India will revert like a snake injury!

After the “success of the drama”, the invading nations have received a lesson that a terrorist attack on themselves and the legitimacy of action against the country of Malbah should be achieved by itself. This “successful policy” Keeping in mind, India has even done so many “drama”, which is the most popular among the people in the world, but this drama is badly beaten.

India will revert like a snake injury!

But instead of giving Modi to take over the Indian government, the discussion on the Indian point of view of the Indian counterparts, which is being revolt.

At the time when Palarama’s incident started India’s accusations on Pakistan, we had since been able to note the “drama” timing. On one hand, there were talks between the Afghan Taliban and the US in Doha, in which neither Kabul Micker was a rich managing organization and neither India was a huge investor in Afghanistan. On the third hand, the US’s largest presence in American presence in Israel was Israel.

In our media and government circles, indeed, it has been pointed out that the incident of Pulama is indeed a part of Modi’s upcoming election campaign, but from day to time we did not see it as Modi’s election campaign. It can be said that the International Zionist Establishment knew the time of Modi’s election campaign, so that segment was forwarded to the region’s frontier, but Modi failed to play the headline correctly.

It is not possible that unless the establishment of a country is with its ruler, it can not take any big step, that is why it does not make sense to just Modi’s adventures.

Can the American President take a big international step by stepping down its establishment? Can Britain or other Western countries start a revolution without the will of their establishment?
Of course it’s not a tradition.

We and our buying media and laboratory lobby have not been in such a way that the style has been targeted to the establishment of our organization, because of the fact that there is no such thing in the world. That is why the present adventures of the entire world Brahman Establishment is fully shared.
All this round is called an important OIC meeting in Arab Emirates, in which the Emirate of the Emirate of the Emirate, Abdurrahman ibn Zaid, invited the Indian Foreign Minister to the invitation of the Indian Foreign Minister, even though India’s work was in favor of the Muslim country’s organization.

India was invited on the insistence of Abdullah ibn Zayed, too, was invited to Pakistan when the spokesperson of the Indian Foreign Ministry announced it.

India’s surgical strike was deteriorated and on the same day the brave chains of Pakistan had also fallen two Indian planes, such as India’s OIC meeting was very meaningful to say that in the atmosphere of OIC. Inviting India, Arab Emirates authorities did not even trust OIC Secretary General and other important member countries.

Who was after all this effort? Some Arab sources have even claimed that Israel was pressured to invade UAE on the UAE … !! so that Pakistan should be held overseas. But Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, boycotting this meeting, gave a great deal of wisdom. He separately said that in the joint statement of the meeting, India could not dare.

There are two representative organizations in the Muslim world at present, one of which is OIC, which includes all Muslim countries, while there is an Arab League which includes Arab countries only.But till date these two organizations have been resolved to resolve any issue. He has failed to name the name of a debating club where only issues are discussed but no solution is given, nor any practical step is taken.

Iraq, Syria, Libya, destroyed, millions of Muslims were sacrificed for this civil war, neither could the ICC nor the Arab League play an active role in the solution to this issue and how to pay Most of the member countries are running on a drone strike in the United States and Israel .There is no meaning to do so by participating in the OIC meeting by Pakistan.

India is an anxiety that the US and its civil war in the neighboring Afghanistan of Afghanistan have been hotzing for the last eighteen years, but during this entire campaign, Pakistan has been widespread in perfection. All the enemies, including the Bharat, By trying to destabilize Pakistan, but every time the institutions have sacrificed their lives for domestic security, they did not get any break on it.

The fire was shifted to KP from Balochistan to prevent the projects from which the country’s spirits burnt with their blood. Due to this, a wave of tears ran from America to America. It does not end here. But after China, Russia and Turkey also started moving forward to attend the C-pack, the enemy well knows that when Russia also fully If the project becomes Pakistan’s partner, the whole Asia-based Asia-Pacific will join it.

Because of the establishment of US and UK, NRO political parties have gone to some jail and some are going to go. Now on one side, CP, port of Gwadar, America’s knee in front of the Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan, After China, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Arab Emirates have huge investment in Pakistan, which is Pakistan’s main position in global scenario, whereas India is going to become global isolation. The front line of Israel is considered.

Now in such a situation Pakistan will be more economically and militarely stronger than it is not acceptable to the United States and Israel, so that they led forward to tackle their tested Mehdi Modi head in front of this progress. British journalist Robert Fisk revealed that Israel is sufficient to understand the Israeli-made bombings during the Indian Aircraft campaign. At present, Israel has become India’s first-ever weapon.

There are not only weapons of warfare between India and Israel, but they have close links between the two countries regarding space technology. Also, some Arab media sources have indicated that the illegitimate Israelis Prime Minister Netanyahu is also going to visit India soon.

We should know that in the present period three types of wars are fought with full intensity and zeal.
The first battle is being fought on the basis of weapons. The Islamic world understands it as religious warfare, but in fact it is also a religion of religion as well. This war is being fought in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc. with modern weapons. After the “war of mental or mental disaster” in this war, high priorities are being erased in the lives of people through media and social media so that they can become the status of a wastewater.

By changing the existence of a waste type, human beings get rid of national responsibilities on their shoulders. These two kinds of wars have also been talked about earlier that the enemy is not enough enough for the enemy. He has spread this war against the Muslim community for many other fronts.

Now this battle has gone out of the earth’s surface to space, it is called the world’s most expensive war, which is currently continuing between China and the United States, but believe that the region is very important for the Muslim world, and your zero.

The United States and Israel are trying to stop China from using the least route of Pakistan as a CP, so they do not take Shahid Tucker directly from China, but their largest allies in the region Pakistan is ready to run climbing in this regard. The situation after the Palamama incident is still the first round in which India has faced a lot of humiliation on Pakistan’s hands and is eating bills like injured snakes.

As far as the OCC is concerned, Pakistan will confer on its moral victory because the Arab countries are in the hands of Arab countries at the time of the OIC as they have set themselves on Israel’s thumb, for this reason If Pakistan gets any moral support, it is very difficult that the nation will not help Pakistan to help Bhalla, who do not make their decisions themselves.

As far as US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the United States has a great deal of commitment to somehow, the justification of the presence of its presence can bring a thousand of its soldiers to the next plan that the Afghan Taliban It is not acceptable for any reason for this reasoning that the United States will easily leave Afghanistan.

India will revert like a snake injury!

The way the Afghan Taliban has targeted the US’s largest base in Helmand, in the meantime, the United States can be disturbed from Afghanistan .As a misunderstanding from the state is contrary to the killing of a cow on its feet. Time has been shaped as a snake. India’s Brahman establishment can wander on Pakistan at any time and in any direction to wash the humor of this humiliation, so that Pakistan and its military force and people have to face a lot of time. Because India knows when the United States came out of Afghanistan, during the last eighteen years, it took Pakistan to Joshim The attempt to answer in this way would be taken.


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