C-Pak Pak China Radiation Plan and Conspiracy

The Pak-China Trade Coordination Communist Party (CPEC) will not open the door to heaven on Pakistan and that the Indian spy (Clubsion Memorial) was kidnapped by the Taliban by selling the hands of Pakistani secret agencies. This conversation was not an irreversible diplomat, who was spent millions of dollars spent from Bonus. The German Ambassador of Germany and the authentic intellectual on East Central affairs Dr. Gund-e-Adak, as well as all the major states of Pakistan and the Middle East. Ambassador has served.

German diplomats long term in Bihar regarding the Arab Spring in the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs Karachi on April 1 that they spent 4 years in the same region as PhD on the Muslim world, forty years in the world, they used to flow the rivers of information. On the other hand, by analyzing and analyzed, suddenly withdrawing from their subjects, the Pak-China Trade Radiation Plan (CPEC) will not open the door of heaven on Pakistan.

In a very common language whose diplomacy is not far from far away from the emotional speech. The conversation was surprising that the German diplomat revealed that the shocking statement that the Taliban had kidnapped the Taliban from Iran by selling them to Iran, no proof was made, so much accusations and proceeded beyond the flow.

The Indian government officially vacated, he has played his role in this complex game and after which the real story begins, April 2 published this news on the Karachi Metro Polyneon Page 18 of the English Daily (Dawn) There are two contradictory phrases in the end, when the Arab Spring’s democratic wave broke, then it was now a lesson. There is a curriculum which can be taken from attendance and what kind of intelligence could have been found.

Well Dawn Editor Editor Zafar Abbas is considered to be the expertise of professional qualifications and global rhythm experts in the Median Grani’s sacred institution, so he did not give the importance of the news of Dr. Guntermalik’s news about local citizenship.

Dr. Gunter Malik did not fulfill the objectives of conducting raids on India’s mission to provide evidence to India on such an important and insulting publication of the news of lecture of lecturer, then it emerged openly and it could not be published without notice. The claimants who allegedly became the biggest signature group on April 3 were featured in both their English and Urdu newspapers with a headline.

In Karachi, the city’s name was changed to Islamabad and was converted to Islam. It was conspiracies that the readers were misguided as Succi, as if this lecture happened in Karachi not in Islamabad, but Pakistan has no branches of the Institute of International Affairs. This news has been published in Pakistan and has been proven to India that Pakistani newspapers are also publishing ‘certified’ news of sale of clubs in Memoirs and Pakistan to Iran so that the globalization of India is not available in India. He could use the news as a argument against Pakistan, which he is now doing.

This columnist has been associated with the war group for a decade, with the permission of the publication of the special news published by a single word, which is published by the permission of Mir Sahib. The fact is that only this unusual and old news is significantly important on the other day. But why was it published? What are the motivations behind this and what were they? Why the readers were cheated by renaming the city? To remove attention from the original text, who wrote the stories, press council of Pakistan and the Council of Pakistan Newspaper editors (CPNE) should be independently investigated on this serious matter, it is clear that the CPI (M) It has complained that the anti-insurgency forces, forced us to publish their news from the local line of distances, which were taking big.

Why is an evidence in the Indian stand-alone supported by the Pakistani soil, and why it has been provided under conspiracy, which includes large global powers. Whose local helpers and charity is now exposing. The Pakistan Institute of Foreign Affairs is based in the South Asia’s Majesty University, whose current head is Retired Federal Secretary, Cabinet Dwaidan, Dr. Masoomah Hassan. This institution has more than two institutions of peak I’m in the 16th.

Clubs of Memoirs, Akhand India, who was caught to come from us to leave Balochistan, came to Pakistan with lawyers and witnesses. Those who are very proudly say that ‘Rao can not be involved in terrorism abroad, that it is not involved in its rituals, but the fighter assault in Patankot went from Pakistan. It is no other such a black rod. Despite being a government official, he is offering ‘Ra’ advocacy and club cleaning remuneration.

Unfortunately, all the world powers are friends and helpers in Pakistan, to obstruct the pace of the Pak-China Trade Rule (CPEC) and to blow up the fire of Balochistan. Narendra Modi is not unhappy for the release of Club Motion only, sadly sadly, there are evidence proofing and arguments on the Pakistani soil in support of the Indian stand for great South Asia and without the borders of South Asia.

The Indian Navy’s Present Service Club Dhosh Yadav is not the low cost of the world of spying but also a surprise of Akhand India, who had voluntarily offered himself to cover the enemy’s head’s ground, the sculpture of the club’s memory memo. Such a happy bunny spy, terrorist and destructive worker, a present service military officer, who is not sympathetic to Pakistan, has become a lawyer and now the evidence is being made to make Pakistan “a criminal” in this delicate and sensitive matter yes yes, It’s happening.

In the first week of March this year, the arrest of Cluboshshan Dismiss, revealed that India’s secret institutions have been kidnapped from Iran by the “innocent” Indian trader, for which Jash al-Adal group has been used. There was no reason for the presence of Hussein Mubarak Patel in the clubs of Clubshun Yadav that how was the Indian passport of Clubsmithi Memo Hussein Mubarak Patel in the Indian passport.

It was gloomy globally to prove the Indian stand regarding the arrest of Clubmotion Memoirs, that the clubs had drowned the most self-esteem, as they understood Baluchistan as their free area. He forgets the fact that the spies do not conquer and Balochistan is not the East Pakistan.


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