Easter is looking to help rescue the statues from the island leprosy

Winter heads, representing the inhabitants of Easter Island’s living parents of the Easter Islands, dragging centuries before the island residents – Rap New – and in the Pacific City of more than two thousand miles from the beach’s coast. UNESCO’s global cultural heritage has brought.

Easter is looking to help rescue the statues from the island leprosy

But hundreds of millions of monsters who have overcome the hills have faced the danger that local people are described as “leprosy” – white places whose figures appear on the face of the face.

Due to elasticity, the patches are eating on the statue, they make them like soil dust and spoil their characteristics. The statues also face the shore with the end of the coast, increasing the sea’s growing levels, which will harm environmental changes, high clouds and freely rotating animals, in which more than half a million elements It is encountered

Tahir Eddaid, adviser of Chile’s National Forestry Corporation (Kaniff), has worked on removing the rites during a position to clear the statues, “I think that this is more rectangular figure in a century. Will. ” Islands last month.

An archaeologist and a population of Easter island, Sonia Hao, are making a list of heritage including Mori. It estimates that about 70 percent of more than 1000 statues are licensed.

Hua said that due to a problem the visitors can be shocked in a remote volcano island, Haa said that it is possible to save them, by cleaning labor and to prevent moisture, with chemical chemicals. Stop blocking volcanic rock from coating and flowers.

The most famous Moo groups, such as Aho T√ľnchenki, 15 statues, have been set up with a platform from the ocean, and are scattered around the Ruhrokko mine through stones, which already exist heritage experts and local communities. Organizers are being assisted. Rap New National Park.

But the island has spread at least 30,000 archaeological sites in its 64 square fairs. According to local assemblies and experts, all statues can be costlier to $ 500m, and will require international assistance.

“You can never be able to prevent the effects of time or weather, but you can take it back so that more and more people can see them first.”

Tourism income is the limits of government funds and tourism measures. But the Mayor of Easter Island came with a modern solution and said: “Search for centuries of royalty payments, researchers who had taken Easter Island statues few years ago.

One of them, the British Museum has a 7ft (2.13 meter) basal statue, 150 years ago British Brothers removed from the island. Easter Island officials and the Chilean government sent a meeting to London for a request for a heavy sculpture in London. The museum replied that it was happy to consider Mai’s long-term debt.

Easter is looking to help rescue the statues from the island leprosy

Mayor Pedro Edmond Puou instead suggested that Hoa Hacihiania could work as a “ambassador” for the Easter island, and the UK keeps regular payments to ensure its partner with Easter Island colleagues. He said we would win a lot.


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