Local elections in Sahiwal many bridges disappear

For the past two three months Sahiwal’s strong election activities will continue in the city. The candidates participating in the election were active to get these public support and corners meeting was the most important in this regard. Provincial Minister of the Sahiwal city, Malik Nadeem Kamran, Param Imran Ahmad Shah MNA, Malik Mohammad Arshad MP, represented the PML-N.

Before the elections, the Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan visited Sahiwal when it came to know that Tehreek-e-Insaf is emerging as an active political party. But in recent local elections, Tehreek-e-Insaf could not get any seat from Sahiwal city. But District President Shakeel Khan Nazi, Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Sahib Khan Nazi, who has been a member of the earlier constituency and holds an important role in the political field, will lose the vote of more than 1400 votes from the Muslim League’s candidate Malik Umer Farooq from his union council.

Similarly, the candidates of the N (N) League, who had declared the ineffective of the courts, were declared successful by the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s order, in which the candidate from the Union Council No. 1, Sufi Swat, candidate of the Independent Election Commission Adil defeated the fort and similarly Union Council No. 5 to Mohammad Zafar Ashraf took part in the election by the Supreme Court order and defeated PTI candidate Rana Amir Raza.

The union council no.19, Lahore Lahore Multan bench, allowed the PML-N candidate Asad Ali Khan Baloch to participate in the election, he defeated PTI candidate Mian Umir Ali and 10 of 12 in Sahiwal Municipal Corporation The seats were obtained by the N League when candidates from independent councils succeeded. On the 157 seats of the Municipal Corporation Sahiwal, municipal committee committee, Municipal Committee Chhattisgarh, and district council Sahiwal, the Muslim League-N 67 PTI won 31 seats in Sahiwal District, where independent candidates succeeded on remaining seats.

It is proven that Akha is the political party of the Muslim League-Nawaz in the district Sahiwal, and it has played an important role in the country, Nadeem Kamran Provincial Minister, Pir Imran Ahmed Shah MNA, and Muhammad Arshad Malik Member Assembly. Malik Mohammad Arshad has done many events and mobilized Muslim League-led workers in his constituency to contact the lower level workers and strengthen the PML-N to the Gross Route Level.

Saifaval Municipal Corporation, 12 Muslim League-led candidates, Sufi Swati, Masood Khan Mohmand, Mohammad Ḥazirfar Ashraf, Haji Abdul Latif, Chaudhry Amir Aziz, Malik Yunus Gaga, Asad Ali Khan Baloch Mohammad Nadim Chaudhary, Malik Umar Farooq and Sajjad Naeem Happi were successful on 12 seats. When Azad Medvedev, Chaudhry Tahir Habib and Mohammad Saleem Chaudhary succeeded on two seats whose commitment was also with the PML-N.

Provincial Minister and District President, PML-N, Sahiwal Malik, Naseem Kamran, who participates in three-day Sahiwal in the weekend, and problems in the people of his constituency, listen to people individually and help them solve their problems. Similarly, provincial assembly Member Malik Malik Arshad, who is the leader of the Muslim League leader, Malik Mohammad Ramadan, is also in his circles and is very popular in the youth.

Pir Imran and Ahmed Shah Wali, who are members of the Muslim League-N National Assembly, have also played an important role in resolving the problems of the people in their constituency, and therefore, in the constituency elections, Muslim League clearly has a successful victory in their constituency. Happened. From the Sahiwal constituency Kamir Municipal Committee, the PTI had secured seats in 11 when the PML-N had already been elected. Similarly, in the Chichi Vatanni municipal committee, the PTI hit the field and 12 seats in 22 were successful when the NL got success on 9 sets and an independent victory was successful.

In the Jokak district council Sahiwal, the NL took a clear breakthrough and successfully won 43 seats in 43 and PTI got 12 seats here and the remaining seats were won by independent candidates. There is a mention here, the Pakistan People’s Party could not get any seat across the district.


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