Pure Russia Alliance Against Terrorism

Russia and Pakistan have decided to establish a commission of military cooperation to target terrorist threats in the region, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced after his talks with Khawaja Mohammad Asif, his Pakistani counterpart. Lavrov also said that Moscow is ready to help increase its capacity for terrorism against Islamabad, which will be in the interest of the region, he also reminded that Russia in 2017 Refer to four MMA combat helicopters who are playing an important role in counter-terrorism operations. Apart from this, he said that the parties have decided to continue joint military exercises called “friendship”, aimed at counter terrorism in mountainous areas, Lavrov added that two-way economic and commercial cooperation, especially in energy The prospects are also bright, Khawaja Asif said on the occasion that Pakistan welcomed the position of Russia that the problem of joining Afghanistan in the process of solving Afghanistan is the military cooperation plan when it is in Afghanistan ISIS is growing the power of such dangerous groups, but in the increase of this force, the American warrior elites It is the hand that wants to keep its presence clearly in the region, according to that purpose, ISIS has been organized in Syria and Iraq, but the worst blood loss in both the countries and the members of the group after the war has been moved to Russia.

The Central Asian states intelligence report said that the Islamic Emirate members of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are being transferred to the countries as security officials of fake consent migrants as well as their base and secret cabinets in Afghanistan and Pakistan. There were also conflicts which led to Russia’s intention to increase the capacity of Pakistan ISIS terrorists have the highest technology that is obviously not possible without the help of CIA, Pentagon. The recent acts of terrorists in Balochistan have been utilized by modern technology, technology technology that either has the US or Russia is aware of this, in such media there has been such information that unmanned helicopters in Afghanistan are providing weapons to ISIS members, and that ISIS also has the responsibility of numerous terrorist activities in Pakistan. It is accepted that the talks between Pakistan and Russian officials in Moscow last days Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the fight against terrorism in the two countries is a priority, he said. Russia’s military forces have been exercising since 2016 and the special forces of 2016, which will continue to continue this year.

Moscow has serious doubts on its efforts to crush Iraq’s threat by the NATO-led alliance in Afghanistan, according to the data and data received by Russia and Pakistan, in the eastern and northern border areas of Afghanistan There are groups of ISIS and their numbers are increasing There are also indications that Indian Central Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif agreed with the Russian counterparts that he could enter into Russia from Central Asian states and said that presence of Iraq and the rise in Iraq is not being ignored.

The same type of blame has also been criticized by Iran, that Americans are helping Iraqis to escape the troubled area of ​​Iraq’s Iraqis safe place in Afghanistan. In this situation, Khawaja Asif said that Washington and Kabul are threatening this threat. Their actions are not taking note of Central Asia Pakistan China and Russian Federation It is becoming a threat and it is very alarming that the number of people coming from the Middle East to Iraq has increased in comparison to many Taliban groups in Afghanistan.

In the past, Afghan President Hamid Karzai allegedly accused American forces in a press conference that he was providing weapons to his helicopter’s dignitaries, the Taliban’s various fighter groups had alleged that Tortabura In the area when he surrounded the ISIS fighters, the first American planes helped to escape ISIS fighters by firing and bombarding the Taliban’s position, but to fulfill the financial costs of the Islamic Emirate. To complicate the cultivation of heroin and heroin, Da’sh is complex and Afghan Central Asian p In the situation, neighboring countries Russia has become increasingly increasing in China’s relations with such anxiety, providing modern equipment to Hadi areas, which is due to its expenses easily.

The American pressure has increased in Pakistan. To keep away from any such alliance that is against the US policy strategy and policy, however, Pakistan’s military leadership has access to conditions, and that is why Russia’s military exercises are being called warfare last year. One hundred Pakistanis cleared military exercises in Russia with Russian special forces The Indian Army, along with the Pakistani soldiers, welcomed the Russian soldiers, dancing on the songs of Pakistani cultural songs and conveyed the message to the people and the world of the two countries that neighboring relations become more important when they feel jointly threatened.

The efforts are being made to destroy their security autonomy, that is why the countries of the region, particularly the United States of America, Russia have been supporting and consolidating it against the US conspiracy to create a chaos crisis in those countries where the two countries Become a part of American conspiracy in the last ten years, 13833 Soviet soldiers 6669 people were injured in the accident, 6669 were disabled. 312 Soviet soldiers were missing so far. More than half of the Pakistanis were martyred and more than half of them were injured.

The Hanoi series continues and the result of the ongoing withdrawal of US military aid is a result of financially rising More than a dollar has been levied: Graveyard of Communism: Afghanistan’s slogans of slogans are present today, who are leading the red cafes in the name of religion and are part of this bloody but they are not unbelievers, they will not be ashamed that now From the experience of brave forces of Pakistan in the North Waziristan and North Waziristan The graveyard of the shrine is becoming prime minister and Pakistan’s security is also ensuring that religious radical days are weakening the bodies, while leaving them, Pakistan is taking assistance from US officials in China, and in the US, On the contrary, the people of Russia in Russia are raising the knowledge of peace.

Lydiski, a Polish thinker of Poland, believes that the two realities should always be remembered first, if the new fact against the ancient tradition If the race did not raise up, then we would still be living in dark caves even if the other fact is If these texts always encourage the destruction and murder, we would return to the dark caves, the April Revolution of Afghanistan, the Revolution, the Revolution of Revolution, which was the pre-time offense error of poor tribal old system and educated youth. David tried to kill if he had to take revenge for saving his life, which was beneficial to the United States with Pakistan, taking Ziaul-ul-Haq along with him, but the loss of Russia’s Afghan air-revolution Afghanistan could turn into a social demo revolutionary revolution aimed at Free health education residential affordable food is responsible for the facilities of humans Or would Afghanistan’s Revolution need to be seen in April?


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