Safe City Authority

The place where we live, breathing, can lead to our lives, it can be part of the place, street, neighborhood, region, province or country. In one place where we are all equipped with facilities, but peace and security If you do not have a law, in spite of all the facilities in such a place, we do not have the comfort that comes to the place that is safe for us.

If the principles are equal to all, then to stay in such a place, ‘Life is very peaceful for a living place.’ One such place which is going on the path of peace and comfort with every coming day is our Punjab, the streets, We travel on the streets, roads.

But now the crime rate has come to a considerable decline. “Now Punjab is going to become a safe Punjab. So Punjab is not afraid of the fact that a common person will ban the bribe, but the powerful class is always like its own On the strength of the force, the horoscope will pass beyond the crush.
Punjab will be a new Punjab.

Punjab Safe City Authority has been made to protect the cities like their name. The Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has introduced very good reforms in the Punjab Safe City Authority. The PSF is an institution which aims to achieve peace and prosperity. To improve the situation. The Punjab Safe Safety Authority is capable of going to head head in the Government of Tehreek.

The first phase was given 12 October time for the citizens to submit their challan, but now since October 2, the citizens can pay penalties in the Bank of Punjab .Punjab Saif Stees Authority has issued 30 thousand challan on violating the signal in a week.

200 and motorcycles have been sent to 500 and motorcycles on the violation of the signal on the car and the jeep .Accordingly, the operation continues on the violations of the traffic rules in the city .According to the Pension Safe Stage Authority, the city illegally syringes and emergency Crackdown has also been decided against looting vehicles.

All these steps prove that the Punjab Safety Authority is an organizational institution and is capable of going to services. Punjab Punjab visited the Punjab Safe Steee Authority, in which he attended the Muharram-ul-Haram and The modern system is appreciated for monitoring the magazine. A drive to improve the security of the province has proved to be a challenge.

The discussion in paper challenger was delayed by the retirement or it was disrupted, but the discussion of Electrica-Nick Chalan will end with the withdrawal. And everyone will be chalked up with equality. The cameras monitor It will be pointed out who has been found guilty of violating and no one can deny this proof. We can contact 15 for information about chat.

In addition, there have been some rules of traffic during the rain, according to which we can overcome many losses by reducing the speed during the rain because there is a lot of accidents due to high speed driving in the rain but Punjab Safe Stage Authority There have also been steps to deal with this issue. The vehicles will be challenger and pay a penalty.

Repeat infringers will be put into blacklist and action will be taken against them. Tomorrow it is seen everywhere that youngsters are driving drivers who are unaware and in Do not even have a driving license. Seeing them, it looks like there is no law in the province and no one sees it.

But Punjab Safe Stage Authority has been able to pay its tax in this regard. According to this, driving a person under 18 years of age is a grievous crime.

This violation will not only be a challenge, but such individuals will be detained. This benefit will be beneficial to avoid many accidents. Those who do not know the traffic rules are always in the flow of traffic According to the barrier, which is a problem of traffic closure, but this process of Punjab Saeed Stock Authority is expected to improve traffic matters.

Due to the last several years, the public is facing sympathy due to which many allergic problems are increasing. This shows the evidence of hospitals.

Where the number of patients is increasing in the dermatology sector. Anti-smoking unit has been set up against the smoke-fired vehicles on the directive of the Punjab Safe Safety Authority, directed by IG Punjab.

Crackdown has been decided against these cars since October 1 .Predictive campaign is also a major step towards public improvement and development. A major reason for racism is to drive more than fixed rules in public service vehicles.

Police and their staff are doing well in the better way due to the Punjab Safe Stage Authority .The traffic administration has improved very well, due to which a regulatory has come to see .Unfortunately, due to the Pension Safety Standards Authority, the crime rate There is a change. And this is an important breakthrough.

It is a famous saying that the plate does not ring with one hand. Similarly, we have to work closely to make new Pakistan. If the government is doing its utmost work for this purpose, then also to improve our implementation It is important that the efforts and efforts of the new government are not possible for the interpretation of new Pakistan and change. We will also have to walk with the government to achieve this goal.


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