Saudi women’s rights activists were arrested in an increasingly arrested arrest

At least ten prominent Saudi workers, most women’s rights guests have been arrested, which are in front of the clip drop ahead of the annoying wrapping ban on women running on June 24.

Saudi women’s rights activists were arrested in an increasingly arrested arrest

Arrested with human rights guests, social media comes from a high profile campaign in Saudi media media and women’s “treasures”.

According to the human rights activist working out of the empire, the majority of women were warned about the end of ban on women women drivers in September, on the basis of crown prince, and also on anti-patronage campaign.

Saudi Arabia’s patriotic system requires women who can get permission from their parents, brothers, husbands or even sons to make life decisions.

According to the Gulf Center of Human Rights, among the arrested people, last week, Oman Alfghan and Lausanne Althallol were both the female rights activists.

According to the GHCR, the adoption was being conducted in communication while Alfghan was once again able to call his family. Both are in unclear places.

Alftan, which has been involved in allowing women to run in the kingdom, is a professor and a writer behind Saudi Arabia’s weblog, usually a blog about Saudi society, culture, women’s rights and human rights. .

Althalol is the Saudi women’s rights activist and a social media person who has been allowed to participate in the campaign for women and it has been detained on December 1, 2014 in 75 days and June June 2017.

The Ministry of Saudi Interior has said that those people are being arrested, which can be investigated to interact with “foreign organizations”, which provide people with recruitment and foreign constituencies in sensitive government positions. Provides money to state state instability and harmony.

Saudi-American women activists and bloggers, who are posting information about recent arrests, said that the move has created an atmosphere of fear.

He told Tweet that “Saudi Feminists are taking revenge on Twitter,” he said. Some people support for the arrested workers, nothing. Anti-patronage threatens to talk much for the first time in the campaign. ”

He told Monday that after posting one of the nine concentrations of them, he added on Monday: “Unfortunately, the list has already ended. Today it was captured 10. It is important because it is the first arrest that we hear about new / young people. Saadi Naini workers (who have been active in anti-2016 campaign). ”

He told Guardian, according to Habit Zadain of Human Rights Watch, the arrests have come through the high profile “Samir” campaign to accuse women of insecurity.

“We know at least nine people who have been arrested on their social media. We believe that nine are certified, but we fear that those arrested in the coming days may also be Are there

“Some of these names and others – in September after government announcements, the driving ban was being raised, and it was not told to speak right.

“As long as we know that they complained, we do not know why it is being done, but the devastating sea campaign against them has been very unusual.”

Some women’s photographs are also available in social media posts, where they were accused of “contact with foreign institutions” with the aim of weakening the country’s stability and social fabric.

Zaidin said, “It is always a feeling that women’s workers are protected in Saudi Arabia, they can not be punished as other workers.”

“It seems like a message that they are not out of punishment. Why? It is not clear, but a principle is pushing Tajikistan to take a credit from the reforms.

“It is still amazing that driving restrictions have been taken day before. Another theory is that it is based on the guidance of most conservative elements who are unhappy about the reform.”

Saudi women’s rights activists were arrested in an increasingly arrested arrest

32-year-old Taj prince Muhammad ibn Salman is seen behind Saudi Arabia’s long-term driving ban, is part of a kind of reform by powerful royal in the Orthodox Empire.

The decision to allow women to run can provide them the most necessary movement to join them. Saudi women no longer need men’s permission to start a business.


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