Instead of decreasing the spirit of violence the rapid increase

Talking to all the issues can be resolved by resolving and resolved, but violence increases rather than decreasing the hurriyat. The current extremists of the country were not facing such resistance inside the Kashmiris in July 8, 2016, as it was in July 8, 2017, the Brahman valley claiming right to Zadi. After being martyred, the BJP government seems to be innocent.

All Indian liberal groups, like Markkandra Chitja, are a prominent judge, I am a TV anchor like Barakha Dutt, a journalist like India Times, Vishwansharma, journalist like Arun Dhoni Rai, a writer or a lunar lawyer, like a lunar expression of all Kashmiris. The truth has begun to sound loudly than before. Former Indian judge of the Supreme Court, Justice Kujjo, also took his army on giving the award to the wrongdoing Indian soldier, who had surrounded the Kashmir youth in front of his jeep and was on the streets.

In view of these latest facts, even during our visit to Delhi, Jantra Munta Chowk, while we were visiting Delhi, there were many renowned liberal citizens, politicians, journalists, intellectuals and people gathered to give their rights to Kashmiris. Indian governors should be on the basis of their views and opinions, “Keeping all their crafted politics and tactics limited to silence, instead of slipping their neighbor country Pakhtun n, stepping forward, they should step towards resolving the problem of Kashmir.

Whenever the government of Pakistan protest against the Indian government on the oppression in occupied Kashmir, this phrase of Sushma Swaraj reads that Kashmiris have an unprecedented number and should not interfere with our internal affairs.

It is true that India is the right to be the world’s second largest and independent country in terms of population to enforce the way the laws and regulations of its citizens, When the occupied Kashmir has not been decided yet, and according to the UN treaty, this region is a controversy between Pakistan and India, then how India’s Minister of State Sushma Swaraj can insufficient him to go to Kashmir without knowing his wishes. And to fill their new black law on Kashmir, make their own unique goals?

This idea is good to overcome the excuses of heart! Recently, India’s Prime Minister Mr. Modi has come to India on the visit of America that India is the world’s largest democracy. Let’s say that India is the world’s largest democracy. But come, ask this question whether the army’s work in democracy does not have to protect only borders. If the army’s task is to protect the borders in democracy, then Modi’s Chief Minister, liberalized class of India, should also ask that 7 lakh security forces, including the army, are doing in this Hussein valley, whose name is occupied Kashmir.

If the current fight of the Kashmiris is on the Zoroastrian Shrink, then it does not have to be equal to the habit of living with slavery. The rolling party of extremism should also be aware that India’s color of the Kashmiris is still right in the form of monuments of Kashmiris, where Kashmir is the capital of India’s capital Delhi.

On the day the Kashmiris’ endurance was answered, and the time of writing of the time came forward, the consciousness of 21th century Indian politicians would be liked as in the year 1947, when India saw the splendor of the 20th Century, seeing the distribution of India in the year 1947. The verdict is that it is not a change in the era of the people of Kashmir, who have fought for freedom, freedom of expression and rights of oppressors for their rights.

In the case of the release of Indian spy, admitted by a fake passport in Pakistan, the World Judge Justice has been panded. The law of expression of freedom of occupied Kashmir in the Indian constitution enforced on January 26, 1950, Those who become champion do not take poison? Of course, according to a fixed framework, all the problems can be solved by negotiating and resolving. ‘The problem of Kashmir between Pakistan and India is the United Nations has set a framework.

According to this framework, the army has taken away the army from Kashmir to give the right to self-determination to vote through where they want to stay. The promise of the United Nations to implement the same framework reminds India of repeatedly The Government of India, but from 1 January 1948, when India’s Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru himself had taken the issue of Kashmir to the United Nations, it is unnecessary to follow the default framework.

Now she wants to scandalize Kashmiris and steal their expression of right and right freedom. India’s chief minister, but it should be known that instead of reducing the hurriyat of violence, it is increasing rather than the lack of violence. On July 8, 2017, the feelings of Kashmiri people today are the acclaimed evidence on the first brotherhood of the martyrdom!


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