Black Day for American Pakistanis!

In the first time in the United States, in 1764 an incident occurred in an educational institution and after that incidents of firing in various disciplines were present, the number of deaths used to be the first one, but in the last years, massacre incidents In America, America has given anti-weapon ideas a campaign. The Obama government is against the use of arms of ordinary civilians, while the opposition Republican Party (VPN daughter) is the people who love arms.

The gun in the United States has begun to be used as a toy. The shooting of children under five years of age is going to be anxious situation. There are numerous incidents in which children under the age of five shoot the gun on their parents or siblings by understanding the gun as a toy.

The first horrific event of firing was presented in the University of Texas in 1966, killing 17 people. In 2005, 10 students were killed in firing in State Mini Sota. In recent years, the American history was a tragic event when 33 students, teachers and staff died in firing in the University of Virginia. Gun-shooting events increased in educational institutions, in 2012, during a firing in a State Connectivity Kit school, 28 people, including a large number of children, were deprived.

America’s history was a tremendous event that shook the whole new one. This shock was fresh now that in October 2015 this year, 10 people were killed in a state-of-the-art school. This is a lightweight of firing incidents in American educational institutions, whereas the list of incidents of firing in the United States is long and worried. Two years in the year are becoming normal.

American citizens found involved in the past nine incidents, Muslim inhabitants were also involved, but they were also related to the Arab countries, but two days before the incident came to California, “America’s first incident is the history of which American American citizens Has been found involved. His wife was accompanying him in firing and was told to be indecent from Pakistan, while both of them were married in Saudi Arabia.

God has gone to pilgrimage or there is a matter. America is engaged in investigation. The case will be linked to terror because more weapons have been recovered from the killer’s room and then bringing the wife from Saudi Arabia is confusing more. The recent incident is a synonym for blacklisted American Americans. Muslims and especially Pakistan are showing rage.

About Obama’s role in Pakistanis President Obama confessed to Prime Minister Sharif Nawaz Sharif that he appreciates Pakistanis’ Pakistani citizens are America’s peaceful citizens. Our children are worried about this incident. We are very angry. The presidential candidate Trump, who is campaigning against Muslims, has got more opportunity to oppose the recent incident.

The firing incident is not a new thing in the US, but the involvement of Pakistan in the terrorist or firing incident will make conditions for Pakistanis more difficult. Pakistani opponent Syed Rizwan Farooq drove 14 people dead in a disability center in a California area whereas 18 people died in Kashmir and died in Kashmir.

Twenty years ago, this is the second major event that shook the United States after a brutally murdered 28 children and adolescents in connection with a genocide in Connection Kit School. Pakistani couple were killed in police firing, ’28-year-old Sayed Mohammad Rizwan Farooq, 27, and Tashifin Malik’s wife, while her six-month-old lion’s daughter. According to reports, an attack on a female carriers car came to an internet.

All the comments that have been issued on all the events of the United States on the twenty-four hours of all media. It is estimated that the Pakistani passport holder went to Saudi Arabia to do ‘probably’ Hajj or perhaps belonging to any extremist organization. Syed Farooq’s house says he was religious but was not extremist. Farooq went to Saudi Arabia and both of them got married and invited the wife to visit the United States on the visitor’s engagement.

The woman received the visa from Pakistan from Pakistan. Before the incident, the child got her grandmother. Many guns were legally purchased from Farooq’s room. In the center of the disabled, the incident incident was presented. There was a function, while Farooq was being annoyed and went back after staying for a while and returned to the function with his wife and arms.

After firing, the wife tried to escape. Police pursued them, ‘Farooq opened the fire on police’ Both the wives were killed on the spot in the police encounter. President Obama has prevented the pre-investigation incident from joining terrorism. President Obama said that this is not the first incident, it is difficult to stop firing incidents in this country as long as the “Gun Control Policy” will not be implemented, while Republican is not in favor of the approval of this policy.


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