karnataka, in 639 Rajasthan in 800 Madhya Pradesh, as well as 2 lakh books based on Gita Vedic education officially.

They are also forced to study Gita, Ramine, Mahabharata and Manavarthati, as well as non-Hindu scholars, even reading the Sanskrit Sanskrit. At that time, organizations which were actively involved in the implementation of Hindutva, were disturbed by them, distressed, Vidya Bharat, Akhil Bharat Attachment, Sanctuary Yujna, Akhil Indo-Ratahi, Shikshash Mahasangha, Wig These are Indian, are educated.

Educational reform committees have been formed in the BJP’s undergraduates and their heads are from Katamalaq Singh Praswar. It has been decided that teaching of Gita will be necessary for the people of the believer. When the object was raised, it was said that there are no moral issues in Gita.

That is why progress continues to be taught by the Hindu curriculum in India. Curriculum preparation is everywhere. Revenue on teaching colleges and curriculum and history books, Nawab constituting the formation of research has been completely handed over to the RSS brochures. According to the RSS spokeswoman, Daily Badge Janbah, former editor of the Trusted Book Trust Kochi.

The Nondandermaid government is set up in Ars S. Kamarkzena Gapoor. There are instructions from here that there is no decision without the custom of RSS. In the sensitive areas, sectarian positions have been set up in the last few days. On the occasion of Dharda, the event in Orissa S headquarters was shown on a completely distant occasion. The RSS chief Mohan Bhagut’s speech was also published directly.

Shortly after this RSS was approved by a person as a coupleration KOSEO. There is no new conspiracy to consolidate communalism in government educational institutions in India. There is a poisonous propaganda against a religion in the third quarter of the second half of Kashsha, in the book of Hindi. And how a scholar who walks on the path of honesty has eaten meat and horny animals.

This is indeed a conspiracy to mislead Muslims from scholars and this curriculum is in accordance with the latest curriculum of the National Policy set by New Delhi. We have now come up with the fact that the Singh Praswar has made the project to build India as a powerhouse. The project has started coming together. The project for making a jewelery has been gradually being carried out. The chief minister of the RSS has expressed keen against Muslims and Islam in his speech, the ongoing change in India clarifies the dangers of the campaign.

Mohan Bhagwat said that the dream of making India a fanatic rhetoric will be fulfilled and will not sit in China until the “homecoming” process is complete. The head of RSS sub-organization Jagran Manch said that Muslims and Christians do not have the right to live in Kohistan. He also announced that by 31st December, 2021, India will become a Hindustan and non-Hindu Yatav will accept Hinduism or will be thrown out.

According to Jagrin Manch’s claim, the sectarian organization has so far touched millions of Muslims and Christians. It is a matter of mention that Hindus of the backward Hindus in India simply change their religion by accepting Christianity to disagree with them. It is considered to be a low-level human being. The high levels of the arms, which keep their backs and their backs, are very embarrassing. The way the Dalits and backward communities are craved, apart from India, No example is found.


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