25 years of cruel deal Oslo

Today, 25 years ago, on September 13, 1993, on the head of Israel, seven Western Samarras, surrounded by the organization of independent Palestine (PLO), headed or headed by Sir Arafat, surrounded by a Palestinian opponent, Israeli Prime Minister, Ishaq Robin, in Oslo, Norway. With the “compromise peace” which resulted in the problem of the Palestine river.

Before the mission of PLO was to break the whole of Palestine from the Panjsher of the occupied Israeli state, and the question of Israel’s illegitimate existence was not created, but Yasir Arafat before Saddam Hussein (Iraq Iraq) before the Gulf War 1990-91. ) By supporting the military occupation, the sympathy and drought of other Arab countries lost financial aid, the unmanned Guard or Sir al-Arafat showed the image of the remainder of the Palestinian imperialist by the imperialist princes. Then the retail Palestinian leader Israel’s illegitimate existence has been signed by a month-old Saloper.

Instead, the “head of the Palestinian state” named Yasser Arafat, and the Gaza Strip and the Israeli West, gave Palestinians the option of the municipalities in the West Bank under its control, but today after the century Even the dream of a free Palestinian state could not be described as Sharmandai. Arafat Arafat and Isaac Robin were given the Nobel Prize of Peace, that peace of Palestinians have not yet begun.
The deceased retailer Yasser Arafat died a few years later in Paris and Mahmoud Abbas became his successor, who is said to belong to the Iranian Bahrain family, while the Bahais are the misguided sectarians like the subcontinent.

Meanwhile, Hundreds of Jewish settlements in western Jordan are slanderous and today Mahmoud Abbas is forced to ask Israel to establish a state of Palestine, saying that “the Palestinian state will not keep any military force”, whereas the Israeli rulers lose their welfare of America. The old people are not willing to give any discount to donkeys.

And the Israelites are not blamed on this land (Western Jordan) by submitting its clay soil. “After the Oslo agreement, US President Barack Obama invited Isaac Robin and Yasser Arafat to come to Washington, and both of them led the White House lawn On the contrary, it was a seminar for settlement of the agreement, which has devastated Israel.

According to the Israeli Settlement Watch Dog Peace Now 1,12,066 Jews were settled in the West Jordan, while 6,234 Jewish settlements were in the Gaza Strip. In 2005, the Jewish settlers in Gaza took the government out of April Sharon government. But the number of Jewish settlements in the West Jordan now has 6 million, whereas the Western Jordan and the East Jerusalem (Beth-Qaim) are about 30 million Palestinians, who are the real inhabitants of this earth.

Apart from this, a large number of Palestinians are located in the neighboring camps and there are settlements in the 18 million Gaza Strip. The settlement of Jews in Ghor Jordan is a violation of the United Nations agreements and agreement of Oslo.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel or at that time is the head of the mixed government and his key members of the government are open opposition to the establishment of the Palestinian state, and the agreement is a tough counterpart of Oslo.

Israel has imposed regular Jerusalem on its own, and in last May the United States has transferred its ambassador to Tel Aviv to seize a seal confirmation on Israeli movements, and even according to the UN resolution 242, according to UN Security Council It’s free of charge.

Last year, the construction of immigrant settlement in Northwestern Jordan, which was the first Israeli-approved ghetto since 1991, has been established in the meantime many non-approved Jewish settlements.

About 400 Jewish families are inhabited in Amichi, who were fired from the Ammonian non-approved settlement, which was destroyed by the Israeli government in February 2017 .Avichi Boran also belonged to the same township and he had a headquake in his wardrobe campaign In March, his family moved to the immigration town where all modern amenities like dishwasher and air conditioning are available.

The bad omen clerk Jewish Oychie says “The result of the contract Oslo was severely against the Palestinian state, whereas many Jews believe that their origin is entitled to the birthplace of the Bible, as well as the purpose of settlement of the agreement. The population of the inhabitants (from Jordan) was a complete sign and in the heart of Israel, which is the heart of the Jewish homeland, an extra Arab state was to be established but we are not ready to accept such a Palestinian (Palestinian) society that our weapons Will take against him and his national arts will also be against us.

This is the sacred Christian thinking that has kept Palestine peace in danger. The Palestinians’ enemy is a representative of Jewish or Benjamin Netanyahu, when he became the Prime Minister for the first time by winning in the general elections in 1996. The opposition had received the vote from the Jews.

Isaac Robin was murdered one year ago in November 1995, with Oslo anti-extremist Jews. This agreement spoke of a peaceful Palestinian state with Israel, but it was not clearly explained in detail. It was the Jewish invasion that Yasser Arafat could not understand. The Jewish settlement has taken place by holding the issue of Palestine that the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is saying that there will be no army of independent Palestinians.
Prejudicial Rod Larson is a Norwegian professor who was head of Oslo’s Social Research Institute in 1992. He had been under the cover of a secret plan to stabilize the Israeli and Palestinian authorities together, while the PLO was close to Israel A terrorist organization was organized.
Larson, currently head of New York’s International Peace Institute think tank, told the AFP’s representative on the phone or: “We started talking with Faisal Hussein, who was a Palestinian leader in Jerusalem.
With these negotiations, I put in place that without understanding PLO and Arafat, it is impossible to understand, because PLO becomes its obstacle. “So it was decided that the Norwegian will be brokers (dryways) in their secret meetings.Most were in Oslo.
Even today, the problem of Palestinians is a viable solution. “According to this, the snow between Israel and Palestinians could not sign a peace agreement with the Jewish state in 1994 without the meltdown.” It is a success that they have done with an arrow. The Palestinian leadership was hanged by showing a mirror and was also surrounded by its eastern neighbor Jordan, at that time, Shah Hussain Shahman, the father of the current Shah Abdullah Secondary.

Shah Hussein signed a peace deal with Israel and was also surrounded by Jordan and Jerusalem (East Jerusalem) who were under Jordan’s control from June 1948 until June 1967 .On the other hand Egypt’s President Anwar Sadat peace treaty with Israel in 1978 Israel had signed the peace treaty. He had made a peace deal with American President Jimmy Carter. Still, Israel took away the Gaza Strip from Egypt with the Jordan in the sixth war of June 1967, with the Jordan Jordan At the time of the establishment of Israel, the head was part of Egypt.

According to the opinion of the “public opinion of Israel Demo-by-Aassi” and Tel Aviv University, according to a public opinion poll, 47 percent of Israelis are in favor of a distant solution and 46% of its opposition, while 86 percent of Israelis say the next twelve months I have a close proximity to peace in the world. It can be estimated that how important the Palestinians are to establish, while the United States and its unleavened Palestinians have tied the Palestinians to the nuclear power of the wolves of Israel. On the coming day, many innocent Palestinians and children’s bodies are confused.


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