Nawaz Sharif vs Space creatures

About Zardari and Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif has told the public in utterly dramatic words that there is no competition between them, our competition is “space creatures” with the powers that are not visible. Sharif has cleared Nawaz Sharif and Sadiqabad, one of the successful successes of Sadiqabad, was not open to Lahore in PTI and Karachi in response to his reply and said, They were also cried and the people of the above were heard too much.

Those who look at their politics will remember that in the ninth decade when Ghulam Ishaq Khan refused to rule the government and restored the court, General Abdul Wahid Kashar both (Ghulam Ishaq Khan and Nawaz Sharif was sent to the house after presiding over the presidency and the prime minister, then Benazir Bhutto became Prime Minister for the second time.

Nawaz Sharif saved the movement against them. Nawaz Sharif once again had India invaded India’s position of Kashmir’s neutralization and declared nuclear power of Pakistan, had not yet been nuclear-fired. In 1998, after Nawaz Sharif became prime minister About whom Shahbaz Sharif also remembers that India had made 5 nuclear explosions, Nawaz Nawaz Sharif responded to US $ 5 billion in response.

Launch ‘dismissed everything, and in response to the 5 blasts of India, Pakistan showed 6 nuclear explosions. It was amazing that Nawaz Sharif was surprised that Pakistan became a supreme defense position by making nuclear power and Pakistan became the first Muslim nuclear power on the map of the world, but regret that Pakistan did not value its nuclear builders but sparked them. Insulted them.

Bhutto was laid down by Benazir Bhutto, Bhutto was executed in this country. The scientifically real hero of nuclear power is Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan, but this national hero was brought to public television to apologize to the nation during the dictatorial era and then separately from all matters
The prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, was arrested earlier and was made a high jacker, and then was deported.

People selected it as prime minister for the third time, in the eyes of those elements, they were doctors from the beginning of the day, and then they started conspiracy. Nawaz Sharif raises the question why he has pulled me out, if the case was made of Panama and corruption, why did he go to Qama? Nawaz Sharif’s popularity in the public is gaining popularity on day and day, from the historical journey of GT Road, now the popularity of Nawaz Sharif is Muslim everywhere till city’s citywide political districts and it is clear that it is clear that it will be cleared three times out of power.

The leader has a unique love and respect in the public and despite judicial disadvantages, the verdicts of the public courts are coming to him. On the coming day, Nawaz Sharif and his family are looking harder and difficult for the party. Even Nawaz Sharif has announced that he will fight and Pakistan will not be like 70 years in the next 70 years. For this purpose, the public will have to support them.

Nawaz Sharif, who conveys the slogan of honor to the house at home, is expecting the people to come up with the election for making the next 70 years more ideal for the next 70 years, and Nawaz Sharif should vote so that the revolutionary situation in the country should take birth. Nawaz Sharif can also be brought back and judicial decisions can be taken against them, Nawaz Sharif’s political thinking and his consent are with him, although experts’ opinion on legal matters is different from them.

But politicians believe that whatever is happening against Nawaz Sharif is not just according to law but on political basis, it can handle itself with political decisions, in the past, in the past, Nawaz Sharif in high jacking case The age of imprisonment and heli was disabled for 21 years, property was confiscated and came out of politics, but political air changed instead, all the sentences were over and the doors of politics were also deployed. And then, Nawaz Sharif became Prime Minister for the third time in June 2013, so the politicians differ from the law of thought and their The arguments are, what the fighting Nawaz Sharif, now it is no secret to anyone.

He is not in politics with Imran and Zardari but also the unforeseen forces, which Nawaz Sharif has given the name of space creatures. On the other hand, all the political opponents of Nawaz Sharif have also gathered together on the “Order of the Above”, its practical proof has been public in the Senate elections and now new seminaries are being searched for new elections regarding general elections. It is Nawaz Sharif, who is calling Space creatures, has prepared a complete game plan.

Imran and Zardari are brothers and sisters on top of the above orders, and the supervisory setup looks like a strategy to fix all the steps till the next government, as seen in the Senate, Imran Khan and Tahir Qadri had called his own workers as political cousin, as well, the PTI and the PPP’s members of the PPP have also got signals to cooperate with each other.

The results of such signals in the St. Election have been shown results in more days in the coming days. On one hand, Nawaz Sharif is coming to see cases in courts, including NAB against his family and colleagues. On the other side, the information about Asif Zardari and his relatives and party leaders, instead of getting tougher, are reports of relaxation.

NAB cases are being seen on the Goslov policy against many former federal ministers, provincial ministers and members of the PPP, but also some shops and cases have been closed against some, which can be speculated that the PPP has a special discount The season of giving has begun, Khawaja Asif has challenged the illiteracy as if he has challenged the Supreme Court, but it is unlikely that his disqualification sentence is over.

No less than such a funny miracle. In social media, Khawaja Asif’s smoke in the assembly during the Assembly, is the story of a loud speech in which he said that “in the love of earth, we have covered the loans, which were not even obligatory.” Khawaja Asif said that politicians have no debt in this country now. Politicians executed everything, the exile arrested.

Loans take someone else. Whatever happened with Khawaja Asif. It was about to happen. Khawaja Saad Rafiq is also on the same path. Dear Sir, Talal and Chaudhry Abid Sher Ali’s future has not been too bright. The general implication is that what was said by Mary Nawaz Sharif is exactly what the person who was deprived, the person who bowed down, the person who did not obey the above order was unbelievable, who had taken the above command Eligible.

The debate in political circles continues that the PPP, which declared Nawaz Sharif as General Zia ul Haq, left his fight. Today, he should fight for the democracy, the PPP should fight against Nawaz Sharif and give support to Nawaz Sharif which was given to Nawaz Sharif. He is being given the leadership of the PPP today.


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