Nepal and two boys have failed to dispute Nepal’s latest period

A woman and her two sons have eliminated her death to avoid the window, in which she was held in the latest tragedy associated with the illegal process of raids, in which women in Nepal “in the anger of the period” Is sleepy

Nepal and two boys have failed to dispute Nepal’s latest period

Police said that 35-year-old Amba Boah had spent five days in love with Rama, nine and Suresh when her mother-in-law discovered her bodies early in the morning.

They were limited to Twilight’s illegal process – when women are compelled to sleep inside small shelters or animal shelters in their monthly period because they are considered weak.

Navad Singh Singh Bhatt, head of the Deputy Police Chief of the Bajaur district of Nepal said that it was revealed that the family had set fire to keep warm inside the frozen soil, but the fire had to fire to overcome the fog and the fire in its blanket Was spread

He said doctors already have postponed but we can not get the results yet.

Fourteen were declared guilty in 2005, including fine of Rs 3,000 (21 pounds) and the jail period of three months has been introduced, which is in charge of being convicted as the last year last year. . But it is deeply appreciated in some communities, particularly in the poorest parts of the country.

Traditions, associated with Hindustan, can eat women, where they sleep and they can do council during their monthly cycle. Many fans believe that disobeying the rules is an invasion of unfortunate and death.

The United Nations has linked reports of diarrhea, pneumonia and respiratory diseases as well as sexual abuse or wildlife attacks in this regard. Children and mothers have been charged for the death of his mother and mother, after being born in the roof after birth.

Jodda Bahadur Rawal, a manager of Bajaur district’s program manager, said, “Although NGOs are advocating against blind faith and want to educate people, most district advocate group’s program manager Jodda Bahadur Raw said. Most women could not leave the tradition due to social principles and religion.

Nepal and two boys have failed to dispute Nepal’s latest period

He said that action should be taken against the local government. “Even though the number of women practicing tradition is decreasing, although there are still women who follow non-compulsion. The new law is not effective.”

For the Bajaur, UGO’s NPP President, Agni Shahi said, despite ongoing education programs, it has been a real struggle for women to assure that the country is grounding.


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