Bloody local elections

During the election of polling in Rawalpindi, during the polling of the anti-election in Rawalpindi, the police’s claims and orders were kept in place of the killing of the central leader and former senior provincial minister Muhammad Basharat Raja, On the occasion of the election, the contestants should submit their own arms to the police station. The deceased Raja Shoaib Iqbal who was playing at the National Junior Hockey Team and was associated with a hockey club in those days, he was the only candidate from his mother-in-law Raja Raja Mansoor Joshi 86 Dharmal, who came from the UK to vote.

Where the main centers will be killed in firing during the fights of health at the polling station of health, on the day when the funeral prayer of the deceased Raja Shoaib was to travel to the UK, he could not return to Britain but he could travel his way to the Hereafter. After the death penalty, Shawja Iqbal’s brother, Muttulul’s brother, opposed candidate in the outer court The victim registered a case against Asad, his father and others.

RP Rawalpindi Dweller Fakhsilin Raja ordered SP President Division Dr. Ghyas Gul to ensure immediate arrest of the accused while the CPO Rawalpindi Mystery Ahmad Khan Abbasi himself headed to the President of the Interior and arrested in the murder case Earlier, when the opponent’s father-in-law, Nader Assad’s father, respected the police, that the police had given shelter to the police and immediately handed over immediate investigation to the police so that this phase of investigation on merit could be completed and the accused could be taken to justice.

Rawalpindi Police had called police from other districts to show transparency in municipal elections, but the question is why why the Dharma Dharma was held and why it was not possible to ensure fel-proof security in the election of the Union Council level, Rawalpindi The administration was also getting help from other law enforcement agencies, but district administration could not afford the use of this power to protect the citizens’ lives.

After the incident of firing and killing, the entire turbulence was wrapped up with the tension, thanks to this polling station and the army forces will be reached in the area without delay. In the District Head Quarter Hospital where Rawalpindi was brought to death for post mortum and the injured, former provincial minister Mohammad Basharat Raja was also in danger when he was asked to respond to the murder case. So they respond shortly, they leave this matter on their own.

In Rawalpindi’s traditional politics, the fireworks remain normal, but the situation of conflict is not going beyond the sundom, and if there is too much, air strikes occur on record. But there is no ritual in the local politics here to take someone’s life, but this Sarakam is actually the police to control the feelings of citizens in specific circumstances.

Every citizen on the spot complained that there was no security in the police station’s polling station that needed it. Although the municipal candidates are on the same side or by side, they also have relationships, but extreme action like firing. If there is a situation or anxiety, then the police have the task to order the concerned police to take measures to control the situation.

This polling station was administered in the administration of the administration and the police’s security security plan in security plan A. Plus, if it was a situation, ignoring the importance of security of the polling station was an inquiry into medical matter, It is also necessary to know where the person was and how the person was involved in this cheap. The murder of a young man is certainly a matter of sadness, but such events do not affect the concerned family only, the entire community also tolerates its negative effects.

CPO Rawalpindi’s duty is to keep the transparency in the police-level investigation, not only the poor family members but also the professional pin of the police. Generally, family members and perpetrators reside in the case that technical, franchise, and mobile phone data are used to investigate if the milk is watered.

Since in this case, Section 7ATA has been involved in terrorism, this case is no longer the level of police station, but the CD will be under investigation, the CD has been investigated shortly after its establishment, which investigated professional cases. Of course, in this case he also has the ability to move beyond his skill. However, in this case at the level of police station, the testimony that the police has collected from the scene will also be important for CTD for this matter.


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