A Bold Teaching of Education and Research

Human welfare, the highest civil values, is the knowledge of civilization and social development. The creation of society and development of society is only based on standard education, a better education system where one is made. This system also controls the system’s ability to operate properly. By the way, man makes a mistake of learning after his own birth, but the society made it a fool, to understand everything and to make it better, better to improve our thinking. Are there In one of these educational structures, teachers who are responsible for refining the better line of a nation-wide, are present in the field of cordless spine.

Keeping in view that, I did not give up a lot of mysteries in Ma’vi, whose aim was to promote academic headache and introduce new reforms in this sector but the assemblies These statistics were not specific to certain encouragement and national needs, so in 2002, under the ordinance of Governor Panjayb, combining the views of these Television Evaluation and giving a status of a new Juice of Evaluation. It is given that today itself is an autonomous state of origin.

In his 13-year short history, a new journal of Education conducted a fascinating journey in the field of education and research with the author of the Poor Professor, Dr. Rauf Azam, the Poor Professor, Dr. Rauf Azam, in the 13th anniversary. It feels good to others from the Studios. Dr. Rauf Azam, the fifth Vice Chancellor of the University, is a well-known person in the country’s specialist education, management affairs, credible personality in academic circles and authority in his profession. Professor Dr. Rauf Azam is the University Vice President of his University, In the sense, I have made a sense of knowledge.

Due to their endeavors and efforts, the University of Education is not less than educational academic for seekers ‘knowledge, where qualified teachers, researchers promote education and teaching, students’ role, and prosperity for the development of the country.

A New Juice of Education is divided into the Kuwait Division, in addition to the emphasis on Education Teacher Z-TRNING, under Division III, there is an exhibition or status in the university’s sub-sectional headache.

This division runs wiggers on major diseases such as MAEZE, Ma Straw in Leadership and Management, M.Philliance and Ph.D. Education. Apart from this, the UGG has also been done on Certificate and Diploma in Education for U-New City Teachers, and it is a specialty for this new news that every teacher of every 15 to 30 academic hours During the course of training, we have to go through training so that they can be able to train and teach them properly.

The main feature of this division is that more than 80% of its faculty holds Drug’s Degree in Education. According to Division II, MA English, Teaching of English, MA, M.Ph. and P under Arts and Social Sciences Hospitals such as HD Urdu have been introduced, whereas the introduction of new innovation in the Sciences Division of Sciences Division of Science and Technology Studies, Sciences, has been introduced.

One new division of the event is divided into three campuses in Lahore City. Laundry campus campus, Tao Ship Campus, which hold the head office and bank road campuses, are a rare position as well. There is also the only institution of higher education in India.

In 1933, this company, founded by Lady Miguel Nguyen Trung College, is associated with the Eva Yue Newcastle, not today, but today itself, across the country, but in the field of women’s education and research in Jinnah Asia, There is a city. In the formation of any social and social society, women have been a major stakeholders. The famous essay of Nippon Bonn Nathrott, you would have heard, “Keep Me Better I Do It Better I Will Make You Better” the fact that a new journal of Evaluation Whereas teaching the field of education is on advanced science posts, this organization is also putting its share in the construction of a Le Nation.

A sniper of a new Newcastle of Evening edition of the true spirit that shows him from other institutions is campuses spread across different cities. I am going to be in the midst of the century’s revolutionary revolution, and this revolution is only possible when there are general access to high standard education in remote cities and towns. As a farmer, one is a country of prosperity and an elderly father, he remains in the house, due to which he is not able to celebrate the competence of higher education, so that the event is a new one. For the easy acquisition of education and better training of teachers, Atak, Faisalabad, which made the campus of this educational revolution closer by establishing campuses at every Auba, Oka Bada, Vaharadi, Multan and DG Khan. Which of course is a head of a new public administration and Voice Chancellor.

Dr. Rauf Azam, vice-president, Vice Chancellor, said, “In this atmosphere of competition, a special education sector has become a part of the Business Business, students who have a higher education supply, have higher education facilities. . Education is one of the researches and this research environment For all, Jamia has gained access to the highest degree of qualified, qualified and hardworking teachers who are studying in various fields of research in international research Qur’aan Lae.

The dream of Ultimate Education can not be anxious for a better teacher’s teacher. The government has a lot of government funds to rearrange and evolve the new talent, which will be able to issue a scholarships Scheme and get MMB B in the field of education.

In Pakistan, there is a lot of aspirations of the Education Sector in Pakistan, but Hok Mathews, however, earned funds and funds. B is also an important issue.

With the change in apprenticeship, the common sub-continental paisee loses or disappears, which reduces education at an unreliable extent. The requirement is to be adopted as a pediatrician, in which the Education Racer should be given special significance and a new repayment of various services related to education. Get started with up-to-date education and get started in the field of international media.


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