Dutch records run on electric numbers

Already long-running purple patches for the Dutch bicycle industry, despite the rise in prices, records of domestic sales have broken in the last 12 months, because technical developments push standard push bike into history.

Dutch records run on electric numbers

The Dutch love is a great deal of love with cycles – there are 22.5 million people in the country of 17 million people – but according to a study of arising wings representing automotive and cycling, a level has gone.

Last year, 1 million cycles were sold 5.7 percent in 2017, and at the same time Dutch consumers are ready to spend massive amounts on their bikes, especially on e-bikes, data shows.

E بائ बाइक € 823 million € 1.2 sold in 2018. This was the first year, which was sold up to € 1bn for the first time and for the first time, more e-bikes were compared to standard bicycle cycles. According to the terms of the United States, 404,400 E بائाइट्स were sold in 2017, resulting in a cyclic average of € 200 € € 1,207 in the Netherlands.

Asked whether the Dutch public would begin to withdraw two aspects of the transport, Philosophy Laboratory of RAI said: “Not in the Netherlands. It is in our blood, in our culture.

“We are bike country number 1 in the world, so we use to invest in a new bike so there is a difference in comparison to other countries, including Britain.

“It is enough for us to spend € 1,000 on a motorcycle. The average for a motorcycle is € 2,000 but it is in our culture. We believe in the quality of our products. € 700 or € There are 900 e-bikes but they are from the Middle East and the quality is low. ”

But Laborberd said that there was a change in Dutch’s mindset because mass is being seen as a people’s choice. “We will not talk about e-bike in the future, but just bike,” he said. “Within 10 to 15 years, the bike will be newer. We think all motorcycles will help small engines.

Dutch records run on electric numbers

“There are consequences. We have less traffic deaths, but severe wounds have increased because people are mass and [doing so]. When people are over 80.


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