New cleansing and many important decisions will be made

The author of the one minute manager writes in his book, Belly and Spencer, that a good manager is a person who can consult, understand, consult and decide when to take the decision, take a decision in one minute, and in the authors, There are different tricks to be a good manager. The purpose of referring to this dog is just this.

Success in man’s life depends on how he managed to make his goals and decide how to make decisions. Making good and timely decisions for a good leader is very important. There will be revolutionary decisions for the governor. The absence of Governor in the governor’s house will be a clear step.

If Imran Khan has said this, he will not stay in the Prime Minister House, Mr Z. Ankewio will use any office as a premier office office. The National National Media has also been praised by Imran on this decision and also said The use of Primmouth House will save bits. It is also said that they should be converted to the Prime Minister’s house in a museum or to create a hosted hotel, which can increase income and increase national treasury.

All these things are different, but there are many other questions on the other side of the picture. Time zone house is in the Red Zone and its gurus are immobiles in all countries. It is important that the Prime Minister’s design is a design unit, his own motto is lazy.

Presidents and Ministers all over the world have to come for a meeting. Therefore, instead of Prime Minister House, making the country more prime minister is a very difficult decision. Another important thing is that the Bureau of Primary House House Crancy will never want to move the Premier Office somewhere else, since Nixal will have to wash all the officers with their costly expenditure from the Securities Trust.

The Bureau of Credit and security officers will try to make every possible decision to stay in the premises of Imran Khan’s Premier House House. The information from Imran Khan’s well-known circles is that there is no risk of Imran Khan’s life. When Imran Khan visited Krak during the election campaign, seven shooters wanted to make Imran a liar .Even the international establishment and enemy elements Imran Imran and Pakistan are concerned about the terror of Pakistan for the new Pakistan. The end is the most important.

We all know how India makes terrorism in our country .And wants to push the country into darkness. Therefore, it is very important that the country’s new hope is very important until we completely eliminate the evil of terrorism. The main institute, such as Parliament, House of Representatives, Secretariat, Cabinet Districts and Supreme Court, is on the highway of Timemouth House.

All of them have security in the state. In this case, if the Prime Minister House has to revise the decision to change to a hotel or museum. A close friend of Omar Khan, who belong to Mianwali, says that Khan Political decisions make consultations with friends who do not have a swelling of politics. If so, Imran should immediately make a tank tank, which is a senior politician who has been a part of the assembly for a long time.

And to handle the opposition .The politics of politics varies from the politics of opposition .When you were in opposition, the politics of charges was now that you are in power, now you will face charges. You will have to look around yourself .You will have to stay away from Simon and Naeem ul Haq. And this decision decision will be especially difficult for Khan.

But while making a minute manager, Khan should decide this. Imran Khan will be very difficult to control bureaucracy. The decision to set up your principal secretary will be very important .No important decisions regarding new Pakistan will be done. Kajujo Khan .Our Dead Guard Help .Despite the power of colors, there are different colors of color .Street Court, House President, Praeemed House House, Secretariat, Seeing big big buildings in parliament, it seems that the real city is where the decision makers of our country decide Are there.

Our Chief Justice, Saa Habib, is sitting in the Supreme Court, making important decisions. The condition of hospitals is taking notice of corruption and corruption cases. There are many important issues that are governed by the government .There are also one sitting in the presidency .John Kanam is Mamoon Hussain .And he is our president now. The best thing to do is that neither others suspended their external visit to take oath of Prime Minister.

Imran Khan is going to be a prime minister in the Primary East House House and raising the slogan of the new Pakistan. Bureau Crisis is in its own role in Sacramento. A powerful Bureau Cristi, who is a dance dancer of politicians. Most importantly, our Parliament, from which people come from across the country that we choose to vote, can solve our problems.

After returning a few days in Islamabad after coming back to Lahore, it looks as if there are flowers in the field but not fragrance, there are sun rays, but there are sounds, birds of the birds, but no wonder. And it seems like being a journalist There are words in the newspaper, but there is no news. I think I will return to my time in a few days and say that Lahu Ruhoor.

And everything will begin to be fine. Nevertheless, I want to share with you a couple of days spent in Islamabad. And I want to convey to the readers what I have seen in the Parliament. I agree with the meeting of the Parliament meeting in the morning from Iqbal Open University. To know, the realities and invocations of the true believers were left with Saab Habib. Many dear friends Tanveer Hussein Malik Sahki did Valkim. Tanvir brothers have been performing their duties in the past 20 years.



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