Donald Trump’s Wins Motivation

For more than 16 years, America’s famous cartoon series simpsons are shown in March 2000 that America’s bankruptcy came out due to President Donald Trump because the United States had a huge budget deficit. Now according to the cartoon series, the United States bankruptcy in the era of Donald Trump, will decide their economic policies, but occasionally the predictions or predictions in fun sometimes bring power to the scene.

Since the victory of the Donald Trump has defeated America’s Deep Sea candidate. So how can the triumph win on American elite, media and nancers? That’s why Hillary Clinton did not try to tackle the feelings of his supporters immediately after the defeat, in which many demo-darts against Demolade Trump are demonstrating the media and media is increasingly promoting it.

The United States’s 45th elected president, Donald Trumpp, had to say that the media is giving more importance to the protests that are inconvenience. Republican Party candidate Donald Trump won 279 Electoral College votes in the US presidential election, defeated the White House’s representative demo of the Democratic Republic of California Hillary Clinton. They can get 228 Electoral College votes.

America where 97 years ago women were not allowed to vote in the election. Even today the American society does not like to make a woman head of the world’s largest superpower, despite being so liberal, that is why the drunken statements about the women of the Donald Trump and American actor Salma Haik and ten-known popular American women did not take any special notice of sexually harassment of women related to the world of film and modeling, however, Hillary Clinton received a number of women’s votes as women.

According to the report of the Pureyachesch, American women traditionally vote for Democratic candidates, so at this time, Hillary Clinton also got the votes from the traditional 42% to 54 percent women who won Obama in the last election. But Hillary Clinton’s unfortunate fact that one of the American communities considers it a representative of the New Universe, which uses US military power to strengthen the US economy, although President Obama tightens Iran into economic sanctions and nuclear weapons But forced Hillary Clinton to put Obama’s policies on continuing, Hillary repeatedly resolved Syria’s solution to resolving power, while contrasting Trump said that America should avoid conflicts in world conflicts. Whether US $ 500 billion after 9/11, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Egypt He was spent in destruction and destruction but there has not been peace yet, while the father of Humayun Khan, who was killed in Iraq for the US, criticized the trumpet, Trump said that if he was president, Humayun Khan did not go to Iraq. He did not wash hands with John for unnecessary adventures of the United States.

Pakistan’s doctors and engineers spend millions of rupees, but they get cheap education from Pakistan, and later their majority is shifted to the United States, London and Gulf countries, even though the majority of Army doctors get complete free education. Most of them are sitting in the United States and the United Kingdom for illegal donors and donors and pounds.

The majority of American white poor and rural voters voted for the Trump against the arrival of foreign immigrants in the United States that occupy the US economy, apart from the Trumpet, they would invest in infrastructure. Will open the closed cement and steel closing factories. In the US, the employment level will increase in the US, instead of activating the United States’s closed factories, it made it a china market.

So readers were also against the demo-craft policy that American investors would invest in China and import items from there, even the Trumpp theory appealed to the general public that the United States was fighting warriors in other countries of the world. But instead of spending money, prioritizing the interests of our people, economic backwardness in America can decrease.

Trump in America has not voted for only the poor workers living in the villages and towns, but more than half of the Democrats’ government policies, Americans belonging to middle class whose annual income is more than one million dollars. The US voted for a trumpet after the Day of Polls, although the majority of the youth of college and universities voted for Hillary Clinton because they did not like to traumble the trumpet.

He looks forward to voting demo-democratic candidates due to the likes of moderate style dialogue and ethics of Obama and Hillary Clinton. Apart from this, 80 percent of the Christian faith-clergy voted for the trumpet. It is an interesting fact that media houses and political analysts of all the world including Pakistan were offering to win Hillary Clinton.

Hillary spent more than one billion dollars on his election campaign, while Trump did not give any funds to big multinational companies, he made his campaign with his pockets and brought the majority of white-dreamed voters to the polling booth. The exit black form was in response to the voters. But unfortunately, black voters did not come to vote for Hillary because he considered it as a segment of the establishment and if he could not do anything special for him, what could Hillary do because he won if he won Representative as a representative of US imperialist would have played his traditional role.

However, according to observers, if Barney Sender demo was the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, then the result would have been different because its socialist ideologies could break the prey of the racism of the Trumpp white Americans. However, the triumph of victory is surprising and fascinating for all the world.


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