Accepting four demands PPP is pleased to establish military courts

All political parties have been asked for four consensus from the names of the PPP for consensus on military courts. The question is that after the demands of these demands, those goals will be fulfilled in real sense, for the purpose of establishing military courts. The proceedings of these courts were terminated on January 7, after almost 70 days passed in consensus.

The formation of a National Parliamentary Committee for monitoring the four points of the PPP, namely, military courts and security matters, will apply for legal testimony on the trial in the military court, a lawyer will be pleaded for the consignee, but the constitutional rules are regulated after the recitation again. Can work In this context Senator Raza Rabbani and Senator Senator Ahsan has expressed reservations on constitutional amendments.

Senate Chairman Rabbani said that he was personally sorry to agree with political parties on expansion of military courts. In the Sen’s meeting, he said that if 21 years constitutional amendment was discussed in the entire house committee two years ago, maybe these conditions would not have to be seen today. This is a very sad day. He said that since he is bound to the party discipline, he is voting for this amendment.

Speaking on the objection objection, Aitzaz Ahsan said that his party has reservations on military courts. The ruling government is drinking a poisonous lip. He said, ‘We are going to get rid of the same bill, which we should not have left.’ Aitzaz had to say that ‘the government is trusting on the fact that we are forgotten and simple people.

Federal Finance Minister, sitting on government benches, said that he is not so simple, which is being held in the House. Ishaq Dar said that the formation of military courts is not in the priority of any political party. The country is currently under war, so the expansion of military courts is inevitable. No alternative option The Chairman of the Senate said two parliamentarians had been promised two years back that there would be no need to extend again after the end of the period. Now it has been disrupted in the Constitution. We have come to the position of 2 years ago.

Although in the case of expansion of the military courts period in the government and the opposition of the Opposition, there will be constitutional amendment in the National Assembly regarding expansion of the military courts on Monday, and will also be approved by the House. But Senate Mian Raza Raza Rabbani, with Senate Senator Senator Aitzaz Ahsan, expressed concern over the extension of these courts in the Senate, said that the courts’ expansion period is contrary to their wishes and they do not want to These courts are supporting expansion periods.

Chairman of the Senate Mian Raza Rabbani and Senator Aitzaz Ahsan was sad with his face and his words. According to the Chairman Senate Mian Rabbani’s papers, all the political parties have agreed on the amendments regarding the military courts. This is a sad day today, two years ago, both the parliamentarians had promised that the completion of the period After that, it will not be necessary again. It has been completed for two years now that the Constitution has to be re-opened.

Bills were considered in the Senate of the Hole regarding the Army Act and Anti-Terrorism. If the government used day-to-day use as working papers, then this day would not have to be seen again. He said that by the opposition, we are reassuring the government’s confidence again, we are not drinking bitter poisonous fluid. There is nothing wrong with the government record, we will keep in mind why we are relying on the government once again because we are straight and forgotten people.

Maulana Fazlur Rehman, head of Jamiat Ulema-e-Insaf, has declared military courts as unwanted. He said that all the leadership of the parliament and Pakistan agree on the expansion of military courts, so we are serious because of the peace and harmony of the country, thus some of the unwanted things have to be accepted.

Regarding insulting media, a storm was set up on social media. It’s root of corruption. If the state fought, then the fight against the attackers of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) should be preferred, Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif regarding the protection of honorable messenger wants to inform them about their concerns. External intervention will be required to make Pakistan self-sufficient.

Elections are not seen before the country. Talking to journalists in Multan, he said that no member of the JUI (F) member was included in the Assembly Tehreek-e-Insaf. We will not allow the law of humiliation in Pakistan to be changed at any cost. The Pak Afghan Taliban should sit down and resolve. Terrorist complaints are from both sides. The stability of the neighboring countries is useful for us, we should secure borders.

All political parties, including PPP, Jamaat-e-Islami and JUI, are pleased to extend the military courts to two years in the country. The PPP had severe reservations regarding the formation of military courts and extension of their term and presented 9 points to put the support of the government government.

The government acknowledged four points from them and ensured its support by removing its reservations, while the Jamaat-e-Islami and JUI were made the necessary assurances to remove concerns about religious parties and classes. Speaker National Assembly convinced that political parties have made this decision in favor of personal interest and done in national interest. Military courts in the country are virtually not preferred by a political party that it reminds us of the racism of military dictatorships, but if there is a difficult and unwanted pre-consensus to improve the situation in the country’s specific circumstances If the decision is taken properly, then it should be implemented with sincere intentions.

Contrary to past, efforts should be made jointly with all political and personal interests to make success. The government should fulfill the promises committed by the government to the seriousness of this situation. To complete the necessary and inaccurate changes in the judicial system in the specified period of the second, complete your homework timely so that it does not require further expansion of the establishment of military courts after the expiry period expires.

The military courts were established by passing 21st amendment in Peshawar after the tragedy. Three in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, two in Punjab, a military court was established in Balochistan and Sindh. During the course of two years, hundreds of cases were heard in these courts. 274 people were convicted of being convicted while 161 cousin death and 113 convicted of imprisonment resulted in a decrease in terrorist activities across the country, and the extremists surrounded by the extremists.

Although it had to be done that thinking of these extensions prior to the expiration of these courts, thought-saving and conspiracy would have been done, but the political leaders of the country were demonstrated unnecessarily. Non-serious demonstration has been demonstrated not only in the entire two years, but it has also been done that military courts are no longer needed, in the same way, the fact that civil justice judges’ safety, guaranteed guarantees and security of the security There are problems that can not be solved as well as the other unfortunate that the prosecution system also on the accused
The opposition to giving government to the government and democracy, do not get such a judicial system that would lead to unnecessary necessity of military courts forever, and the path of quick justice could be smooth.


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