Dera Ghazi Khan 6 years of sewage system failed

At present, the crisis of corruption has begun to eradicate our country and cities. In the country and society, greed and lust increases, nobody can save this society from moral and financial disaster. The destruction of corruption has gained our country in its grip for the last fifty years. It has happened that its effects are now showing. Before talking to the country, we talk to the city Dera Ghazi Khan where the representatives selected from here in every round of government have brought out development funds uninterrupted. Mega-corruption is now showing in mega development work in Ghazi Khan City.

During the Khosha Sarwars’s power of 2009 and 2010, major development work was done for the construction and development of the city, which was completed in the rule of head of the head Mohammad Khan Khosa.

In these development works, the sewage line was constructed from the city’s sewage line and in the same way 80 percent of the city roads, including big water schemes, were constructed even by billions of rupees on these development works.

All these development works were included in the basic rights of the citizens of the country, and then the government did not do this with their pockets or khos headed by the tax revenue from the public taxes. Unfortunately, in the Dera Ghazi Khan city Poor mileage was used in development works. It was often pointed out in the columns that are still on record, on the marks of the chief priests’ quarters, they were very troubled.

But today the truth is again showing that Mayor Shahid Haid Khan, who is also present in his mark today, said clearly during the year 2009, the use of poor mileage in the city’s development works and due to corruption due to the entire line of sewage line Has been destroyed from below. Because of which, at any time, a big accident may be due to the sudden roads sitting in the city, they have all of these situations ranging from Chief Minister Punjab to corruption in the development work during 2009 and 2010.

Chief Secretary and Director General has written to the Finance Correspondent that the department of public health, corrupt engineers, distributed a sewage line in the city for the cost of Rs 65 crore during 2009, was corruptioned due to which today City Petrol Pump, Doctor Zakaria

The sewage system, block number 4 and Block Number V, the sewage system of middle roads, has been completely destroyed, as well as the sewage system of City Petrol Pump Block No. 5 and Block No 9 system is now being rebuilt again. The nation’s money has once again been seen as corruption, when the public health exchanges were Waseem Bajwa and SDO Fatehullah Durrani, who conducted the sewage scheme, following the instructions of a special headquarter of the Chief Ministers. The corruption in now has appeared in front of all the officials, including citizens.

What will be the end of the sewage lines in the six year period and the destruction of roads will end? Why are millions of people who are not getting accountability due to the people who have been missing the money of people who have spent 65 million in 2009 and then if the entire sewage system is built again then two billion rupees And then it will also be corruption, the Chief Minister of Punjab’s Complaints Cell, in 2012, had also come to Dera Ghazi Khan to investigate the corruption in the same system system.

But at that time, the people had disrupted the team and they had gone back but they are no longer able to get rid of the people in this money and expose corruption to the citizens. Why in the short span of the last 6 years, this sewage line was destroyed so soon. Public health officials and then over-time power and investigations of their corrupt nationalities should be refunded and then the same amount of sewage system will be constructed by the sewage system.

The Chief Minister Punjab should immediately help the people of Dera Ghazi Khan, while Commissioner Deputy Commissioner Mayor and District Council Dera Ghazi Khan work together to work together to prepare a plan for the city to work on emergency basis.


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