Moscow’s Focus and American failure in Afghanistan

The information is that there will be major events in the coming few days, Pakistan’s foreign minister, Mike P. Mipo, is coming to Islamabad on September 5, a day before – September 4, the presidential election in Pakistan on September 4, in the same day in Moscow. An important reference to Afghanistan is being levied, which includes its patron Ashraf Ghani government in America and Kabul.

The rest of the regional parties, China, Pakistan, Iran and Afghan Taliban are going to attend this conference. This whole situation continues at a time when Afghan Taliban are demonstrating power in Afghanistan, the Kabul government remains anxiety. Advisor for National Peace Hanif Atmar has resigned as security, while in this way the US has seen a tragic management and American establishment.

Kabul sources say that not keeping the intelligence agreement with Pakistan, the Kabul government’s judiciary in Moscow’s refresher had reservations for the Afghan National Security Advisor, sources pointing out that the Afghan More resignations can come, after which new ministers will be difficult to accept from the Afghan Parliament. Sources say Ashraf Ghani had decided not to go to the Moscow conference on US pressure, but also Hanif Atmar and In addition to the increase in presidential palace, National Security Advisor said that regional and international forces with Afghan authorities There are differences on the issue of insecurity.

Some media sources in Kabul say that Afghanistan’s former advisor of the National Security Hanif Atmar had close ties with the Russians and had past such pastures as well, so the US created such an atmosphere. That they themselves resign from their position. It is also said that upcoming elections in Afghanistan will be held in the general election in Afghanistan next year, as well as presidential candidates for the support of Hanif Atmar Hamid Karzai and Hakimyar. After consultation with both sides, resignation has resigned.

Nevertheless, the situation in America has been increasing in the coming days, because the Afghan Taliban has decided to capture more than eight Afghan provinces, including Ghazni and Quarry Hall to take advantage of the political turmoil in Afghanistan. In such a situation how will the bureaucratic bureaucracy and its local military force face the Afghan Taliban.

The answer to this question is becoming difficult with every passing time, because if the military forces do not work in the atmosphere of this disaster, America and its western allies will have to face their military power in the field. For which Western Establishment is particularly disturbing because according to the project, the US and its civil warriors allied heavily on the Afghan National Army, so that the Afghan Afghan government should be kept in front of the Afghan Taliban so much as possible. It is harmful that Afghans should be US and European soldiers in their secure bases in Afghanistan AH can see this fight and, if need be taken to help Afghan forces with fighter jets and helicopter ptrun.

But if the Afghan government has spreading corruption in the Kabul government, it is assumed that many of them do not get to the Afghan Taliban. The second problem will be that military and military forces of the US and its allies What will happen if he has to go to the field, he can not be hidden from anyone. In this situation, US Secretary of State Mike P. Mipo will return to Domin, once again and again after Islamabad, when he is in New Delhi. Their statements can be more difficult if they arrive.

In this regard, there will be a big challenge to the PTI’s new government in which manner of dealing with this situation. Because Pakistan is the internal political situation and presidential elections on one side, the deficit of the devastating economy opens on the other side. It is standing. The weak economy of Pakistan which reached this place in the past ten years, what has “work done” will face America’s economic black mailing? This question is important in its place because The United States has tried to achieve the goals using this same tactics against Turkey, but in the meanwhile, as a proportion of educational qualifications The majority of the people there are more people standing there behind their government, so the US has largely seen the failure. Pakistan has the same confidence that it returns back to the lost wealth using the Saudi formula.

After Afghanistan, the country is now moving towards the situation as we know, presidential elections are being held on September 4, but the opposition has remained unhappy in bringing its joint candidate to the state. Although the presidential election in Pakistan for Asif Zardari He had a sprawling edge, for which he wanted to play his 2018 game, to be the president and to be exempted from all the pensions.

In this regard, bringing Aitzaz Ahsan Kan as a Presidential candidate for the PPP was indeed a political trick .Just believes that the NL has been opposed to this name, therefore, in the last minute, his name was returned by Zardari. But after the sources they have failed it badly. The latest news is that both brothers and sisters – Zardari and Faryal are sick in Talpur Karachi.

It is an old fact of our politicians that they become “ill” to face the courts. The victims who suffer from economic disadvantages in Pakistan run on race racing racing in Ishaq Dar, but they have no illness to come to Pakistan. After the collapse of Asif Ali Zardari’s Frontman Anwar Majeed after his fall, on September 26, all his records were seized and arrested by the sugar mills in Sindh, as well as heavy sugar from these sugar mills. Official and non-governmental weapons have also been exported, which is being brought to Islamabad for fascinating research.

But readers keep their record accurate. These are all of Sugar Sugar, but Anwar is not of Majeed, but Asif Zardari. But yet law enforcement agencies are limited to demanding if there was a common man in their place; Where has reached, obviously the weakness of law enforcement agencies will be considered .According to sources, Anwar Majid has acknowledged his statement that he could not find sugar, but he was frontier of Tausaribha. Other trouble It was said that Zardari did not reveal sugar mills in his statement.

On the other hand, Punjab has further investigations against former ruling ruler. But in front of all these things, it should be neglected that the leadership of the PPP and the leadership of PPP today is in full touch today and both Together, the game started to bring a presidential candidate to the presidential candidate, but this game has become a bad name in the last minute. Because of this, not only members of big opposition groups but also members of the PTI, They are complained because they have to come in account of accountability at the coming time.

It was also necessary to mention the internal affairs of Pakistan that at this time, Pakistan’s situation will have to be seen in the context of regional and international conditions. Russia and China do not want to see anarchy in any region after the CP plan .As well as the United States’ behavior in Turkey has saved the dollar from regional level and promotes trade in local currencies.

In addition, Russia and China are working rapidly to avoid the spirits of the war that America has done in Afghanistan. This was the first step taken by the dollar to deposits of gold reserves. Instead of gold in the form of gold, which began China very long ago; Russia also had to go to this field. We mentioned earlier in the line that the time of twelve or fourteen years ago The price of gold in the global market suddenly reached the sky, because of what it was.

Of course there was something happening in the world that had put on gold prices. All this happened when China had started swinging gold from the international community rapidly, because the US and Europe’s financial investors Wanted that the price of a sudden dollar fell to china trade, it was sure that the dollar would have been bankruptcy first.

The world’s most powerful financial institutions have already consumed gold, because of the unexpected diet of food, they do not make any difference to the fall of the dollar. But the Chinese had smiled the conspiracy smell very much, so that they In this regard, we have already stated that those who have returned from Pakistan in the coming time, are kept in the western banks, they will be sung at sitting.

The new government of India wants to start reserving their gold reserves in gold instead of dollars. It is unique in India and India that it is unique to use gold in women, so the amount of gold in this region It is time to spend the sixth financial crisis in the current time, so that the world can further strengthen its occupation by repeating the world with a major financial crisis.

Kadhani had grown to death that he had announced to get his oil in gold instead of dollars, today he was a visit to the economic prosperity of Libya, which has become a ruin of mutual civil war. Therefore, Pakistan needs to return Pakistan will bring India as soon as possible and transfer it to gold as soon as possible, Pakistan will be able to deal with the upcoming global economic crisis .Chen Orrus is struggling to establish a government in Afghanistan that is acceptable to all Afghans. Moscow’s pension is being organized in order to solve these issues. And not blocking for him the way he is seeking to destabilize the entire region, including Kabul.


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