PML-N Nawaz Sharif and Mary want to release!

After election 2018, everybody feels that Prime Minister Imran Khan, Army Chief General Qamar Javaid Bajwa and Chief Justice Mr. Justice Saqib Nisar will not be surprised. Their harmony will definitely prove to be interest for nation and country. For further improvement, it is necessary that by determining national issues, opposition parties should be taken into confidence, thus the nation will be able to move together.

As far as the role of government and opposition is concerned, both of them should legitimize their duties and legally. In Punjab, Chief Minister Sardar Siddiqui Bucharar, Governor Chaudhry Sarwar, Speaker Chaudhry Pervez Alahi and Punjab Chief Minister Abdul Ali Khan With mutual consultation, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s 100-day plan is expected to smoothen the process of arrival.

Now, it is to see how they are able to give relief to the masses together. As far as the opposition parties are concerned, although although they are on the platform for the Alliance forefront and fare elections, the nation has chosen the Prime Minister and the President of the Nation. It seems that the lamps are bitten. See the largest opposition party Muslim League N then its organizational condition is slim.

Mian Shahbaz Sharif has recently broken all the party organizations in Sabha and has formed a 25-member committee, whose responsibility has been made for the organization. Now, it is to see, when Mian Shahbaz Sharif focuses on the Punjab province where the party is not the provincial president nor the General Secretary nor the Secretary Information. People say that the media management of the PML-N is amazing and there are deep ceremonies from their journalists, although the fact is that there is no media cell available from the end of the Muslim League. For the 2018 Social Media and Media Cell, for the thirty-five people who were graduated for two months, were released on July 31. Sethi Wallaravia was also given the option of paying for their salaries.

They were not only paid less than the fixed monthly compensation, but they were paid for two months and were paid for a month. Those who graduated on July 31 were not able to work volunteer. The PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif Sharif and his mastermind are in the Adelaide jail, the PML-N is keen to launch its efforts for release. But in this unhealthy means, there will be many consequences. Now we have another aspect of this party in front of the Muslim League Bahrain. Last week, Pakistan activist and in a reminder reference to the theory of Pakistan Trust. In addition to his son Dr Asif Karmani, his Senator Dost, Pervez Rasheed, close friend Khawaja Saad Rafique, there was no significant Muslim League leader. However, many lawyers were present in the leadership of PML-N leader Naseer Bhatta.

Other speakers included senior lawyer and prominent politician Ehsan Wai, President of the Supreme Court Bar Association, Leader of the Lok Sabha Party Syed Sadiq Ali Gilani Advocate, Ahmer Bilal Sufi Advocate, Vice President Dr. Rafiq Ahmed, Secretary of the Review Pakistan Trust Shahid Rasheed was among others respected. The legislators talked about the other Muslim League-led coalition including Qa’ida-e-Azam, but Nawaz Nawaz Sharif’s straight-handed center, Pervaiz-e-Azam, told about the August 11 speech which he mentioned most of the assembly The participants take the fingers in the teeth. Nawaz Sharif was always the favorite of religious forces but today he has to leave his own “pitch” due to the fact that he is in the politics of the army of Nawaz Sharif.

The stand against the stand is supported by all the elaborate sections of the country, but the actual power of Nawaz Sharif was a political party which has lost its support now. Election has become federal and provincial governments since 2018 and Dr. Arif Alvi has taken oath as the newly elected president, so Parliament has been completed. Although Pakistan’s politics is touched, however, the majority of the middle class The President is pleased to post a presidential election in Pakistan. Justice (R) Muhammad Rafique Tarr was also from the middle class, before both the newly formed President Dr. Arif Alvi and retired President Mamoon Hussain were from the middle class. In the urban areas, at least fifty percent of the members of all the political parties are also from the middle class.

According to election 2018, after the formation of new assemblies, after the appointment of the Prime Ministers and Ministers, the current election process has been completed with the election of the Election Commission. To investigate, the Parliamentary Commission should be established, whether it is proven to be suspicious or not, but the nation should be informed so that the people move forward later, but the current electoral process is made to make the election process more transparent. Work should also go ahead.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s 100-day plan for implementation is in front of the nation. The twenty-two days passed while Satrata stayed for a long time. Hopefully, Imran Khan will do such a thing in those days, which will help the common man get relief. However, people have been exhausted by the announcement of electricity and fertilizer prices. People of opposition parties are also correcting their seats, this month will be a joint session of parliament, which will address the nine elected President.

New parliamentary year will start. The general idea is that meetings of the assemblies will be awaited. PML-Q leader Nawaz Sharif, his grandmother, Mir Nawaz, Damad Captain Safdar and his close colleagues, can not be political troupes as long as the prisoners are closed in prisons .However, ruling party PTI leadership How much of the understanding that he has seen, the PTI leader who lacks government’s experience, will adopt the opposition in a political environment and will remain in the political environment, which will not have a good impact on society.

PML-N leader leader Shahbaz Sharif belonged to Nawaz Sharif’s elder brother and PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif His politics has been moderate. Shahbaz Sharif has been shifted to his party and media that he has been devoted to the policy of party leadership in connection with the establishment. Now it is to see that the ideal relationship with the establishment of ruling and ruling party is established. After the establishment of the establishment of the Muslim League N, will worsen the relationship, there will be no effort to correct the commands.


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