Indian aggression and unnecessary in occupied Kashmir

In the decent world, it is observing that the newly formed state of Jammu and Kashmir, the peaceful and peaceful people, are continuing the social and political struggle for achieving their own autonomous institution, and on the other side, the Indian state forces There is a continuous and cruelty of violence, no day passes on when the Indian people do not punish life on the Kashmiris. Here it is worth mentioning that Modi Government is working closely with the line and control, Strong firing and shelling on the international border is not only intended In Kashmir, the curse of ongoing demonstration should be veiled, but justification of a military campaign with Pakistan, such news in these situations causes trouble for every sensitive and responsible citizen that the hands of Indian soldiers in occupied Kashmir.

Hurriyat parties in Srinagar’s Noor Bagh and Gaurpur areas have been proposed to protest against the murder of child abuse and Indian protest. 8-year-old Asif was abducted against abduct and later killing The Committee expressed concern over the use of the pilot while proposing the government to use acute substance vaccines to control the crowded crowds during violence, which is not a hazardous health, but according to doctors and experts, the vaccine is also dangerous The substance that is obtained from different plants and animal fat can be used as a result of the use of vaccine, which can be dangerous from the palace.

Its wound does not fit quickly and it may prove to be known for people suffering from heart disease and diabetic heart disease. Indian forces continue to engage in line-off control NICAL SECTOR A young man martyred and injured three people on a village in R village while before 19 years of youth integration in the Tatari sector was working on Krish that the Indian army was shot dead by the firing. In a contemporary writing, I wrote in my editor that India’s Kashmiris are not able to stop firing on the Line of Control and Working Hundi with the wages in the bribery.

Kashmiris are making history for freedom of their blood. Kashmiris struggle for independence after the martyrdom of the brutal Indian forces of Muzaffarpur The new Mujahideen, who was killed in Indian nose, put the Indian army under the occupied valley for occupying the occupied valley, if any ministers had either hidden or traveled in security so that the city was craving in the meantime Wherever Kashmiris existed in the world, they played their role in doing Zakwaja of Kashmir, with full force and Jan Fishani, during the period, in the history of Pakistan, more than any Kashmiris were present in Kashmir, parliamentary delegations were deported in Pakistan.

commissioners will be briefed on Kashmir and Kashmir Indian diplomats and moral support of such Kashmiri Kashmiri people came to fire in a body of body that expresses allegations of indictment against India and India, and the continuation of the LOC ammunitions. Indian Narendra Modi Security Advisor Ajit Dulle announced the success of Mujahideen’s achievements in Kashmir and the change of nose for Indian forces in Balochistan, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, which could prove to be India’s interference in India. The newspaper further writes that Kashmir After the martyrdom of Muzaffar Ali, continuous protests and strikes are hurriyat youth India’s supermarkets are supremacious by the army, it was a blaze on the security and planning of Indian forces, which was a blow to the Indian army.

It was a tremendous attack on India, and it would shatter the LOC for several days and threatened to threaten Pakistan. On this side, a surgical strike has also been recited by its self-defense Indian defense experts and the neutral constituencies of the media media. The Kashmiris have the right to struggle for independence, under the Charter of the Nation, their struggle to Hurriyat India Terrorism names and terrorists just back their diplomatic and moral support By committing itself, the global public opinion is going astray, although Pakistan is playing an active and vibrant role in the Kashmiris’ moral and diplomatic support, but it has more capacity to send abroad foreign delegates. In this delegation, politics and affairs of Kashmir need to be included in the delegation.

There should be special representatives for briefing regarding participant-controlled Kashmir on the occasion of the World Gifts and Breakthroughs of this World Conference, the welfare of the United States recently felt satisfaction that the United States of America, China, France, Turkey and Indonesia Defense attorneys visited the Line of Control route to La Quiet Sector, officials told them that briefing them about the propaganda and the use of fire-fire on Indian Army’s Line of Control, said that the Indian Army is targeting the population of the population.

Talking to the victims of the fire-fire violations also, On the other hand, the situation is that the situation is on the other hand, that India has banned the occupied Kashmir delegation of any country’s delegation, including human rights organizations, aimed at capturing Indian forces’ protests. This feeling is increasingly highlighting that in the occupied state Jammu and Kashmir, the chain of indecency will not last long, the blood of martyrs will bring color and the sun’s freedom in the occupied valley will surely flow.


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