Lady Gaga has won numerous on the Trophy-free Golden Globe

On Sunday Sunday, this year’s awards will be held on Sunday, with the 76th Golden Globes, this is a function which usually serves as an over-conversion alternative for the peasants.

But there will be a notable list list absent. In 2017, the criticism of the Merry Strip’s tremendous freedom in the statement of the Dealled Trap helped to stress between President and Hollywood, but 2019 co-hosted Sandra Oh promised that this year would be different.

“I’m not interested in talking about the trumpet,” Klie Eve told Hollywood reporter. “The one I’m interested in indicates real real change. I want to concentrate on it because people want a genius that everyone wants – and it is certain that the pooh is very much – But we also make cultures. How many prisoners have seen people from Black Panther and crazy Rich Asen? Changes things. ”

The last year’s speech dominated #matha movement, in the year, with the most selective selection of movies, it was promised to join this year. Out of 10 nominated people to vote by the Hollywood Press Press Association (HFPA), four, color directors, a new record for the global.

In the drama category, Setle’s 70s set is named with the romance of the BlacKkKlansman Turn Jenkins, if the Beal Street can speak and Ren Coogler’s miracle adventure Black Panther while Jon Richards’s crazy Rich Ace in the comedy type Is included.

However, it is likely that Sun will be related to a Star, a terrible music hit remake of Bradley Cooper’s horror. The film, which has grossed around $ 400 million worldwide, is the best actor in the Copper’s drama, and has won two awards for Lady Gaga, who plays the dramas I could take the best actress. And best song The film picked up four noodles in the awards of this year’s screen actors, and later this month, the Oscar nomination is likely to appear in front of it.

It may be a good night with Olivia Coleman and Rachel Wezers to play role in the comedy favorite of the mist, and the BBC’s reality-based drama was named as a very British Scandal three TV awards, in which A minerals include the best actor. For Hue Grants In addition to the long list of nominated people, attendance at night stars include Idris Elba, Harrison Ford, Charlie Bosnheim, Jamie Lee Kitchens, Ben Abir and Heil Berry.

In the year 2017, after successful success of Carrier B Daleel’s career, Opera Winfrey, the last year’s winner, also spoke to a President of the President. This year, JP bridges will face this stage to mark the screen for six decades.

HFPA vice president, Ink Huffman told the funeral that “We think many things behind what we want.” “This is not a random choice. We always give it to someone who is professionally deserving, and there is no question that Jeffrey is worth it. But we also see the heart. Jeff Pulls kids It is very busy for hunger and helping the environment, and it’s about us. ”

While Globe is predicting Oaks for the past, last year’s event saw three billboards outside of Abbing, Missouri and Lady Bird nominated the film’s best image from the Academy before winning dramatic and comedy categories. This year’s Oscars will hold on 24th February, both nominated and a host will be announced yet.


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