British crusade Tony Blair’s abusive suspicion

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has finally begun 12 years later to accept the war to join the war in Iraq and said that Iraq’s flagship has played an important role in smoothening Iraq’s formation. On October 25, a TV interview consisted of US President George Bush with a war against Iraq, and also called for a criminal offense on Iraq.

British crusade Tony Blair’s abusive suspicion

Crusader Warrior Tony Blair is now saying that the information was given to Iraq, he was wrong and he regreted that there was an error in Iraq’s plans to end the Iraqi regime and the Saddam regime. He acknowledged that because of the Iraq war, an extremist organization has come to existence and they believe that they are somewhat responsible for the establishment of it.

Earlier, Tony Blair dismissed the allegations of demanding a number of Iraqis in Iraq. This statement has been given at a time when reports about the Tony Blair in the media that he had supported the United States in a matter of military action a year ago against Iraq, before Tony Blair gave impression that Iraq is a diplomatic diplomat It should be resolved that some secret documents about war Iraq came back a few days ago, secretly secret messages and messages were created between President George Bush and Tony Blair, who found that both the heads were the planets of this small war.

Who is the apologist of the Crusader Tony Blair now? Kadas were killed in Iraqi cruel warfare by millions of Iraqi Muslims. Blair wrote the Georgian word “Surya”, which blends the face of the English civilization. Asked about these Crusades and World Terrorists that you killed millions of people, including the diesel cutterbum and the helmet fire missiles in Afghanistan and boated in Iraq.

Now the Kaitamari Lord’s capture is very hard by saying your “Surya”. Saddam Hussein and Muammarqaddafi Kohatakamah have made the Middle East ancestors, if they were in power today, the condition of Tursir’s average was harassed by the brutal people of this cruel tool. ‘Bush’ Blair, US Defense Minister Donaldermen Field ‘Condolisa Rice alias, Black Condy “, was attended by the Black Foreign Minister Colin Powell vice President of the Chinese and Vice-Jewish Jewel Wolffurtz.

If the fact that some of the shells were Arab, Palestinian and international youth, Niho-al-Qassahah, the Palestinian Muslims, was a prostitutional Israeli protest, as the unmanned US-based Israeli bloody father was a successful father.

Instead of giving the cruelty of the American Crusade to American cruelty, in the love of Judah and the small excuse for the protection of Israel, it first attacked Afghanistan and then brutalized Iraq’s brick.

Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons weapons were scattered for Iraq’s invasion, and the war of independence, 1991, American General Colin Powell, responded to the US Foreign Secretary’s position.

On February 15, 2003, the Consulate Council meeting, Carona Roya, said Iraq’s devastating weapons. On October 19, 2003, America’s Vatican invaded Iraq by neglecting the vast destruction of the WMDs.
After removing the Foreign Secretary’s office in 2009, Colin Powell has said that his life was a “great day” on 15 February 2003. “Blair has blamed the confession.” But four major criminal criminals in Iraq, President George W. Bushrush Vice President, Paul Wolfs and Donaldermsfield are still silent. Paul Wolffitz told Tunein Allon shortly after (11 September 2001), saying that we should now strike on Iraq, but Bush Muslim Kishore asked him to present this proposal on some next occasion, because Bush Blair and Dick chanted Chinese airstrike.

Kali Kandi “was also a co-crime in the first trim of Jodhpur. He became Minister of Commerce in the second term of the Trim (2005-9). He fixed the name of National Reconollation Orders (NRO) in 2007 between Benazir and Guru Parvez Musharraf in which it was confirmed that Musharraf would go to presidential elections and take PPP’s power while corruption against Asif Ali Zardari and Benazir. The cases will be terminated but after the exile, Pakistan’s visitor Sarakhel Buggaghattha.

Other co-crime is the turn of the Crusaders after Toby Blair’s apology. To punish them all, a global war crimes tribunal should be formed. No mosquito There are four permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, who are of Jetwatopore, are ‘Abby’, no Muslim country’s Council of Ministers has been formed as a member of the United Nations, therefore the United Nations capital is the interests of Jews.
In the attack on Afghanistan, the Third Waitover (France) also supported the United States and Britain’s Vatican Kaspath and the fourth Vetorpor (Russia) supported the three in the United Nations. The forces of these crusade forces culprits and blasphemous crimes against Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq. “Fearful crusade soldiers arranged Muslim women. But the peace and humanity and Quranic insult was insulted in the hostages and bombs that were bombarded on peaceful civilians and wedding ceremonies, Abu Gharib (Baghdad) and Guantanamo camps.

The British soldiers carried out the dirty movement of the martyrdom of the martyrdom. The American soldiers cut off the fingers of the martyrdom and carry it asleep. On the basis of the occupation of the crusade pilots, new citizens were killed and happy to cobbles and were highly pleased. Dr Aafia Siddiqui Did not take it They were abused in the Bagram prison and then sentenced to 86 years in a jerkous trial for the US.

British crusade Tony Blair’s abusive suspicion

The American bullying and the Fifty-five-year-old hospital of Kastazheen (Afghanistan), witnessed the bombing of twenty-five people, including men and women ‘children’ and tutors. This bloody world institutions have also spoken. These crusade misconducts and bloodshed are not worth any excuse.


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