Bahadur Bahadur Chief Justice Targeted

If the conditions for ordinary Pakistaniis are not weak, they should remember that the PPP and the ANP have made the Kalabagh Dam air and play politics as well as leaders of both parties .Kala Bagh Dam is controversial Why Bhasha and other Dam It is also a game of negative politics because the leaders of these parties knew that because of India’s opposition and American backgrounds, global financial institutions would not give loans to these dams, as a result of which dams Will not be made and it will also increase the impression that these two parties are not only created against controversy. If they want to avoid confrontation.

These two parties should be part of this campaign and become part of the campaign, but a direct campaign against the Chief Justice for its indirect opposition, the presentation of the demo, especially in the courtesy of attracting the chief justice to the court The PPP leader replied that why the PPP government who completed the five-year government period could not have such revolutionary or necessary changes in the system of justice, which would have been a quick way of hearing the cases and the common man could get justice soon.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government has forgotten the lock on the door of the NRO and forgot it by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court constituted a JIT like Nawaz Sharif and the directives of the Supreme Court to safeguard the Supreme Court. The roads are closed too.

Some circles believe that the campaign against the Chief Justice is spreading or influencing the opposition of the judiciary, so that when the probability is griped, the judiciary is against the other, an interesting review is that the PPP Leader is holding a statement against Chief Justice FIA ​​and NAB, which is likely to be in the red circle of accountability.

The other leaders are silent about this, Khursheed Shah, the main leader of the PPP’s leader, Khursheed Shah, said that the Chief Justice should not interfere with the judicial affairs of the judicial affairs but it is also a big fact in itself that the judiciary obtains this constitutionally If the government and its management agencies do not do the right thing and their negative issues make serious problems for the public, then it is necessary to pay in front of the judiciary and pay tax.

It is exactly as if the country’s security threatens, if the security of the country is threatened, the military protects foreign troops from outside the barrel, can it be said to the army in serious threats facing peace and security? Defending peace is a police responsibility, but it will be to see if the police is responsible for fulfilling the responsibility of the country, if the issue of protection of basic rights of the country is brought to justice, the intervention of the judiciary becomes controversial. Expressions can only be done by the role of judiciary whose personal and grouping interests are overwhelmed.

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar has made it clear that the construction of dams will not be held. Those who are opposed to making a dam in the country are working on the agenda of someone else, who advise us to make a political party. Not necessarily, the opponents of the dams are giving last warranty, the court will not be forgiven the wrongdoers, in any case, whether it is small or bigger, the real significance and credibility of the court.

The campaign for Bhagdadim was launched by the Chief Justice of Pakistan, and its role in public protection of public rights and the publication of these rights is not their political interests, but the people of Pakistan It is a sincere effort to save from serious water crisis, if it has been delayed due to political disputes, then it has taken the right step from delay and it is a charisma of trust in the Chief Justice.

The whole nation has become so tired of nationalism, which is a clear sign of the tendency and this is a very encouraging fact that the loyalty of the loyalty, along with the nation, is equal to the nation in the struggle of patriotism. Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa went to the office of Chief Justice Saqib Nisar for Bhagdadam and presented him a check of Rs.

This amount consists of officer’s payday and a day’s salary. The population of Pakistan is 20 million, if half-a-half-a million people, one hundred rupees per month, pay each one in a swamp dam, one billion rupees a month in a month, 20 billion a year. The rupees will be collected. These ten million people do nothing to reduce their monthly expenses for mobile phones and compare them at all times.

According to the tenure of the remaining ten rupees, display a possible amount of rupees from Rs. 100 to Rs. 100 Pakistani nationals should not be banned for a thousand dollars because many Pakistanis are not able to afford so much in the Middle East and Gulf states. They should be encouraged till ten dollars as much as possible .Shoshua Allah will not have to spread hands to any foreign financial institution.

And those who say they can not become a dam will also get the answer. In 2011, estimation of construction cost for Bhasha dam was $ 12 billion. Asian Development Bank approved the loan, but the Indian pressure was obtained on American pressure. The loan is not objected to India’s head headquarter. It has increased to Rs.15 billion in excess of $ 14 billion.

If 80 million Pakistani people pay abroad for $ 500 per month, then it can get $ 24 billion in five years.
Yes, if they are arranged in a regular manner and arranged without interruption, this can be done to you by their own help .So I am weak from the beginning, I can calculate calculator skills. The dollar’s rate at this time is Rs 124.10.

Some people have the habit of removing insects in every task, now the objection is that the Chief Justice has not given the check-up to the Chief Justice instead of the Chief Justice, while the Prime Minister has set up the simple answer, the Chief Justice said that Prime Minister The fund was set up before the army was formed, an institution is decided to donate funds to all the spreading soldiers across the country after being informed and collected from their salary and then the Army Tea was presented in the overall form and because it was the Chief Justice Fund. The Chief Justice had to be presented as the money was collected.

Such a situation is better than chinese, it is better to enjoy the share of your part .It is very welcomed that the whole nation is heading for it .I have written a few years earlier, Bhagdhid outside the bank located in Hyderabad, Hyderabad According to the advertisement of the advertised advertisement regarding the fund, on-screen students asked if we would deposit funds for the dam in our college.
It is more interesting that the Kalabagh Dam has been made by air and Sindh Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah, who won the election, has also announced.

The government has no objection on Bhagdhum. There is a strong consensus on the KP ‘KP and Bhasha Bahadum in Baluchistan, it is an expression of consensus which has been the biggest obstacle to the Kalabagh Dam. After this, Inshaullah will also construct other dams, and when India sees India, the alternative sources get water available for water and electricity, if the Laghman dam is not inevitable, then they are agents who mislead many people. The fund will turn off, then the moon moon will be surprised to see that the Kalabagh Dam should be called by these elements. Insha Allah, not today, the native generation will also be fevered from the Kalabagh dam, it is not my opinion.

Unfortunately millions of acres of cubic feet are being dissolved in the sea. Water levels in the rivers are increasingly decreasing, according to the survey of WAPDA Engineer, Balochistan will lose the blessings of water in the next five years. The drought will start in 2025 and the water will not be available for the grain.

Where Bhagdadim is due to the prosperity of Pakistanis, it is also extensively on Indian conspiracies for depriving Pakistan from water. Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Justice Saqib Nisar because he is supervisoring, therefore one rupee in this fund is right use It should be believed by closing the eyes, but it should be solved.


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