Roller Coaster of the Challenges and the Dam’s High Dam Project

The roller coaster of the challenge is not taking the name to stop. The flame of the problem with each passing bridge feels like fear and anxiety are likely to run in the cordless paddle’s lap. If you buy a ticket and sit in a roller coaster, then she gets set after setting a specific trip, but our country’s problems are going on in the mood. Surprisingly, when Osama is a matter of distinction, one state also failed to provide basic services to its citizens.

Roller Coaster of the Challenges and the Dam’s High Dam Project

Most of the cities and villages of Pakistan are deprived of clean drinking water, but it is not wrong to say that people are also waiting for water usage for everyday use. There is no need to go to the open area, federal capital See it.

The protest is unfortunate that Babu Mineral, who looks at the rest of the offices in the offices of the water drinks water. If cool water cooling is done with cold water, people protesting outside the street show insects on the TV on screen on the front wall.

Former Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar took notice of the water of the Katas Raj temple in Chakwal, after taking notice of it, who knew that the case started with the protection of religious rituals of the Hindu community throughout the country. I will be an effective voice to build dams. During the hearing of a water scarcity, the intense disclosure in the open court has made many people including the Chief Justice and the reporters, weird in confusion.

There were many questions but did not respond. Finally, the High Chief started investigating the answers and faced severe criticism in this difficult journey, nobody was ready to believe that Justice Saqib Nisar will finalize the matter.

Former Chief Justice said the construction of the Dam, inevitable, started a regular campaign throughout the country. Seeing, the seminar was held on the shortage of water in the Supreme Court building.

Experts from all over the world have given their views and federal and provincial governments were also decided to take two boards while taking the board on board. In their meeting of WAPDA officials in a one-day Supreme Court conference hall, former Chief Justice also announced to raise 16 billion rupees for the dam, which has been deposited amount of ten billion rupees till now.

Sadly, before the general elections before the Supreme Court, the PTI, who followed the move, did not show seriousness in the construction of dams after assuming the government. The intention of seriousness is that the present government has scared the fear of the presence of just the chief justice of the history of the dams. In the recent meeting with former Justice Saqib Nisar, when the issue was discussed, he said that the construction of the country requires the country and the project did not start the project itself, he said. It would be a pleasure if a government should build the dams and get its full credit.

Talking about allegations of corruption in the Dam’s Fund, the sudden disappointment on the face of former Chief Justice, he expressed his regret, saying, “It is impossible to get a crime in the DOM fund,” he said. Speaking on the criticism of the speech, Justice Retired Saqib Nisar said that his statement in the media has been shifted out of context, never said that the money will be collected for dams alone, the main and sole objective of the fund formation.

In order to understand all these questions, some senior reporters of the Supreme Court attached to the Department of Journalism would ask for some feedback, it might be helpful to find out the opinion of those formerly known as the Chief Justice of Justice. .Question ! As Supreme Court Bat Reporter, do you think that former Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar has made any kind of corruption in the Dam Fund?
Question ! Do you have the Chief Justice damaged the high judiciary’s reputation on construction of dams?

! Abdul Qayyum Siddique: Former Chief Justice, Saqib Nisar, it is inappropriate and premature to approve the allegations of corruption, as long as there is no solid evidence to prove these allegations, the country’s former chief justice will be abused.

Of course, by accumulating funds for the dams, former Chief Justice has exceeded the judicial scope, due to which the high judiciary’s reputation has become incredibly profitable.

! Nasir Iqbal: I can not believe that the former Chief Justice has done any kind of corruption in the DEMF, but in my opinion, Justice Saqib Nisar has expressed concern over all the issues related to the country’s water crisis in the next few years.

This fact can not be denied that efforts of former Chief Justice are taking many feelings of the construction of dams in many people, on the other hand visits foreign countries to make a dispute controversy with the DOM The opportunity has been provided. As the Chief Justice had his responsibility, he would try to make justice to everyone present in front of him, not to target people based on personal desires.

Imran Waseem: As far as it is said that corruption in the Dam’s Fund is unlikely to me. The amount that comes in the funds fund is deposited in the account which has been opened for the Dam Fund. Because there is no control over any judge on this account, there is no possibility of any kind of food.

Roller Coaster of the Challenges and the Dam’s High Dam Project

Supreme Court Registrar There are details of all the deposits submitted in the FAC so far. As far as the question is concerned, there was a few political cases to affect the judicial reputation, including cases of contempt of contempt against political leaders, even if the courts work hardly in these political cases. Demonstrating demonstration, if possible, building the dams is not thus criticized.


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