China’s national interest is now the need for China

With the inauguration of Gwadar Port, Pakistan and China have entered a new era, which has many opportunities for opportunities and opportunities for both countries. Friendly and pleasant relations between China and Pakistan are a regional and global level as a multitude, which is generally superior to the deep, Himalayas, and is sweetened by the covenant, and the interior which covers both the dimensions of the interior.

In recent years, the significance of the relationship between the CPs has doubled, which is the possibility of not only bringing economic stability in Pakistan through the completion. But in the wake of potential barriers in China’s trade routes in the future, the importance of utility and utility of China has also become a key position.

China has been guided indirectly on every turn of defense in the defense sector. In this regard JF Thunder joint joint venture planes and special importance of Pakistan’s nuclear and missile programs. Atomic reactors at the site of Charmacha are a live example of pure China nuclear cooperation, besides China has always supported our view on diplomatic and numerous global forums.

China has always hampered Pakistan’s efforts to reduce the globe globally by Pakistan’s Pakhtunkhwa Jinnah, while on Kashmir and Tibet’s issues, Pakistan and China are always one another. We have been supporting the solid foundation of the stand. We have built Gwadar Port and the Pak-China Economic Relations in the form of such projects in the face of global community, which has led to Pakistan and China in more stable relations with strategic importance. That is why today, Pakistan and China globally fall in danger of each other in terms of national security Is going to Dana.

Due to the revenge of slavery from the Muslims of the occupied 1000-year-old slavery, the two national views by the Indian leadership have not been able to quench India’s hostility on Hinduism, as it is in its slogan of drowning in Gulf Bengal. Even today, India has started conspiracy to harm the existence of Pakistan. Apart from the tribal areas, in addition to the tribal areas, other national parts of the country, especially in Balochistan, have to harm Pakistan’s national integrity.

The latest example of arresting Aghusha Bhushan Yadav of Indian secret agency Rao is its latest example, so that we are at the dependent level of pure China economic rhetoric, despite the importance of our castle. Where hundreds of miles long and undoubtedly, this Gwadar Port is also located, because the presence of C-pack is the title of the Sohan Spirit for India, while India wants to keep China’s low-profile China-based CCP There is also an understanding of anxiety.

Because China is not an extension of the United States, its focus is focused on economic growth, that is why due to its rapidly growing economy, become the subject of headache for the United States. Can His American leadership is also full of feelings. In his recent presidential election, views of the Donald Trump in terms of China are practical evidence.

For all its imports, China’s dependence on the turbulence of the sea shore, which can completely shatter China with the help of the US, India, Japan and Vietnam, which can completely shine China. In order to avoid such horrible forms in the future, Nave is looking forward to building new trade paths. The China-China Economic Corridor is also a China-China plan that will connect China to the world’s second largest deepest Gwadarport, for which Russia has been working for several decades so that we can make China-friendly relations On the contrary, Roy’s aggressive attitude not only came to him.

Instead, they are also lost their national existence due to this conflicts, these are the concerns about the utility of pack pack that are stuck in the heart and mind of enemy forces of Pakistan and China. Gwadar Port and CP is mainly building China for its necessity, surely Pakistan will also be able to cope with its economic impact, so we can see more defense analysts, CP as the source of Pakistan’s economic prosperity. For a defense and security context, it is a major milestone.

Because China’s dependent dependent on the C-Pak, it will become a national requirement for the protection of all units of Pakistan. For a long time, on the path of rebellion, CP, Gilgit-Baltistan, KP, which started from the city of Xinjiang, Now, Gwadar reaches Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan. It is obvious that the future of the CP is the main point of view of all the units of Pakistan and it is the main point on which Pakistan’s enemy forces are stroke.

Regarding the strategic and commercial importance of Gwadar, many of our Islamic countries have also been conspiring against it. The riots of the day’s riot dandey also go from Gwadar Port while Indian assistance and investment have been built in Iran. The purpose of the known Chabahar port was also not reducing the importance of Gwadar.

We have the key to successful completion of peace in Afghanistan, because it is being built from Iran to intend to reach Afghanistan through the intention of reaching Central Asia, so we can also have the possibilities of peace in Afghanistan for a long time. Minorous views are being seen while China-based Chinese border reached Gwadar last week, which was constructed under the Chinese Economic Transit from Kashghar to Gwadar.

Rather, the three hundred containers carrying exported goods were sent to the Middle East and African countries, on which one side of Pakistan and China are shadows, and on the other hand, the enemies of our enemies are forbidden.

Pakistan, who lost its half-existence due to its national leadership and global conspiracy, has completed a few years ago by completing its nuclear program and now plans to complete projects such as CPP and Gwadar Port.

The role of the forces in Pakistan is particularly important for the sake of national interest, security and solidarity, which is deserving to congratulate our political and military leadership apart from the whole nation, especially Balochistan Demonstrate your energies for completion of the project and in addition to opening up the doors of economic development in the region, the increasing deficit has also been restored. This is why Pak China Economic Rakha and Gwadar construction is being named as such great national projects, which will become a national necessity for the future of Pakistan.


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