Saudi Arabia expands Canadian Ambassador to emphasize the release of activists

Saudi Arabia expelled Canadian ambassador and suspended new trade and investment with Ottawa. The Canadian Foreign Ministry has demanded Riyadh to arrest civil rights activists.

Saudi Arabia expands Canadian Ambassador to emphasize the release of activists

The ministry told Tweet that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia … will not intervene in its internal affairs or depotts used from any country. “Canada’s position is another and interfering interference in the internal affairs of the #SaudiArabia and against the rule of state’s most basic international standards and all charts.”

Saudi State Television later reported that Ministry of Education is coming with a “Instant Project” in which thousands of Saudi scholarships will move to Canada’s schools to take classes in other countries. Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates supported the public in Saudi Arabia.

In his first public reaction to Saudi Arabia’s actions, Foreign Minister, Crosia Freeland said: “I should be clear … Canada will always stand for Canada and human rights worldwide, and women’s rights Human rights. ”

It is believed that it was started by Saudi Arabia’s 32-year-old Taj Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, whose recent Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri during the war and empire in Yemen in the exploitation of foreign policy. The resignation is allegedly included. . Harry later resigned the resignation and returned to Beirut.

On Wednesday, human rights watch said Saudi Arabia arrested female lawmaker Sami Badawi and Naseem-ul-Islam. In the arrests, workers and scholars and journalists were among the latest events in the government’s crackdown. More than a dozen women’s rights activists have been targeted since May.

Most of which are in favor of running and eliminating the country’s monitoring system, in which women need to get male consent for big decisions.

On Friday, Canada said arrests including Badakhshan were also included. His brother Rafi Badawi has been arrested since 2012. His wife, Aftab Haider, lives in Canada and became a Canadian citizen recently.

Analysts have argued that foreign pressure is being emphasized widely, resulting in the new aggressive foreign policy of the State of the Ultrasonic State.

“This message is obvious that Ottawa is being sent,” said Georgo Café, Chief Executive of the Gulf State Injuries, Washington’s Dangerous Advisory. “It is a message for countries across Europe and the rest of the world that is the result of Saudi criticism.”

During the war of Saudi leadership in Yemen, authorities have targeted themselves by the empire in recent months, while in 2015, Saudi Arabia recalled their ambassador in Sweden and after the country’s foreign affairs minister Sweden Closed to continue working visa. Raf Badawi criticized a court verdict.

Ali Shabbir, founder of the Washington-based Arab Foundation, explains domestic concerns both in Canada and Saudi Arabia for explanation of the row. Shia said in an email that there was fire under fire to sign more than 900 talented vehicles from Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Toddoouu-Riyadh.

On the other hand, the crown Prince, “sees himself as an arrangement for an extraordinary and delicate reform process and does not want to see out that it is more difficult, the United Nations is the benefit of Saudi institutions”.

In a statement, the Saudi Foreign Ministry said that it has confirmed the commitment to refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of other states of the United States, including Canada, and consequently any interference to its domestic issues and its own Rejected internal relations with the citizens.

Soon, a number of Saudi Twitter accounts expressed concerns about Canada’s treatment for Canada’s sovereignty movement, as reported by Badgefeed and already reported. Others have indicated such interest in the language used in tweets.

Usually, there is a dispute between Saudi Arabia and Canada with the United States neighbor. But as Bisma Momani, a political science professor of the University of Canada, reminds that the emperor enjoys close ties with the Donald Trap, while the American President has achieved his purpose in the tournament.

Saudi Arabia expands Canadian Ambassador to emphasize the release of activists

He said “Canada will always stand for the protection of human rights, much more including women’s rights, and independence of the worldwide expression”. “Our government will never hesitate to promote these values ​​and it is certain that negotiations are important for international diplomacy.”


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