Panama case JIT report presented in Supreme Court

Joint Investigation Team, established on the Panama case, has completed this inquiry and finalized its report in sixty-sixth period, this report has been presented in the Supreme Court. According to this report, to transfer the Shurmunks to the UK, to transfer the UK While Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, Prime Minister Syed Nawaz Sharif, besides Hassan Nawaz, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar Chairman NAB and all other stakeholders and concerned persons were called to JIT. The inquired but Sharif brothers failed to present the mini trail.

The team was also sent to Dubai for confirmation of the letter, and its report was also part of the inquiry, but after the Prime Minister, his prime minister, Maryam Nawaz, got all the league leaders and officials on the spot in JIT. The number of workers of the N League gathered at the JIT of family members outside the Federal Judicial Academy. Unusual security arrangements were made on the side of Federal Judicial Academy.

After the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s brethren, daughter-in-law, Mir Nawaz, also appeared before JIT to investigate the Panama case and answered questions for two hours. Mr Nawaz said that she was presented as a daughter of Pakistan who Always obeyed the constitution and the law, like my brothers, JIT has also asked that we have blamed.

I told JIT that I have responded honestly to all the questions and then told them, please tell us that they had no answer. He said that we had given the mini trail very long ago. Conspiracy against Naveed Sharif continued, he would be prime minister for the fourth time and became the Prime Minister for the fifth time. He criticized Khalifa, he said that Nawaz If you can stop Sharif, stop it.

According to Mary Nawaz, nothing has happened in the Supreme Court for 6 months. It is 70 days of JIT and today I have realized that they have nothing to do with the allegations. They said that in the order of the Miranam Supreme Court Notwithstanding, JIT has called and I have brought down the debt that was not obligatory. It is also unable to find JUIAT charges.

There is no charge of corruption, but the Sharif family is asking about family business of corruption, kickbox or commissions in any project, in any project, on the all-mega projects of the country. I can be asked and not to answer it. The contractors are their non-profit companies, to put pressure on their father to daughter, Panama and Donaks were involved, the option was also with us. Nathiaia could hide in the street’s official rest house, be afraid when Nawaz Sharif wounds medals will go to the public. Nawaz Sharif will become prime minister for the fourth and fifth time as he has come back with power over all conspiracy, people believe in him, exposing Nawaz Sharif in secret and exposing conspiracy Do not be forced.

According to Mary Nawaz, it is the world’s first JIT, who is investigating the allegations before the charge. In the world it seems to be a crime that JIT is formed after it is the first JIT that has become the first and is now finding the charge. I am happy that and I am happy that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will be proud of him, that there is nothing to blame for accusers who are accused of personal business.

These allegations are not far from politics. These charges are after Nawaz Sharif was student. And grandparents are allegations related to the late stage. Praise be to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that he is the Prime Minister twice and Prime Minister for the third time, but those who accuse him about five periods are not getting anything. He said that There is no question or question about personal or family business matters.

The corruption of a money and a black commission of money, money laundering should be brought forth. In front of this, it does not belong to Asiqui. There will be no involvement in the involvement of the militants and apprehend Nawaz Sharif, so let them hear that I am Nawaz Sharif’s daughter who has trained me and has not bowed in front of oppression. People do not have sisters’ values, I can not understand, who do not know the problems of daughters, they do not know the values ​​of the family, they can never understand these things.

He said that we had a lot of options, we could also support the technical matters. We could also hide in the houses of power. We could turn the vehicle into a hospital by turning the waistreld, we also got advertised by the courts. We could have been hiding in the official restaurant of the street, but we have been counting and giving it. Keep the rules, Nawaz Sharif has taken the lead in return for the constitution and law security and security. He passed out of the accountability furnace.

Be afraid of that day when Nawaz Sharif will take his own people to the people. Do not go to the sage that is buried in the chest of the chaos, that the conspiracy is going against them should be forced to tell the people. The elder brother of Hussain Nawaz Mangal was presented during the holiday Bar JIT. Where he did not have any evidence against us when there would be evidence of JIT, no matter what existed.

If there is evidence against any of my or my family members, there should be a proceedings and should be punished because it is the right of the people and the state, but if not evidence, do not allow it to be confused, Hussain Nahan said that every effort was taken by trying And all will come in front of the future, but they will not get anything. They said that if there comes any evidence against us, they should take action, it will not be a plane conspiracy case.

Imran Khan’s mini-trail has not come in front of him. Hussain Nawaz said that the number of questions asked by us, we have given answers and no action can be taken against anyone without proof. According to Imran Khan, the roads were closed and Mary Nawaz was presented in the JIT It is insulting. Imran Khan said that good news about Panama case is coming.

Imran Khan said that the size of the Isaac Dar was telling everything about the media talk. To speak a lie, 100 lies have to lie. Become a lover of speaking speakers as Isaac had yesterday. He said Where the real democracy is not there, it will capture the interests of the sect. It is attractive to save the corrupt system so that everyone can take advantage of it.

Everyone knows that once the guardian’s guard is calculated, he will be wandering. Democracy is merit but there is no merit in the kingdom. Omar Khan said that this time was waiting for a long time, no thinking It could not have been said that Sharif Sharif would be accountable like this, I was offered a bill of Rs 10 billion bribe, when the offer was not accepted.

Imran Khan said that we want people to participate in this war. Imran Khan said that there is a widespread amount of money laundering every year in the country of $ 10 billion. Nawaz Sharif says what is our fault, Kasuri’s family is guilty You stolen money. Your children buy properties abroad. They said that this is going to be a great match, I was waiting for a long time.

No one could imagine that Sharif Sharif would account like this. Imran Khan said that while Nawaz Sharif played in the club club, ask the people who were there to take turns by taking their empire and bowler too. They used to bow down slowly, claiming to be 10 billion rupees on me.

If the case was lost and the money was the world, then I would request Hamza and Hussain to give me a loan, Shahbaz Sharif has to ask for a large number of questions. The PPP’s co-chairperson Asif Zardari said that the country is in their hands. Those who know only the seeds are sold and there is a difference in playing cricket and running. The time will come, tell us how to run the country. The information was criticized by the media reports, Mary Aurangzeb and other league leaders.

Imran Khan thief is the living example of the noise of the Mardam Aurangzeb. Talal Chaudhary said that our political opponents are on our leadership, then they are lying and false allegations that have been rejected in the past. And many times have also been investigated, which has not been achieved. And that is why we In the past also, the headlines were issued and Insha Allah will be the head of this time.

Whenever the PML-N took over the country, Barak developed the country and in our current leadership, our leadership has led the country to the path of development and prosperity. The leaders of the Muslim League-N said that it is very important to tape the prime minister’s house, JIT acknowledged to be the first photo leak, and he was also warned that he should work closely. Imran Khan should not hesitate, Imran Khan Do not embarrass Pakistan to reach power.

Imran Khan does not have the courage to listen to the truth, Pakistan will progress in the leadership of the Prime Minister, Imran Khan will not be enmity, he said. Imran Khan will oppose Pakistan in opposition to Nawaz Sharif. No media threatens and boycotts. We will get justice, we will keep our case in the public court, JIT inquired from Chairman NAB Qamar Zaman Chaudhary for a half hour, Qamarman Chaudhry Pana Ma Case The investigation was conducted against Joint Investigation Team, Chairman NAB JIT, with the required documents by the Judicial Academy.

Two officers were also present with them, they were asked regarding reference references filed against Hadiibia Peoples Mill and Sharif family, after the incident Qamar Zaman Chaudhary passed away from Judea Academy. He is confident that the Panamaakis in the Supreme Court During the hearing, Chairman NAB was present, while the court had expressed disturbance during the proceedings, however, he still refused to execute the decision regarding the Hadithaiba Mills case.


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