American public opened the pool of extremism

The most controversial and surprising election of American history is held on 11/11, and its results are likely to prove to be 11/11 for the world, as the most controversial US candidate, Donald Trump has surprisedly elected American President. Trump said in his controversial election campaign that the United States should be a ban for Muslims and prohibited any Muslim from entering the United States.

The Trump also said that steps in cooperation with other countries including India, including India, are very important, but Trum had declared American people in 2011, the result of the recent American election proved that the American people are foolishly Are there

The Donaldermurp has declared the election prevalent before the election campaign, and after the conquest, he has been silent on the issue, although he should demand a probe on the basis of his position, so in the United States elections only and just changes And the country’s policy is continuing with its consistency.

The US policy is based on the basis of religious hypocrisy and it is the first priority to bring Muslims under the influence of Muslims around the world. Whether the Republican Party’s ruling in the forehead decoration cases of the Holocaust party, the Muslims in the new are chosen by selecting them. The United States calls itself the world champion of human rights, but brutal behavior with Muslims in Guantanamo Namolov reflects the face of the US.

Unfortunately, in the fulfillment of America’s intentions, the biggest role is also of rulers of Muslim countries. As the immediate impact of the Donald Trump’s, many prominent American figures and large number of Muslims have already begun to leave the United States and are turning towards Canada and other countries. On the conquest of the Donald Trump, the worries of European countries, including Germany, were crashed and crashed stock markets around the world, as well as the purchase of gold instead of US dollars, currency prices have decreased.

Trump’s victory has begun to affect the world’s economy instantly and facing huge economic powers, the biggest reason for the election campaign was their continuous controversial statements, with their ambitions After the victory of the world, and after their victory, Agroha will stand in a hurry to destroy the world rapidly, standing out to impose its ambition on the world.

On the victory of the Donald Trump, only Russia and India celebrate celebration in India and Israel because all three countries are also under the leadership of the trump-like extremist agreements. I think Trump’s victory is the cause of Muslims’s media trial, which has continued since the past two decades, through CNN and other BBC channels and their local media channels have spoiled the American people in this way. What kind of expression expressed by Trump in his election campaign and after his aggressive statements, his victory proves that the way the Modi has ruled India after the Indian extremist organization and aggressive ambitions. Similarly, the American people have become radical, whose effects will now be seen worldwide, and the victory of Modi’s victory. Regional peace consistent bad the world will be destroyed after the conquest of peace bcakhca Trump.

Trumps will take oath in January 2017 and after assuming their power, their world-wide policy will soon be known to the world in a very short period of time, the world will be aware that the situation is likely to move faster. The impact of the trumpet on Pakistan probably does not show that what was the first policy of the US with Pakistan? The United States has always supported India ‘s anti-inflammation’ nuclear capability ‘in Kashmir and other extremist measures, so that future will not affect India in the meantime, so on the day of the trumpet, the stock of Pakistan Market witnessed rapidly.

Completing timely completion of Pakistan and China’s uniquely friendly friendship with CPs is a challenge for Pakistan and it will be timely by all means of coordination with the leadership of Inshaullah Military Engineering. The triumph conquest is a lesson for the Muslims around the world, and now the Muslim rulers have to compromise their behavior so that Muslim rulers who are disadvantaged by one another should be minded that the next turn may be.

Pakistan has not yet been attacked by the trumpet of the trumpet unless the Khanaan Adhikari is being characterized by the armed forces of Pakistan and is not treated like a chemical force, so I always call the people talking against the armed forces as the country’s enemies and treasures. Because the biggest role in the failure of all world conspiracy is our armed forces and now for the failure of the trumpet offensive, our armed forces will lead our heads and political leaders take their statement about armed forces. And the flow of flame will have to be closed everywhere and give evidence of patriotism.

Pakistan is already failing to impose Modi ‘s neutral ambitions and thus the failure of interference in America’ s federal federation has failed successfully, so Trump will now try to pressure Pakistan from the foreign policy of China. For which Pakistan is going to take all possible measures now. America’s biggest target is Muslim and then the rapidly growing country is China, and the impact of the trumpet will affect the world, however Trump’s victory is not good for the world.


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