Canada approved the process for HIV indicating China

Canada has approved the supply of action against Chief Financial Officer of HV Technologies, prompting anger to China.

Hwenv’s daughter-in-law, Ming Wenzhou, was arrested in Vancouver last December and is under house arrest. At the end of January, the U.S. Department of State charged with the conspiracy to violate US sanctions on Iran and Iran, calling for Ming and Eve.

Canada approved the process for HIV indicating China

“Today, the Justice of Canada issued an authority to issue the department staff, officially started a respected process in the case of Ms. Mon Venezuelan,” the government said in a statement.

The relationship with China, Canada, which has made a major mistake on this matter, condemned the decision of Munen’s release and rejected previous demands.

“The Beijing and strongly strongly oppose the illegally judicial proceedings by the Canadian government,” Interior Ministry spokeswoman Lu Kang said in a statement on Saturday.

He said: “This is a very serious political incident.” We once again reinstated Ms. Ming Vanzzi’s arrest warranty and infrastructure application immediately and Ms. Ming Wangzhou from Canada immediately To free and to make sure they return China safe and sound.

Legal experts predicted that the Prime Minister of Justice Todooulo will proceed to the compensation process, for the pursuit of close judicial prosecution of Canada and the United States.

It can be a year, however, Meng may be before sending to the United States because Canada’s slow-moving system allows many decisions to appeal.

The final decisions will probably come in front of the federal judiciary, which will accept the anger of the US, by rejecting the bitter bid, or rejecting China.

Vesley Wars, University professor of Ottawa’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, said, “It will be fully implemented by China.”

The Donald Trump told Reuters in December that he would interfere with the interests of national security or to close the trade agreement with China, to implement the blasphemous execution of ultimately ultimately. The charge should not be politically. Last week, the Trap paid an idea of ​​falling down.

After the concentration of Ming, China arrested two Congress on national security fields, and later a Chinese court sentenced a Canadian man to death who was already imprisoned for the drug trafficking.

While serving two positions in China, former Canadian Embassy Brock University Professor Charles Barton said Beijing was more likely to take revenge.

He said to Canada Canada Broadcasting Corporation, “It is not being lied to him … what could be the result of a joint venture,” he concluded Beijing Canola delivery or Chinese students canada Stop from going.

Canada approved the process for HIV indicating China

“The Chinese is not satisfied with the satisfaction and the power to move forward,” said Embassy in Ottawa in a statement.

Beijing already inquired about the judicial independence in Canada, the government has alleged that it tried to intervene to stop the trial.


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