Do local elections increase in family slavery?

There is also one pay of the developed countries. They make several models of what they prepare. For example, if a car comes into market, its models will be different for Europe and America, whereas model for Asia will be different. The current favorite way to rule over public is democracy. It is also invented by gurus. He set aside his unique role by making different models of democracy.

Do local elections increase in family slavery?

No one or specific group in democracy can be sent to the public. Their governments, political parties or public representation institutions, most of the opinion and advice of the majority are given. The developed countries made the model of democracy for themselves not delivered to non-authorized countries.

In this unusual model of democracy often times the King and Martial Law dictators, either fit or democratically cheated. Here, people who have slogan democracy tend to be “serious dictators”. The biggest fraud in this fraudulent model of democracy is that political parties and democratic institutions have specific people or specific families.

As the king’s children make a king, just as the political leader in this model of democracy becomes a political leader. People in Pakistan are told that democracy is the best friend of the country, but by observing the control rooms of Pakistan’s political parties, it can be estimated that the control of democracy is with the people or the funeral dictator and the family political heirs have.

The PML-Nawaz is one of two major political parties in Pakistan. By keeping his name, the problem of leadership might have been clearly explained on all. The PML-N leader can only lead and only Nawaz Sharif or his family. No one of his workers or leaders has the right to think of leadership in the party. Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif have been running the control room for three decades.

Now planning the future, Hamza Shahbaz and Mary Nawaz are being forwarded so that the party leadership does not blow up the family edge. The Pakistan Peoples Party is the political party that has brought democracy in the country, but from the first day, even today itself is occupied by a single family on its control room. In addition to the Bhutto family, nobody has any intellectual or leadership capabilities in the PPP. Why Bhutto was considered a family, if Bhutto was a theory? After the assassination of President Hamid Karzai in America, his family occupied the political party? Do not any sincere and talented worker of PPP have the right to think about PPP leadership in place of Bilawal Bhutto? There is also a family occupation in the National National Party.

Wali Khan’s family split due to the difference in the distribution of political heritage, but the ANP’s general worker was not considered fit for heading. MQM is a middle class group. There were also special leadership ideologies adopted. That’s why the minus Altaf Hussain formula does not like them too. Religious political parties are not even less than anyone. Can anyone think that any other than Maulana Fazlur Rahman or his family leader of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islami? Do JU lack of skill and leadership capabilities in EU workers? Jamaat-e-Islam is a religious political party that meets leadership philosophy in democracy.

He is elected as a head of the party through elections. Jamaat-i-Islami is not a person’s occupation, but this party has introduced a new style of occupation, that is, Pakistan’s politics can only be under the religious ideology of the Jamaat-e-Islami. Due to this political religious ideology, the voters rejected them forever. That is why the Jamaat-e-Islami has shrinked and became the sub-continent of other parties.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (AIHRC) has started making a sound against all the occupied groups and family politics, but there is also a full dictatorship in the leadership of PTI. Everyone knows that Imran Khan does not accept any advice and is the last decision he has said. Imran Khan’s same hit Dharmadi forced the party’s intellectuals and respected persons to be separated from the party.

Imran Khan’s descendants are still behind the age of politics, so it is currently time to talk about Imran Khan’s political family inheritance in PTI. However, the families of other PTI leaders are present on different party seats. That’s why PTI is also naked in the dictatorship of the dictatorship and family politics. Pervez Musharraf’s APML, Chaudhry Brothers, Q & A, Tahir-ul-Qadri, and all political parties, including PPP’s PPP and Sheikh Rashid’s political parties are also included in this list.

Do local elections increase in family slavery?

Pububuddin Abbeek started life as a slave and became the ruler of India on his ability. However, his family members were throne with their capabilities. This covenant is remembered in the name of family slavery in the history of the occupation. There is a new form of slavery in Pakistan’s political history. Our political workers and small leaders are also the political slaves of family leaders controlled by their own parties.

The real democratic people can not differ from their leadership nor can they think of the party’s head despite the capabilities. Local elections are nursing in politics where new leadership emerges. Have you ever been of these new faces?

C will be able to run your party’s control room based on the capabilities, or will the electoral elections prove to be just an increase in family slavery?


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