Pakistan and Turkey relations

Turkish President Hamid Karzai Recep Tayyip Tayyip speaks to the joint parliament, calling Turkey Turkey as a real country of Pakistan. He reiterated the commitment that we will make Pak-Turkish relations ideal where the President of India emphasized the cooperation of both the countries in the fields of energy, infrastructure, housing and agriculture and there is a volume of mutual trade between the two countries. Intended to increase billions of dollars.

And most importantly, while talking about Kashmir’s unconscious support, said that Kashmir issue should be resolved according to UN resolutions and they violated human rights violations in India-occupied Kashmir. In addition to his remark, he thanked the government of Pakistan and the people on the military uprising in Turkey, while Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif thanked Turkey for the membership of Pakistan in the Nuclear Suppliers Group, but one thing seemed to be the Turkish President’s strange look. That the Golan Movement is a threat to Pakistan and it is also from ISIS and al-Qaeda Asbestine dangerous.

Do not know why Fateh Allah is afraid of Golan. Although Fatehullah Golan’s ideas are very moderate, he emphasizes love, brother-in-law and ethnol in Islam, and emphasize the adoption of Islam’s value system. Nevertheless, the Turkish President has mounted a rival organization on his senses and is trying to capture Pak Turk schools established indefinite by his teachings in Pakistan and for the last 25 years in Pakistan More than a hundred Turkish teachers are being pulled out of Pakistan, they will be returned to Turkey, they will be arrested because they are only concerned about the goals of the Golan.

This is not happening in Egypt, where the President of the Marxist regime has ended, but millions of people are affected by Hassan Nahba and Sayed Qutb, and they say they are disturbed by power. President Morsi and his fellow prisoners are in prison but ordinary people who are influenced by the Christian movement are engaged in their economic activities there. Similarly, those who live in Turkey or any other part of the world, and from the goals of the Golan They are influenced but peaceful civilians and according to the law, engage in their economic and social activities, how can we stand by the people of Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

On this issue, majority of Pakistani people differ from respect to Turkish President’s position. There is no doubt that Turkey and Pakistan are tied in ancient historical, religious, cultural, cultural and cultural relationships. Iqbal Jalaluddin, Pakistan’s Allama Iqbal, used to consider Romi his mentor.

In recognition of Pakistan’s recognition of the Turkish emperors in Turkey’s first position, while receiving diplomatic relations between the two countries, Receiving the documents of the Turkish ambassador, Qayyazim mentioned the spiritual, emotional and cultural relations between the two countries.

Turkey is the only country in the world of religion, with which our extremely deep ceremonies have been consistent with the last 70 years. The formal agreement of friendship between Turkey and Pakistan was established in 1951 and the Mutual Cooperation Agreement in 1954, which was something like “friendship with Turkey and Pakistan has shown that within the political, cultural and economic circles For peace and security with us, we will be happy to get the most friendly cooperation. ”

Why not be right-left or left-arm or military dictatorship in Turkey, Turkey’s relations with us have always been ideal, where Turkey has always been supporting uncertainty of Pakistan’s position on Kashmir issue, in 1954 in the United Nations General Assembly Turkey fully supported Turkey’s Cyprus and attracted Turkey’s right to Cyprus. In 1962 the war between Turkish and Greek Cyprus started.

Turkey leaves forces to protect Muslim Cyprus. Which led to a huge threat in Greek and Turkey. However, the war broke out due to the intervention of the United Nations and Western countries. Pakistan has allotted Turkey all the way. On the political and diplomatic level, the Turkish stand supported and Turkey assured full military cooperation. The Turkish government was so impressed with the support of Pakistan that he was sent to Karachi on a special visit to the Foreign Minister, Farid-ul-Kamal so that the government could thank Pakistan.

Although Kashmir is still a solution to Cyprus like Kashmir, however, Pakistan’s stand in support of Turkish Cyprus is always supporting Turkey. In 1984, when Cyprus’s problem came to the United Nations for a long time, the Pakistani delegation, Shah Nawaz, spoke strongly about the recovery of the rights of Turkmen Cyprus.

In the 1965 war, Turkey provided military equipments, weapons ammo and cannon to Pakistan. The doctors and nurses’ delegation came to Turkey from Pakistan in 1965 and 1971 for the wounded Pakistani soldiers. In 1964, under the agreement signed Istanbul, Iran and Pakistan, organized by the Organization of Regional Development (RCD) organization. Although this organization played an important role in promoting trade, tourism and resources among the three countries.

Today, this organization is called the Regional Economic Council. Today, Pakistan is going on with the help of Turkey, especially in the major cities of Punjab, West Bengal, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, like West Management and construction of many power plants. Mian Nawaz Sharif Turkish President Rajab is very impressed by Urdu but he does not get enough access to his people that on one indicator, people will lie ahead of the tanks. This lucky half is just for God only for God. This status got high that was found.


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